Do you like the words of Rudy Gamble but only wish they were narrated with verbal stammers and Tim Kurkjian-like voice cracking?

Pine no more! I was a guest of The Fantasy Baseball Gurus podcast on Sunday night. I come on around the 33 minute mark.

The show is hosted by Todd “The True GURU” Farino (Tony Cincotta of Fantasy Baseball Mafia guest-hosted this show), Patrick “The General” DiCaprio (from the Fantasy Baseball Generals blog) and RC Rizza. They put on a weekly podcast that’s worth checking out – even when I’m not on it.

If only I had the audio from when Grey called into Dr. Drew and asked whether it was odd that he only got erections when thinking about Alex Rios….

  1. Don’t we all sit around and cheer grown men touching themselves and holding their wood in there hands. Yes to be a baseball fan you have to be comfortable with your sexuality.

  2. Chase says:

    Now I know the origin of the name

  3. @Chase: Yes, we were going to save the origin story for Razzball: The Movie but didn’t want to disappoint the Gurus…

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