I’m not the most sentimental of guys. I prefer a good donkey show to an Annie Potts Lifetime show, but I gotta be honest, I was somewhat sad to hear the news on Smoltz. At his news conference, I liked when he said this, “I don’t ever want to stick around throwing 85 MPH and trying to paint corners like a little bitch. Oh, hey Tom…didn’t see you there…” I warned everyone a month ago that Smoltz may not be able to close games again and to trade him quick fast. Yesterday, one person, who heeded my advice, approached me at the supermarket while I waited in line to buy crumpets. They shook my hand and said this, “Grey, thanks for getting me out of Smoltz when you did.” As I smiled, they continued, “And your mustache is much fuller in person.” It is. You’re welcome. Looking at the Smoltz replacements,  I’d rank the remaining Braves relievers: Soriano, Acosta then Gonzalez. This is also taking into consideration that in yesterday’s game, Acosta got the save chance and blew it. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday:

Manny Parra – The title of today’s post was almost Manny Parradiso, but that will have to wait for another day. I like him as much as I’ve liked him all along, but that’s not to say I think he’s out of the woods completely. ‘Member he was going against the D-backs, a team not known for inducing walks. Something he has been prone to this year.

Carlos Pena – Fractured his left index finger on a hit by pitch. Surprising, because if someone could swing through a hit by pitch, our money was on Carlos Pena. For the record, here are the starting 1B in the AL East: Yanks – Giambi, Sawx – Youkilis, Orioles – Millar, Rays – Hinske, Jays – Overbay. Mattingly, Murray, Willie Upshaw…where are you?

Justin Duchscherer – Not often you catch old Grey by surprise, but Just-Dooks has done the trick so far this year. (BTW, the ’27 Yankees/’08 Tigers comparisons in the March were a bit off. Cust kayin’.)

Mike Mussina – Joins Joe Saunders atop the AL Win lead with 9 wins. Proof that not only can pigs fly, but they can make cross-country flights.

Jose Reyes – 8 HR of the year yesterday. Don’t you love when your ‘all speed guy’ hits a home run.

Jered Weaver – Possible theory, the Weaver Bros. went home two seasons ago and Jered got a real talking to about making his big brother look bad. Momma Weaver, at the behest of Jeff, pulled Jered aside and said this, “Give up four runs a game like your brother, or I won’t love you anymore.” Jered went to see his Dad in the garage, “Your mother’s got her way, that’s for sure. Listen, you give up as many earned runs as you want. Now hand me that Phillip’s head.” So you see Jered’s torn for his love of the game and his mother’s love. We’ll see what eventually wins out, but he gave up four runs to the Mariners yesterday, so right now the apron strings are still pulling.

Corey Hart – Home run courtesy of Justin Upton. Should’ve been a single.

Carlos Gonzalez – Elias Sports Bureau reports that Carlos Gonzalez hit his fifth double yesterday in his sixth MLB game, which ties a record held by the Scooter Weetoeski, Carl “Red Curb” Tyler and Ox Lester. (Actually, Elias didn’t say any of that, but it sounds like something they might say. Here’s some other things that might have been overheard at the Elias Sports Bureau. “On June 2nd, the stapler was filled twice in one day for the first time since ’99.” “On May 28th, Billy asked one person to call him William for the first time in three weeks.” “On April 22nd, there were four crullers thrown away that were clearly labeled, “Don’t Throw Away.” No other time in the history of Elias Sports Bureau has this happened.”

Hanley Ramirez – 2 HRs and a steal yesterday. Now has 11 HR/14 Steals. Almost exactly where he was last year at this time (8/16). Last year he had his 2nd biggest steal month of the season in May when he stole 10, this year he stole 4 in the month of May. His lowest steal total for a month in two years. Remember in spring training it was announced Hanley wouldn’t steal as much this year.

Aaron Cook – Have him on a few teams. Boring, right? Boring wins titles! Write that above your Barclay Lounger as you watch TV.

Brett Myers – 7 1/3 IP, 1 hit. Gets the loss. If anyone can console him, it’s his girlfriend. She’s used to getting beaten with one hit.

Edinson Volquez – Nothing to say, but he made Utley look stupid.

Corey Patterson – He’s back up. Now the Reds fans can go seamlessly from “Boo” to “Bruce.”

Brian Fuentes – Word on The Streets of New York is they need Fuentes to fill in for Joba. Maybe next year they can turn Fuentes into a three inning starter. Buchholz would take over if Fuentes moves, but I don’t see Fuentes going anywhere in the near future.

Clayton Kershaw – The Dodgers don’t need a 5th starter for 17 games, so Kershaw’ll have time to think about yesterday’s start over the next couple weeks in the Dodger bullpen. Maybe Saito and Chan Ho will teach him what’s up. Either that or he’s playing beer pong with Broxton.

Cliff Lee – Five runs in the first three innings? No, that’s not possible. Karabell said he’d win the fictitious Fantasy Cy Young.

Jhonny Peralta/Khalil Greene – I had these two schmohawks rated about the same in the preseason. Well, I got that right. Nice zerho for six night, Jhonny, when your team scores 15. I’m never picking a guy with H as his second letter in his first name unless it actually makes phonetic sense.

Milton Bradley/David Murphy – Yeah, Josh Hamilton is amazing, but let’s give some props to the guys hitting behind them. Bradley is at 36/12/38/.324 and Murphy is at 34/7/39/5/.292. It’s hard to imagine a trio of drug addict, rage addict, and an Irishman performing at these levels all year, but let’s give them their due. 3-1 odds that Bradley and Murphy get in a fight and Murphy’s friend Sully hits Bradley over the head with a beer bottle and Bradley hurts his hamstring on the way to the ground. I’m not betting against Hamilton because he’s found God.

  1. Tony B. says:

    Love the Brett Myers commentary…

    I recall one 1-2 years ago when it came out that his wife/girlfriend/whatever was pressing charges against him for some sort of domestic violence. During that same week he faced the Red Sox and Yankees. Someone made the comment that Brett Myers was trying to become the first pitcher ever to beat the Red Sox, Yankees, and his wife all in one week. Pretty funny then, still funny now…

  2. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Ditto on the Myers quip. Pure Razzery!

    J(h)onny’s o(h)-fer was the non-icing on the non-cake of my non-night. He must be taking lessons from Rios on How to Suck When Your Team Goes Off. Blecccch, as they used to say at Mad magazine.

    In ’06, I had the All Domestic Violence team. I traded for Myers about eight seconds before he bopped his lady. Also had Lugo, one of the game’s all-time off the field bad guys. Once smacked a lady so hard into a windshield that she cracked the glass. That’s just not cool, Julio.

    Random comedy note: If there’s any Kids in the Hall fans in the crowd, I just shared drinks at my hotel bar with Mr. Scott Thompson…. Definitely a first-rounder in my Fantasy Sketch Comedy Team.

    See all you Razz-bastards in the morning….

  3. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Wait, one last piece of advice:

    Rate These Starters: Litsch, Parra, Guthrie.

  4. Tony B. says:

    @Baron: Guthrie, Parra, Litsch

  5. Stephen says:

    Speaking of Acosta, what about Blaine Boyer?

  6. Endless Summer says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Guthrie, Parra, Litsch. Guthrie by a large margin. He gets underrated because he gives up 3, 2, and sometimes 1 run, and strikeout numbers that don’t blow you away. I can see how never putting up a 0 ER or big K numbers turn people off, but I love his consistency.

    Great post Grey. Smoltz ripping on Glavine, and Brett Myers were hilarious.

  7. wakeNbake says:

    How long do you see Clay Buchholz being in the minors. Should I drop him for Manny Parra??

  8. SaltyBiscuits says:

    @ Grey

    Brett Myers comment was hysterical. I’m still trying to get a shitload of Mets fans to wear wife-beaters and go to a game he starts in Philly.

  9. wakeNbake says:

    Im in need of a closer, do you think Oswalt is a good offer for Kevin Gregg??

  10. SaltyBiscuits says:


    I am not confident Gregg will keep his job the entire season… Maybe a bigger name guy who has disappointed a bit would be a better target for Oswalt?

    Maybe a Bobby Jenks?

    Then again, Oswalt is pretty terrible.

  11. Zebo says:

    @Grey: time to drop Micah Owings? I think he is losing it. Also, I am probably never going to use waiver claim on rookie pitchers again.

  12. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Endless Summer: Okay, here’s a question to all you Guthrie lovers (and I’m not being facetious; I’m actually curious from a strategy point of view):

    Guthrie piles up quality starts, but never wins. His K/9 is nothing great. His WHIP is so-so. So what’s the advantage of running him out every five days to pitch 7 innings of 3 R, 4K ball? Why not just pick up a low ERA, low WHIP, high K middle reliever like, say, Taylor Buchholz and pile up the shutout, 2K innings?

    I guess over the course of the season, Guthrie will amass 10-12 wins, though he doesn’t seem like the best use of IP right now.

    That said, I guarantee you I will own him again at some point this year.

    @wakeNbake: Agreed on Gregg’s shakiness. I’d target someone less well known but better and with more job security: Sherrill, or Brian Wilson, or even my beloved Jon Rauch.

    @Zebo: Here’s what I like to do: I let someone else pick up the rookie pitcher. Then I hang back and watch. Then, when the other person gets frustrated after 4 or 5 bad starts, expecting the moon (of course) — and if the rookie’s shown a flash of something promising — I wait until they drop the guy and then I grab him. I call this the Cole Hamels Approach. Rookie pitchers rarely come up and pitch great every time out — they need a few months to adjust. So I let those few months happen on someone else’s dime.

  13. SaltyBiscuits says:

    In a non-keeper league, what do you do with Clayton Kershaw at this juncture.

  14. BSA says:

    From yesterday’s posts about Mauer – thank you for the good vibe.

  15. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Oh Grey, Grey, Grey… That Brett Myers line can officially go down in the Razzball Hall of Fame.

    @Zebo: @Baron Von Vulturewins: I just picked up Justin Masterson for a two start week next week. I’m that guy you speak of that picks up rookie pitchers, then drops them only for them to be picked up by some jerk who starts them when they start to turn it around.

    Volquez didn’t look like the wild and crazy haired guy you speak of so often on this site. Nobody will give me Jack Schmidt (Mike Schmidt’s Edgar Gonzalez) for him, so I’m keeping him. There. I said it and feel better about it.

  16. Frank Rizzo says:

    All jokes aside about Myers, look at what he’s done his past 2 outings. He’s sitting on our wire and if he’s found his fastball again, he’s a great pickup. Anyone hear anything about him getting his velocity back?

    About Kershaw, he’s no longer on my team. I think I’m off the rookie train too. I’m watching guys like Cueto and Parra but they are by no means safe bets right now. I’m still just so pissed off at myself for dropping Duscherer for Kershaw. DAMN IT!

    I am regretting trading away Volquez some though. I thought he was supposed to regress, not get better!?!

  17. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @SaltyBiscuits: I’d try and trade him for a second tier closer.

    What’s the general opinion on this trade… I’ve been offered Kelly Johnson for Victorino. It’s an NL Only keeper league. Both guys are valued at $1 and in the second year of three year keeper status. I’m in 1st place in every category except for steals, though I just picked up Pierre and have Furcal on the DL. Thoughts?

  18. Frank Rizzo says:

    Question for anyone. Who do you like better as a spot starter tomorrow?

    Bergmann at home against SF and Lincecum.

    Andrew Miller at home against Cincy and Cueto.

    TIA for your reply

  19. SaltyBiscuits says:

    What do you guys think about moving Bruce for Pence? Who do you think will put up bigger numbers the rest of the season?

    Obviously it wouldn’t be straight swap, I was thinking of going Bruce & Soriano for Pence & K. Wood…

    If Bruce and Pence are enough of a wash the closer upgrade of Wood over Soriano would be useful.

  20. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @SaltyBiscuits: The two-fer sounds okay. I like Pence, but I LOVE Bruce. Still, Soriano’s elbow is wonky, the Braves are last in the majors (I believe) in save opps, and Wood’s been good.

    If you can stomach watching Bruce win the Rookie of the Year, MVP, and become the first player to get inducted into Cooperstown while still active, then sure, do it.

    @Frank Rizzo: Pick up Myers. Yes. Do that.

    @Frank Rizzo: Neither of these really speak to me, but you can’t really go wrong spot-starting against SF.

    @IowaCubs: What’s your 2B Plan B? If it’s solid, I’d do this trade. Though I got confused and befuddled halfway through all the talk about dollar values and three-year keeper league, so value this advice as you would advice from Andy Rooney.

  21. SaltyBiscuits says:

    or maybe Bruce & Duchsherer for Pence & Harang?

  22. Frank Rizzo says:

    I’d like to 2nd Zebo’s question. Micah Owings….is he turning into a turd? I’m tempted to go dump him for Brett Myers right now but don’t want to get all lathered up about a couple bad outings.

    Is Micah the real deal or a poser?

    Is Myers the real deal?

    I’m so damned indecisive right now because I’ve taken so many hits this week. Bedard, Wainwright, Owings….I’m shell shocked.

  23. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Guthrie, Parra, Litsch

    @Stephen: Boyer is a possibility, but I’d go after Soriano and Acosta first.

    @wakeNbake: Yup, go with Parra.

    re: Gregg — How about Capps? Rauch?

    @Zebo: Guys who strikeout three times as many as they walk you shouldn’t look to drop.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: re: Guthrie — He’ll throw at least twice as much IPs as a MR and he’s dependable. Dependability is nice when you’re throwing Cueto or Parra or Hamels or Owings or etc.

    @SaltyBiscuits: re: Kershaw – Probably drop him. What’s the point really? Has Jobacum paid off that nicely for people who have stuck around?

    @Frank Rizzo: Myers was insanely wild yesterday. At one point, walking three straight guys, only to strikeout Bako and get Dunn on a CS. It just didn’t come back to haunt Myers. I wouldn’t go after him, but it depends on who you would be dropping.

    @IowaCubs: Who’s taking over for Johnson?

    @Frank Rizzo: Bergmann

    @SaltyBiscuits: I don’t like that trade for you at all. (Soriano/Wood) I love the Pence/Harang trade for you.

    @Frank Rizzo: It’s close but I wouldn’t switch Owings for Myers.

  24. bob says:

    Spot starting against Frisco – I have two words to say about that – Oliver Perez. I hate f-cking Oliver Perez. He polluted my ERA and WHIP for an entire month with that “spot start.” Oh, and I hate Frisco, too.

  25. SaltyBiscuits says:

    @ Grey

    Yeah I am proposing Bruce and Duch for Pence and Harang.

    Are you high on R. Soriano now? I thought K.Wood would be a big upgrade over him.

  26. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I already have Uggla at 2B. I need someone with MI eligibility.

    I’m guessing a healthy Victorino gets 25 more steals vs. 10 more for Johnson. Furcal comes off the DL for me soon (right), so he makes up for the loss in steals, plus the bonus of Pierre helps.

    By the way, if you’ve never played an auction style keeper league with a salary cap, I highly recommend it to any other format.

  27. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Taylor Buchholz… I’m a fan, but he’s likely going on the DL now.

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SaltyBiscuits: I don’t think he’s a big upgrade over him going forward. Also, I try and avoid trading for saves. You may as well trade for Marmol b/c he could be the closer in two weeks. Harang’s dependable, there’s joy in that.

    @IowaCubs: Victorino then.

  29. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: I don’t understand the question, but that’s probably the lightning round talking. I’m assuming you’re asking about who I’m giving up for Johnson… I need a MI and the trade proposal is Victorino for K. Johnson. I need steals, but have Furcal on the DL and just traded for Pierre, so I think I’ll be fine there.

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: I meant who was taking over at 2nd or MI? But you answered it. I want Victorino then.

  31. cruisinkc says:

    Rank these OF to who you think will have the better rest of the season…
    Nick Markakis
    Corey Hart
    Jay Bruce

  32. Frank Rizzo says:

    1 Hart
    2 Bruce
    3 Markickass

    1 man’s opinion

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cruisinkc: Just the way you listed them.

    Nick Markakis
    Corey Hart
    Jay Bruce

  34. Ross says:

    I was offered hart/harang for bruce/sanchez. He said he would sub in markakis for hart if i wanted. What should i do? Is there a huge difference b/t the 3 OFs?

  35. cruisinkc says:

    What are a few examples of SP that I could possibly get in return for Jay Bruce?

  36. cockyphoenix says:

    With Putz, Jenks, Nathan, Capps, Wilson, and Soriano, whom should I try to move? (can only start 5)

    is Tejada/Putz/Soriano for Peralta/Martin/Rauch a good move? Navarro is my C and weakest link.

    @cruisinkc: First avenue I’d exhaust is good pitchers with slow starts, a la Harang, Maine, Felix, Bedard. Trying can’t hurt ya; I thought I had no chance to get Brian Wilson for Theriot (when I was about to drop him if the trade was rejected), but it went through.

  37. ParkCyde says:

    I just traded Bruce straight up for Tejada (Bruce was sitting behind Crawford, C.Young, Hart, and on the bench with Pence and Victorino; my SS was Y.Escobar). What say ye?

  38. cockyphoenix says:

    @ParkCyde: Aside from starting Krispie over Pence, I’d say you came out on top. Tejada’s slumping a little but has shown he really likes Houston, and keep an eye on Crawford’s hammy the next couple days.

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ross: You can get Markakis/Harang for Bruce/Sanchez? You have to do that.

    @cruisinkc: Hard to say, depends how much people (over)value him. I agree with cockyphoenix — Harang? Maine? Bedard?

    @cockyphoenix: That’s a solid trade. I would do it.

    @ParkCyde: Great trade for you.

  40. cockyphoenix says:

    Well I sent the offer; here’s hoping it gets reviewed and accepted before the guy realizes that Posada is not going to return in step with what Martin had been giving him. I just noticed that he is also the guy who just lost Smoltz, so maybe there will be some knee-jerk clicking in my favor.

    BVV, buying and selling on the closer market is probably what’s going to win me this league (though Razzball is probably what got me so close). Thank all of you for your continued insight.

  41. Emcobra says:

    I have a guy who wants to trade me Jack Morris for Dave Steib but I told him he had to throw in Rusty Kuntz too.

  42. p0rk burn says:

    @Cocky: George Posada is going to stay on my DL through the indefinite future. Bengie is still playing out of his mind and until he realizes that I’m not going to make a decision about who to drop. Now if George comes out shooting it might force my hand a bit – either to put him back in the roster or to trade him if he reestablishes trade value.

    @et al: The general rule of thumb is not to carry two catchers, but what do you do when you accidentally end up with two over-performers? Which one do you think is the better trade bait assuming George comes back with little or no hindrances? I’m thinking Jorge if he shows he is healthy based on past performance; I don’t think Bengie has the track record to justify the expectation he will keep this up.

  43. Grey

    Grey says:

    @p0rk burn: George is being written in the Buy/Sell for tomorrow. He’s a Sell.

  44. Frank Rizzo says:

    Interesting….I was just talking to a fellow team in the league and he’s looking to trade. He’s on the bottom of the league right now and is wanting to gamble.

    He mentioned a potential trade of Melky Cabrera and Ryan Howard for Curtis Granderson and Miguel Cabrera. I’d be receiving Melky/Ryan.

    It looks pretty good to me if I’m feeling Cabrera’s a lost cause. The guy also has D Lee so he wants to move a 1b for a 3b and some outfield help. I could sure use the power. I’m assuming Howard will not be batting .208 the rest of the year.

    Good deal? Great deal? Run, don’t walk for this deal?

  45. p0rk burn says:

    @Grey: You should give us a spoiler alert next time. Now 1/20th of my pleasure from tomorrow’s post is wasted on today. Seriously though, I agree with you on that. I just don’t think he has any value in my league until he puts together a week or two of solid play. Praise be to Bruce that Y? lets you leave people on the DL even after they come back from injuries.

  46. agar says:

    Grey, you really don’t think Myers is kind of an a bounce back? Yes he walked 6 yesterday, but his K’s are rising…

  47. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @p0rk burn: @Grey: I bought on the George Hotel in exchange for Chuck Marmol. I’m flipping him now for Damon. Methinks this is appropriate and boring at the same time.

    By the way, the Cubs world is calling Marmol “White Castle” nowadays because of his filthy slider.

    (at least from my semester’s worth of spanish, i think that’s what Posada means)

  48. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Howard will get you the home runs, but I don’t think Miggy should be written off. It’s a fair trade, that I would not do.

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @agar: I like Myers and if you’re dropping the right person, I could see it, but I’m not completely sold on him yet. Since I have to watch Edinson, I watched the game yesterday and Brett was really wild. It is nice to see him throw less gopher balls recently though. If you’re dropping nothing but a MR, you grab Myers and see what happens. I’m just not sure what happens will be great.

  50. agar says:

    I dropped Slowey for him, I figured Myers had a lot more upside haha

  51. Off-White says:

    @p0rk burn: I am in the same boat as you with Georges. In addition, I have Doumit about to come off the DL. Evidently I thought the point of Roto was to collect injured catchers.

    I almost had Posada moved for Doumit, but the owner reconsidered at the last second and countered with The Unit. Little concerned that Mullet man is 50 and only pitched his age in innings last year, but on the other side his shoulder has about the same chance of lasting as Posada’s torn labrum…

    What do yall think of George for Randy? Make the move, hold out?

  52. Endless Summer says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Guthrie for teams with high IP looking for counting stats (K, W) sacrificing a bit of rate stats (ERA, WHIP). I’d say Buchholz is the opposite (low IP, poor for counting stats (good for K), good for rate stats). I just like knowing Guthrie will most likely always be available for trade or WW pickup.

    I’m trying to buy low on Bedard and Peavy. I have Marcum and Bruce, and may add guys like Daniel Cabrera and John Maine to get Huston Street included. I love the thought of putting pressure on the owner to bet on Peavy’s return, Bedard bouncing back, or on Marcum and Bruce, two players he has offered me a lot of trades for. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  53. Endless Summer says:

    @Frank Rizzo: I think you’re assuming a lot of the risk in that trade, and helping him at 3B. If he needs to make a run, let him assume the risk. Who will be your 3B with Cabrera gone?

  54. Hank

    Hank says:

    The Phillies should trade for Elijah Dukes then bat him 8th. Make the new bash brothers.

  55. Hank

    Hank says:

    Anyone here practice “streaming”? I took over a team in a league, and the league settings seem to place emphasis on streaming pitchers (daily lineups, points scoring), what is the best strategy for streaming? How many pitchers are unstreamable, and do you keep any or just the best pitchers?

    My current staff is: Felix, C.C., Blackburn, McGowan, Burnett, Floyd, Banks, Gallagher, Kershaw, and Greg Smith.

    A note on the scoring: Ks=1.5, W=10, IP=.5, ER=-1
    So looks like High K guys are the way to go.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  56. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Endless Summer: I’ve got David Wright at 3b so I’m set. Cabrera’s been my 1st baseman so I’d be getting a straight up trade there. I’ve got Granderson at a CF but also have McLouth and Victorino as options in CF so Granderson may not be a huge loss. Melky would be a backup.

    As Grey mentioned, it may just be my impatience kicking in with Miguel Cabrera. Howard will get a ton of K’s but he’s also got a ton of power. It’s not an easy decision for me because I’m lacking power on offense right now badly.

  57. Sam says:

    Hmmm…. Bergmann or Lowe?

  58. Sam says:

    Sorry… Bergmann, Lowe, or Myers?

  59. p0rk burn says:

    Go Go Sparkakis!

  60. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @IowaCubs: re: Buchholz — really? I can’t find any news of this in the usual places….

  61. p0rk burn says:

    Bruce giveth and Bruce taketh away. First the Markakis bomb and now this: Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins left Thursday’s game with the Cincinnati Reds for unknown reasons.

    Come on Bruce, you’re in the ballpark with him. If he’s hurt go over to the dugout and heal him.

  62. Off-White says:

    While watching Homer pitch an important question popped into my mind, “Who has better hair, if they were a chick of course, Bailey or Arroyo?”

  63. cockyphoenix says:

    So I decided early this afternoon to let Hamels pitch but it was too late, and of course he goes 8 scoreless. Damn Thursday 1:00 games.

  64. BSA says:

    Being the wise young man he is, Bruce decided to stay away from the Rollins “situation”
    latest from Philly, “Jimmy Rollins left Thursday’s game after five innings and the Philadelphia Inquirer speculates that he may have been benched for not running out a fly ball.”

  65. BigFatHippo says:

    Hippo: Check out Hamel’s day night splits, thinkin about sittin him Thursday.

    Grey: I tend to start my rocks but whatever you want.

    Hamels: You’ll regret it!

    Hippo: Damm glad I took Grey’s advice. Thanks bro.

  66. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I guess it said he’s questionable for the next series. That’s better than the DL I suppose. Look at his Yahoo? profile.

    !Viva los mediano aliviadoros!

  67. scott says:

    Someone’s getting voted off Fantasy Island today. In descending order of dropability (beginning with who I think is most droppable), do I cut bait on D. Cabrera, Slowey, Parra, Kershaw or McGowan? I know, I know, my pitching staff is a veritable Murderer’s Row….they’re killin’ me! Despite this staff I’m still only 4 points out of first and Rios/Miggy haven’t done shizz for me yet. I need them and C. Guillen to heat up — quick!

  68. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @scott: Tattoo… Drop Tattoo…

  69. BigFatHippo says:

    A fantasy lovers worst nightmare (aside from a coyote escape from Roseanne Barr after a night on the town with Baron).

    Hamels CG shutout.

    Whad Chase do?



    D Cab does nothing for me. And IC right, Tatto gives me te creeps.

  70. Somebody offered me Krispie Young and Wang for Sizemore. Any reason I should even consider it?

  71. I already have the other Chris Young, I’m afraid they might fight.

  72. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Freak: I’d keep Grady.

  73. wakeNbake says:

    I was thinking about going after John Rauch, but do you think his job is safe? I heard that Chad Cordero is throwing again, any chance he gets the job back?

  74. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Ryan just blew another save… Giambi tightened up the G-string and hit a gwhr.

  75. Frank Rizzo says:

    Revisiting the trade for Howard I mentioned earlier…

    What about a different move…

    I give David Wright, Granderson, Vicotorino.

    I get Ryan Howard and Alfonso Soriano.

    I doubt he’d go for it but he does need OF and 3b help bad. I have enough OF to absorb the hit. It would hurt my SB’s in a big way but my power would be off the charts.

  76. Frank Rizzo says:

    I sat Giambi for Gordon today because I he was sitting out with an owie toe. PH a game winning HR. Nice.

  77. KarlJ says:

    F- BJ RYAN! I needed that win from McGowan!

  78. Hank

    Hank says:

    Dudes! No one here is a streamer?

  79. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @wakeNbake: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. This question keeps coming up. CHAD CORDERO IS DEAD. They just trot that rag arm’s corpse out every once in awhile to fool the media, Weekend at Chad’s-style.

    Rauch is the man in Washington. In so far as this matters to you, proceed accordingly.

    Speaking of Rauch, BJ Ryan blew a save today. Weren’t we just having a discussion on who was the better closer to pick up? We were? Wasn’t I saying Rauch over Ryan? I was? Ryan will be good again in ’09. This ain’t ’09.

    I’m feeling cocky ’cause the Prince of Mullets, Cole Hamels, stopped my string of 6 straight shitburger starts with some sweet CG shutout action. That’s right, snitches. That will teach Homer Bailey to bring that weak mullet to the majors.

  80. @Hank: I have awful experiences with streaming. Never works out. I’ll occasionally bench a starter if the matchup looks awful and, even then, I’m usually wrong. So I generally find 5-6 starters I like and start them just about every time out. I’ll resort to streaming only in the last month if it’s my only chance to win…

  81. BSA says:

    @BVV – My straight shitburger starts without run support and Ryan continues to kill. I put him in he shits the bed. I leave him on the bench and he closes 4 for saves. Great day. Lets hope for either a Shields win or papelbon save.

  82. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Rudy Gamble: I concur on this. I might sit my back-end starters in obvious tough matchups but my stars (e.g. Hamels) start every time. Dance with the ones that brung ya, etc.

    @BSA: That’s weekly league magic, right? I don’t understand that format. Though you probably spend less time agonizing, since what is to be done after Sunday?

  83. scott says:

    D-Cab sleeps with the fishes tonite so I can activate Posada w/o dropping Navarro (I feel like Jorge’s shoulder will go at any time). Moving on to other shizzy starters, who would you rather have going forward, Slowey, Scott Baker or D. McGowan?

  84. @Baron Von Vulturewins: We need to come up with a glossary entry for Chad Cordero to commemorate his toast status. How about Rip-Cord?

    Also, how about…
    Flat-Billed Pitchypus – Rare species of pitcher whose hat brim is perfectly flat and either covers their full forehead – exposing only glaring eyes – or is tilted to the side. This species is prone to early success and a quick fade once the shock has warned off. See Dontrelle Willis, Chad Cordero.

  85. wakeNbake says:

    Think Fernando Rodney or Joel Zumaya provide any fantasy value this year?

  86. cockyphoenix says:

    AAAAGGHHHH The only time I bench Shields he goes CG SHO on the Sox and the only time I bench Hamels he goes CG SHO on the Reds.


    someone take over my team I don’t deserve it

  87. Steve says:

    All – Any thoughts on Troy Glaus? I subbed him in for today and he’s gone deep, so obviously that’s nice. I’ve dropped him again but sure I can get him back. I have Atkins at third, but what are your thoughts on Glaus as a bench player? Power, but a bit of a batting average drain are mine. But would be nice if he got 1B eligibility (her started there today).
    Also, his value is declining with every AB, but what closer could I get for Bruce straight up?

  88. wakeNbake says:

    Sry dude but pitchers like those, especially Hamels you gotta trot out there everytime. You can live with them doing bad every now and then, but a #1 or #2 pitcher throwing a CG shutout on your bench definetely hurts more.

  89. @cockyphoenix: Sorry, but seems silly to bench either of them, ever.

    @Hank: I hate guys who “pitch ‘n ditch.” Hate hate hate hate hate. I lost in the finals last year because of that. I refused to join any leagues this year that didn’t have tranny limits.

  90. cockyphoenix says:

    @Freak: Shields was because I didn’t believe; Hamels I benched because I’m slow and lazy and didn’t realize I had to set my lineup by 1:00 on a Thursday. I’m squeezed on innings, too, so I have to be selective with my lower-end pitchers. I’m never benching either of those two again. 2 CG is a full 2.5 fantasy points for me at this point in the league.

  91. scott says:

    “tranny limits” — hmmm… is that when you are so drunk you will screw anything that’s available, so long as she is not a tranny?

  92. @scott: tranny limit = transaction limit.

    More comically, it’s a hard cap on the number of tranny’s that are allowed. The less of those things, the better.

  93. Hank

    Hank says:

    Thanks dudes! I feel the same way about streaming i think it’s pretty lame, that’s why I try to play in weekly roster leagues, daily is a bitch!!

    But it was only 15 bucks to pick up a decent team, and the payout is 145, I think I can turn it around and have a shot at it. But other teams are definitely streaming and I wanted to see if I need to take the, if you can’t beatem joinem approach to streaming.

    If I do start streaming I’m going to call me team the Cleveland Streamers.

  94. BigFatHippo says:


    When the weather’s hot in The Lou I would play Glaus. He’s gonna hit a lot outa there. You’re right about the avg, I tried to trade for him but nobody wants to trade with the guy in 1st. At one point he was hitting a lot of doubles.

  95. Hank

    Hank says:

    Trade helps:
    Does anyone swing Soto+Loney for Volquez+Escobar

  96. scott says:

    @ Freak — I knew what you meant…just trying to spice up a lazy thursday evening. I actually agree with the concept. If it’s any consolation the top two teams in transactions in my league are at the bottom. of the standings.

  97. @Hank: Nice one, Hank. We should add that to the Glossary:

    Cleveland Streamer – When a pitcher you picked up for a stream start craps all over your team’s stats. “I picked up Wakefield because he was going against the Royals and he gave me a Cleveland Streamer. It’s going to take a week to clean the mess he left on my ERA and WHIP.”

  98. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Rudy Gamble: These are both gold. RIP-Cord. Nice. You have a strange and awesome talent, sir.

    @cockyphoenix: If Hamels is one of your lower-end pitchers, you should have nothing to worry about. Prince of Mullets is my ACE. He’s also my number two, my best set-up man, and my third-best closer.

  99. scott says:

    I picked up Glaus when he received the “Grey Seal of Approval” the other day…paid immediate dividends with his HR today…Thanks Grey!

  100. I have a multitude of outfielders.

    Which one do you think could nab me a Chad Billingsley type?

    Sizemore, Victory, Damon, Bourn Identity, Rios, Francisco Treat, Murphy?

  101. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Razzers: With Longoria cold and Zimmerman lame, I need a 3B. Should I just pick up Edwin EE Encarnacion? Any thoughts on a mid-tier plug-in I could target?

  102. wakeNbake says:

    Any one watch Homer Bailey pitch today? How’d he look Good/Bad?

  103. p0rk burn says:

    @Cocky: You shouldn’t ever bench Hamels intentionally but I guess we’ll give you a pass this time. There’s nothing wrong with benching Shields in my book. I was lucky enough to start him in both my leagues for the CG against the BoSox (we score CG also) . In one of the leagues it was his first game on my team after I used a waiver claim for him. Bet that guy felt smart. Besides that, I usually am hesitant to run him out against the BoSox particularly in Fenway. I think that CG is his only career win against them. You better believe he isn’t starting for me tonight. So far looks like a good move. Just goes to show you why an AL East pitcher comes with a few strings attached . . .

  104. wakeNbake says:

    Would you try Bailey’s upside over Parra?

  105. scott says:

    @ Rudy — Cleveland Streamer = Brilliant! With your permission I will use that, though I cannot promise to specifically give you credit for fear my opponents will discover the gold that is Razzball.
    @ BVV — look at Glaus. I had the same decision to make recently and went with Glaus instead of EE

  106. cockyphoenix says:

    @wakeNbake: The bit about eating a loss vs missing a CG was a great point. That bit of knowledge should convince me out of making this mistake again. I’m not even sure how I’m going to keep my innings totals down now; I make such bad decisions.

    @p0rk burn: I *did* start Shields tonight. And Votto, Utley, and Bruce. I manage better than Dave Trembley (see putting in Jamie Walker [.391 BAA vs lefties] to retire Joe Mauer after Dennis Sarfate had just struck out Gomez and Casilla; Mauer homered right away)

    Tim Beckham to TB; will they ever stop getting first overall picks (4 of the last 10)? Matusz looks good anyway

  107. peter says:

    speaking of Shields… looks like he was just tossed from the game after beaning Crisp (then the benches cleared). According to rotoworld, Shields threw the first pitch and, accordingly, will probably face some sort of suspension.

    And, yeah, I had started Shields today. He gives up three runs in the first, then tossed in the 2nd for throwing a punch. Sound like Myersitis. Hopefully it’s benign.

  108. peter says:

    EDIT: Shields threw the first “punch”. He also threw the pitch, but I meant punch.

  109. cockyphoenix says:

    @peter: If you need me I’ll be at the bar

  110. cockyphoenix says:

    did it have anything to do with Crisp sliding into Iwamura yesterday I wonder

  111. wakeNbake says:

    it was definetely payback

  112. BSA says:

    I am so psyched that I played both Shields and Ryan. Lost start and save. WTF. Guess which pitcher is riding the pine next week for that stupidity?

  113. peter says:

    @wakeNbake: I think you’re right. I think hitting Pedroia in the 1st wasn’t intentional, but Crisp may well have been. Granted, I haven’t seen the video yet…

  114. peter says:

    @BSA: that’ll teach ’em!

  115. Zebo says:

    @everyone: Ellsbury left the game in 4th inning with right wrist injury, anyone watching this game? What happened, what kind of injury? I cannot afford another star going down.

  116. wakeNbake says:

    He made a diving catch and twisted his wrist. It didnt look good but they said X-rays were negative. Still might go on DL tho.

  117. @Baron Von Vulturewins: Thanks. It’s not the most marketable skill but I’m just glad I found the right platform in Razzball to tap into it.

    @scott: Ha. Just don’t use it too much…might lead them to Google it and it’ll direct to our site (eventually – give Google time…)

  118. B.J. says:

    An owner in my league needs HR and RBI and is willing to move Reyes for a big power hitter. He likes my Ryan Howard and said he’d do a Howard and Big Unit for Reyes and Doumit. Personally I’d rather get a guy like Ibanez from him. I will post his roster and let me know if you think we can do a deal.

    My Team
    1B- Howard
    2B B.J. Upton
    3B- Kouzmanoff
    SS- Escobar
    OF- Berkman, Markakis, Hamilton
    Util- Votto

    SP- Sabathia, Pedro, Maine, Chops, Cueto, Kershaw, Greinke, Big Unit, Duchy
    RP- Soria, Capps
    DL-Zimmerman, Dice-K

    His team
    C- VMart
    1B- Teixeria
    2B- O Hudson
    3B- Atkins
    SS- Reyes
    OF- Ellsbury, Victorino, Quentin
    Util- Dye
    Bench- Church, Ibanez
    DL- Doumit
    SP- Litsch, Danks, Campillo, Zambrano, T. Hudson, E. Santana
    RP- Street, Torres, Fuentes, CJ Wilson

    I also should mention he’s in 2nd place by 14 points. I’m currently the league leader.

  119. BigFatHippo says:


    It’s quite a remarkable skill, maybe you could be the next character on Heroes. Don’t forget to give Hank the credit for the original though.

    Scott, tell noone about Razzball, shhhh, take it to the grave.

  120. p0rk burn says:

    @LargeObeseRiverHorse: First rule of Razzball is, you do not talk about Razzball . . .

    @BJ: You are going to take a hit in the power stats. If Berkman reverts to average numbers and the rest of your team keeps on keepin’ on you might need to make some moves. Be careful you don’t give him the tools he needs to take apart your lead.

    I’m also a little concerned about giving up the Unit. He is older than dirt himself (and just as dirty) but so far so good. I think this trade definitely works for you if he gets hurt down the road, other than that it might leave you exposed in your rotation. Kershaw is meh, Cueto is having his troubles, Greinke could be wiped out by some penicillin, etc.

    Reyes is sexy but I think you are doing a little too much with your team on this. If you do insist on doing it I would take Doumit over Ibanez. I used to live in Seattle and shop at the same grocery store in Miami as Ibanez during the off-season (his, not mine) but I dont think he’s better than the upside you might get out of Doumit.

  121. @BigFatHippo: Added an assist for Hank in the glossary entry. Heroes? Please. Holding out for a reality series….

  122. LargeObeseRiverHorse says:

    I like it pork, the other white meat.

    Also like salmon, the other pink meat.

    Let em find Razzball the old fashioned way, like I did. Drink until you stumble across it when all the games are over.

  123. josh says:

    adrian gonzalez or prince going forward in 5×5? prince right? anyone who feels like giving me your opinion please do

  124. wakeNbake says:

    Definetely Prince in my opinion. Prince tends to heat up as the season goes along, while Gonzo tends to cool off as he did last yr. Prince always gives you the possibility of a 10 hr month, while Gonzo cannot match that type of production. Both very good 1B but Id take Prince.

  125. BigFatHippo says:


    No brainer, prince. Get tickets in the 1st row at Miller Field and keep offering him one of those racing saugages on a stick. No way he’ll resist.


    “Rapping with the Razzers”?

  126. p0rk burn says:

    @BFH (not BSA or BVV): I think the way I found it is the most common. Who ever Grey and Rudy are paying to rig the google heuristics is worth the money. I was googling for player lists for a draft because Y? sucks and Razzball was the first result.

    RazzBall.com: Come for the knowledge, stay for the attitude.

  127. BigFatHippo says:

    Poetic frickin justice.

    Pujols called out on a ball 8 inches outside. Ridiculous.

    Rauch thinks he has the game, Ryan triples in a run on the first pitch with 2 outs, Miles infield single ties it on the next pitch.

    Doug Eddings, Razzball hall of shame for HP umpires.

  128. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    I guess my Rauch over Ryan argument isn’t looking so smart right now.

    Stupid baseball.

  129. SaltyBiscuits says:

    Watching Mets game tonight…

    Josh Banks going for the Fathers and he looks really good.

    Nice curve/change and fastball command.

    He is 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA, 1.12 WHIP in 17 IP, 10 K / 5 BB.

    Small sample size I know, but why is he in the rotation now? Does he have a spot going forward?

  130. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    How do we feel about Jar-Jar Binks of the Bravos? Three lame starts in a row… will he rebound?

  131. scott says:

    @ pork bun — love the Fight Club reference…Razzball stays in the vault

  132. BigFatHippo says:


    Still like Rauch, that was just Albert’s Karma. Franklin lost the game to Dukes. Dukes was an a-hole on his first homer of the year. I say we ban him from Razzball, whatta ya think?


    Don’t know much about Banks but this. Pitches for the Fathers. Nuff said?

  133. I have a multitude of outfielders.

    Which one do you think could nab me Chad Billingsley?

    Sizemore, Victory, Damon, Bourn Identity, Rios, Francisco Treat, Murphy?

    I’m thinking of offering Murphy or Damon, but can’t decide which one.

  134. scott says:

    @ Freak — if I had Billingsley (I offered Greinke and Kershaw for him yesterday) I would only trade him for Sizemore out of the guys you mentioned

  135. wakeNbake says:

    Sizemore and Rios will fetch you Billingsley. The other OF’s would have to be packaged with something.

  136. JR says:

    In an old, 14-team keeper league (5 per year) in which you substitute a draft spot for the keeper. I need to make a trade to push my hitting back to top (I traded Berkman after Week 8, and while I’m genuinely fine with that, I’m a little nervous). Gordon and CoJack are fu$%ing killing me. My trend the last few years has been to package keeper prospects to the teams at the very bottom of the standings.

    Will any of these deals work:

    Carmona (18), Price (22), and Zumaya (22) for Arod (1)
    Carmona (18), Price (22), and Zumaya (22) for El Cabajo (2)
    Carmona (18) and Price (22) for Aramis (4) or AdGonzo (8)
    Price (22), Soria (15), and Zumaya (22) for Aramis (4) or AdGonzo (8)

    I have plenty of keepers. Before you laugh this off I have a good track record. I got Webb (6) last year from a last place team for Billingsley (22) and J.Upton (22), and that guy’s in the running this year.


  137. JR says:

    “that guy’s in the running this year.”

    Sorry. I mean that guy’s team is doing well in our league this year.

  138. JR says:


    Sizemore will do it. If you want to do it for Rios, then you have to wait until he starts hitting some homers. Otherwise, it’s package deals. Maybe expand it to two-for-two?

  139. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JR: I like any deal that nets you A-Gonz and Aramis. Will this deal make CoJock and Gordon expendable? Then you should package them both for another piece you need.

    ******re: Banks — He’s not a strikeout pitcher so your expectations should stay in line, but he could be worthwhile while the league takes time to catch up to him and he does pitch at Petco.

    EDIT: Typo.

  140. john says:

    what do you guys think of B.J Ryan for Ludwick?

  141. wakeNbake says:

    hmm… Im not completely sold on Ludwick to be honest. Closers are still valuable even if they arent pitching well. I wouldnt do it, but if u can spare a closer and given Ryan’s history with injuries I can see why you would do it.

  142. Grey

    Grey says:

    @john: Don’t trade for Ludwick.

  143. JR says:


    I’m not sold on Ludwick either, but it’s time to shop BJ. I think the key around this time of year is determining who will get moved at the deadline (see MLB Trade Rumors) and replacing your closer on the cheap. Maybe Fuentes or Sherrill or Gregg will get moved. If you have room on your bench to speculate on a couple of replacements, then you can effectively replace BJ for free.

  144. JR says:


    So would you go as far as Carmona, Soria, and Price for Aramis or Gonzo or that going too far?

  145. cruisinkc says:

    I give: Jay Bruce and Matt Cain
    I get: John Maine and Chad Billingsley
    Good deal?

  146. john says:

    i don’t like Ludwick either, my plan is to turn him around and sell him for a better SP. My problem is no one in my league wants to trade anything for my closers (Wood, Ryan or Soria). For some reason they deem them worthless. So, the one guy that will deal something is dealing someone with severely bloated stats that maybe I can actually turn around and re-sell.

  147. JR says:


    If you need pitching, yes.

  148. p0rk burn says:

    @Cruisin: I think so. Bills puts up great stats even in losing efforts. Bruce is a rookie who is coming back to earth. Maine is a good pitcher on a (supposedly) good team. Cain has talent but his team sucks.

  149. wakeNbake says:

    Who saw Homer Bailey pitch??? What did his stuff look like???

  150. JR says:


    By the way, that’s Aramis OR Gonzo, I don’t know if that changes your thinking…

  151. JR says:

    @Pork Burn

    In the language of lawyers: I am a client that walks in with Comment #138. Do I have a case?

  152. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cruisinkc: I like that deal for you.

    @JR: Ah, that wasn’t clear. Okay, I’d want Arod, Lee, Aramis then A-Goz, in that order. I would do all of those moves. In a second.

    @wakeNbake: He was wild and not overpowering. He was lucky to escape without giving up that many runs.

  153. p0rk burn says:

    @JR: What Grey said. If you can get AGonzo at an 8th round pick thats a good deal in my book. A-ram in the 4th seems a bit below his actual value too. But I agree with Grey’s rankings. What you are giving up for any of those guys seems like a steal for you. Good luck making it happen.

  154. john says:

    Anything on the plan to trade Ryan and then flip Ludwick for better SP (even though we at Razzball know he’s not worth it but my league-mates don’t like closers except this guy)?

  155. JR says:

    @Pork Burn



    My problem with flipping Ludwick is that flipping Ryan would seem to have more value… Maybe try the name value of Kerry Wood instead? As a Cubs fan, I will guarantee you that he keeps the closing your if he stays healthy, and he looks REALLY healthy…

  156. john says:

    See thats the problem. B.J Ryan commands no respect in my league, neither does Soria. I haven’t really tried Wood because I don’t really want to give him up, but I have a stinking suspicion that my leaguemates wouldn’t offer me fair value for him either

  157. JR says:


    Do what you gotta do. You know your league.

  158. RT says:


    my league is similar with closers, so I can appreciate what you are saying. i’ve never seen a closer traded in my league unless it is in a package – even if the package isn’t that good.
    something to think about.

  159. RT says:

    Was Homer seriously that wild tonight? I heard he was all fastball, all the time. Any other insight Grey.

  160. john says:

    Yea, ugh..sometimes I wish my leaguemates would read Razzball, but then I remember I’m in 1st and don’t want them stealing all my secret advantages.

  161. @john: Just two weeks ago I traded Ludwick for Wood.

    Let’s just say I wouldn’t even think of reversing the trade.

  162. Endless Summer says:

    @B.J.: The go for Ibanez. There’s no reason to let him dictate the trade talks if you are in first. I wouldn’t do Ryan Howard+Big Unit for Reyes and Doumit. Reyes got progressively worse as last season went on, and Doumit’s had lots of injury concerns. I’d counter with a Big Unit for Ibanez offer, and why not try to ask for Doumit as well? Unit is pitching well this year and his pitching looks pretty thin.

    @josh: Prince Fielder by a wide margin over Adrian Gonzalez.

    @Freak: Billingsley has a 9.73 K/9IP rate. I’d offer just about any outfielder you have for that production. See if they’ll bite on Murphy or Damon, but that is a HUGE steal for you if it works out.

    @JR: I don’t like those trades for you because I like Price, and Zoom is coming back soon is getting clocked at triple digits again. I’d go with Aramis if one of those deals had to be done. He’s younger than A-Rod, does great in the second half of the season, and is a 4th rd compared to Alex in the 1st.

    @cruisinkc: Do that trade! Maine and Cain are a wash, and Maine should win more games. I might bet on Cain being good in the second half of this season, but he won’t get wins. Bruce is great but getting a K rate like Billingsley’s is harder to come by than Bruce’s production in the outfield. Sorry, Babe Bruce.

    @wakeNbake: Homer Bailey looked great through the first five innings, especially considering the lack of offense and the Janish/Bruce error in the field. He gave up a solo HR to Geoff Jenkins with 2 out in the sixth, and then walk a batter that inning, and two in the seventh before he was sent to the showers. 1 strikeout, and a lot of groundball outs. I wouldn’t rush to pick him up. Bailey started this year great, and last I noticed he had the same problems that kept him from succeeding yet (primarily walks.).

  163. Endless Summer says:

    @RT: Homer has a nice offspeed and stayed around the plate. He wasn’t the same pitcher after the Geoff Jenkins solo shot though. I think he is a dead ringer for a young Brad Penny, and that’s not because they have really gay names for starting pitchers…

    Homer had some great starts in the minors, but got knocked around a couple times too (a couple times in mid-May I think, maybe more. Too tired to look.). I wouldn’t expect anything out of him this year.

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