Our blogpal Roto Authority is hosting this week’s Fantasy Roundtable.  Sir Rudy Gamblelot voiced his opinions as well as several of the other knights on this topic…

Name the player who is the worst value for his average draft position, within the first three rounds.

Can’t say I agree with every suggestion (I’m too chivalrous to say which ones) but it’s an interesting read….

  1. Rudy, in case you miss it, I left a comment on RotoAuthority and asked you a question about Ichiro.

  2. Eric W says:

    the one guy Patrick Cain is from the news paper that shows up at my house every day even though none of my roommates or me pay for it.
    Agree on ichiro , Morneau and Holiday completely disagree on Evan Longoria though.

  3. johnson says:

    @Eric W: yeah. longoria is the best bet of the riskier picks. i’d take him at the end of the second.

  4. BigFaHippo says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Totally agreed with you about Ichiro. Bought him last year cause I’d never had him, traded him cause I hated him within a month.

    And won the league.

  5. Fman99 says:

    This is a great read… I am rethinking all of the guys mentioned in it. It makes you appreciate all the more guys like Beltran, C-Lee, Berkman, etc. who seem to be a lock for the same numbers every season.

    I want to write down .300/30/100/100 for my first 2-3 picks and have no doubts about it. Regardless of position.

  6. waters96 says:

    @Fman99 – If you’re interested in .300/30/100/100, why would you draft Carlos Beltran. He will hit .270. For the type of player you’re talking about, I’d drop down to the third or fourth round for Nick Markakis, or someone like that. I don’t want a second rounder who is going to drag my BA down that far.

    @Rudy- Ichiro delivers plus value in three catagories. His huge BA for 700 AB’s and 35 plus steals helps you a ton and allows you to pair him with Adam Dunn/Ryan Howard types

  7. @waters96: Ichiro’s coasting on how ‘plus’ he is on those stats. 3 of the last 4 years have been .322 or less (.310 last year). He had 103 runs last year..closer to 110 previous years. You can get close to that from a middle of the lineup guy. 35 SBs are nice. But, again, his HR/RBI are AWFUL for an OF. Just awful. Not saying he isn’t worthwhile but the only chance he has of being top 50 is if he hits .340ish and steals 45 bases. PECOTA (Baseball Prospectus) has him at .290 with 24 SBs. It doesn’t even have him reaching those high numbers at his 90th percentile.

    Net-net, AWFUL pic for top 3 rounds. He should be a 7th-8th round pick and I predict any team that takes him in the 3rd round won’t finish in the top 3 of their league…

  8. Fman99 says:

    @waters: I like Beltran because a) I’m a Mets fan and b) I’ll take the 20-25 SBs in exchange for the .270 BA. I want four categories of help, basically, whether its .270/28/100/110/25 or .300/32/110/100/7.

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