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Brett Greenfield of the phonetically alliterative Fantasy Phenoms hosts the Fantasy Roundtable this week.  He asked…

Name one pitcher and one hitter that is on the waiver wire in most leagues, that is worth picking up and could become the next Cliff Lee or Ryan Ludwick.  Why them?

This one was so easy….to be wrong.  Click on the above link to see my best guesses.  I wasn’t the only one to choose my hitter or pitcher so either I may be onto something or groupthink has reared its ugly head once again…

  1. BigFatHippo says:


    There are those of us who believe Chris Duncan may be this year’s Ludwick! I like all the mentions of Wandy by you guys.

  2. @BigFatHippo: I had an open spot due to Carp going on the DL and snagged Chris Duncan on a whim just to fill an extra roster spot today….. MONEY (self high five) Injuries and PT are crucial with Duncan….

  3. BigFatHippo says:

    @Tony Y: Nice!

    Dunc will get 500 ABs, the value for him lies solely in his CI eligibility. I’m gonna bounce him around in the RCLORD against right handed pitching.

    He seems to be fully healthy, has history of power, about the same age as Ludwick, Tony says who’s playing well will get at bats. This to me all adds up to…….Ludwick, 2008!

  4. big o says:

    pat cain suggested adam jones ?
    other than the razz/suicide league , in what kind of set-up does adam jones go undrafted ??

  5. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: i`ll go out on a limb her(a short one)nelson cruz and john danks

  6. AL KOHOLIC says:

    oh my bad,undrafted,da,,davies and lind or snider

  7. Dumbmutt says:

    Vlad out indefinitely. Does this help Napoli open up the DH for more at bats?

  8. Dumbmutt says:

    Bah he says it does not bother him while hitting. He might only DH now if he plays.

  9. Dumbmutt says:

    Sorry if in wrong thread above. I can mooch and say Wandy was available in a 10 and 14. Wandy wasn’t even autodrafted. Escobar just to add to DL. And I feel bad snickering at an Aaron Hill pick but not right now=(

  10. BBQKing says:

    good post, i was hoping razzball would address this question soon, and then we get a bunch of answers. no mention of fowler tho…been wondering about what the thoughts on him are

  11. i’ve got maybin, bonifacio, ianetta and sandoval

    to bring baker off the DL i’ve got to drop one and wieters was just dropped…so if he clears waivers to me i am picking him up…also milton bradley is available…i feel like i have to pick him up as a fifth outfielder…so my question is: what 3 do i drop and if wieters doesn’t clear which two do i drop first?

  12. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @danimal35: you gotta keep a catcher so that narrows it to 2 to choose from for the 1 you keeo

  13. Pilkington says:

    I’m really close to just taking out Clint Barmes’ knee caps with a lead pipe one of these days…Ian Stewart playing every day with 2B eligibility? Mmm…

  14. albertalbert says:


    Would you pick up Schafer if your only droppable guy was Chris Perez?

    @the Duncan fans
    I’m a huge Redbirds fan, but there’s almost no possible way Dunc gets 70% of what Ludz did last year. Ludz did 104/37/114 and slg’d 591! Those are Manny numbers, and I wonder who else has come out of practical obscurity to have such a great season.

    Duncan has won some games for us in the past all by himself, but I would sell high on the guy if I were you. The whole team is hot right now, but it won’t last, esp for Dunc.

  15. @BigFatHippo: I tend to agree with albertx2…i wish i had picked up Duncan for a low draft pick or FA in my leagues but i’m not reading into his hot start. He’s a streaky hitter and is an awful defensive OF. I think best case is a .270/25 HR campaign (which is still a good bargain).

    @BBQKing: I know Grey likes Fowler (predicted him for NL Rookie of the Year just recently). I think he’s great for a keeper league but he’s a marginal fantasy player in mixed leagues for 2009 b/c: 1) never hit above AA, 2) never hit more than 10 HRs in a year, 3) has shown good but not great SB potential (fairly high Caught Stealing rate), and 4) fighting for playing time.

    @Pilkington: I feel confident that Helton or Barmes will get injured at some point…

    @albertalbert: I don’t think it’s worth holding onto Perez in a shallow league. That said, I’m not sold on Schafer. Another guy – like Fowler – who’s making the jump from AA. I think he’ll be an average drain without great HR or SB upside. But if you like Schafer, don’t let Perez keep you from picking him up.

  16. Tom says:

    Is Volquez for Wandy worth offering, and would someone take it? My league seems to be done with Volquez, since I got him pretty late after not aiming for him at all, so the trade value isn’t really there. If I can get Wandy for Volquez, is that worth it?

  17. @Tom: I still like Volquez better than Wandy. The gap has definitely shrunk vs. draft day but not ready to say Wandy is a better option. Love Volquez’s combination of high % ground balls and Ks…

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