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I have come to the revelation that I watch way too many baseball games. On average in a week, I watch roughly 30-40 games. I am always looking for trends or nuisances that will aide, but not abet, my fantasy know how. The thing I watch most is pitching. Pitching is the most added and dropped position, based mostly because of depth. So depth is what I give you. I take guys that are owned in less than 50% of leagues and bring you my take on what they are and who they may be in the week ahead. I wish I had the power to give them wins in every start, but chasing wins is the axis of evil in fantasy. So use this low end guide to your advantage and go forth and make me proud. So here are the lesser owned two start fantasy baseball options for the upcoming week. (Please keep in mind that match-ups and pitchers may change.)


Josh Tomlin @Tor – Drabek
Mike Leake vs. Mil – Marcum

Carlos Carrasco vs. Tex – Harrison
Tim Stauffer vs. Hou – W. Rodriguez

Jason Vargas vs. TB – Hellickson
Carlos Villanueva @ Bal – Bergesen
Bud Norris @ SD – Moseley

Doug Fister (Bal vs. Arrieta, TB vs. Davis) Yeah, that’s what she said. Another pitcher that if he pitched for a better team we would prolly be rostered all over based on his numbers. If you’re going to chase wins, at least do it with a guy who will get you 5 K’s and decent peripherals. ERA under 3 at home.

Dillon Gee (Pit vs. Morton, Atl vs. Jurrjens) Prolly the best name for a baseball player since, Rusty Kuntz. Home ERA of 1.66. You could do a lot worse, i.e. about a 1/8 of an inch down.

Luke Hochevar (Ana vs. Santana, Min vs. Blackburn) The streetwalker’s barber.  If I could find something good to say about him, I would. Umm… he pitches twice this week. If your league is deep enough, it could make sense.

Derek Holland (@TB vs. Davis, @Cle vs. Carmona) 2.51 ERA away from Arlington. Gives up way too many balls in play, BAA is .296. Is “due” for win. Has gone 6 starts without a decision, somewhere Jo-Jo Reyes makes a fist and screams.

Chris Narveson (@Cin vs. Wood, @Fla vs. Volstad) Oh Narvy, first it was Bud Norris that went out of his way to scorn my affection. Now it’s you. Seems like he pitches great than beats himself with the dreaded 6 run HR. ERA better away from the Brewery.

J.A. Happ (@CHC vs. Coleman, @SD vs. Harang) Love the K-rate, but the walks make me sad. You have to watch him to get frustrated with him, and who watches the ’Stros. Away ERA is abysmal but anchored by two bad starts early in the season.

Nick Blackburn (@Det vs. Penny, @KC vs. Hochevar) Last 5 starts, 3-0 21 K’s and an ERA of 1.72. Sounds good to me. Name still sound like a skin disease you contract from a trip to Venezuela.

Brad Penny (Min vs. Blackburn, @CHW vs. Danks) My grandma always said, “See a Penny, pick it up.” She also can’t read fantasy stat lines.  K/9 and BB/9 are almost the same number. If you live under a rock (find a new place to stay), that’s never a good stat to have similar.

Chris Volstad (Ari vs. Saunders, @Mil vs. Narveson) Maybe it’s just me but I love all the Marlins starters. xFIP 2 runs lower than his ERA. Offers you some medium K potential, which is a lot better than rare.

Ryan Vogelsong (@StL vs. Carpenter, Col vs. Hammel) The newest veteran magician to suddenly appear on the fantasy scene. Numbers are just stupid, best of all is the .038 ERA at home.

  1. BlinkULDHC says:

    Should I trade Jay Bruce for Robinson Cano, straight up?

    How about Bruce, MPineda, Latos, DEspinosa for Cano, Anibal Sanchez, JWalden?

    12 team, 5×5, mixed, H2H

    My 2B is Espinosa. My OF/UTIL are Kemp, McCutchen, Stanton, Bruce, Brantley.

  2. Casey Blake's Beard says:

    10 team h2h. Liriano’s my 5th starter at this point and his shoulder is “sore.” Drop for Wolf, Harrison, Harang, Blackburn, Westbrook?

  3. Mr2Bits says:

    Would you lose Crisp or Damon for Wells?

  4. Brew Crew says:

    I own both E-Jax & Danks..Should I start both this weekend @TOR??
    2) Would you grab Minor as a spot start vs. SD?


  5. jay says:

    Would you start e.jax in a 10 mix team roto with a starts limit?

  6. pubscout says:

    morse over demon or el caballo? or no…

  7. Bourjos says:

    Thinking of filling a slot with Furbush.

    How impressed are you with Charlie so far?


  8. Brew Crew says:

    @Jay: Guess not…3 first inning runs, seemed like a safe start today, now questioning who I dare to start him against…

  9. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @BlinkULDHC: Seems fair, i would just keep it simple with the one for one.

    @Casey Blake’s Beard: Harang for home starts, Blackburn for spot starts.

    @Mr2Bits: I wouldnt lose my own keys for Wells.

    @Brew Crew: Start Danks sit Ed Jax, pick up Minor.

    @jay: No

    @pubscout: Over either right now he is scorching

    @Bourjos: Impressed a little, he isnt a future ace if thats what you mean. Getting by on teams not knowing what he throws yet.

  10. stumanji says:

    In a vacuum, Delmon Young or Brett Gardner for rest of season?

  11. RiffRaff says:

    Which prospect should I stash? There are a lot of names floating around: Lawrie, Brown, Jennings, Rizzo, Belt, Moustakas, Montero, Ackley. Does Razzball have recent prospect rankings anywhere?

  12. elwood blues says:

    better picher going forward: Niese or Navy… 4 catergory league.

    Does it change if wins are a top concern?

  13. JG_ism says:

    @ Everyone

    Pick one. IF spot H2H. Currently tied for first.
    Brett Lawrie, Brandon Belt or Sean Rodriguez

  14. kangaroo hops says:

    Hate to break up a perfectly good nickname, but the KC announcers refer to him as Hoe-CHaver, not Hoe-Shaver. But whateva.

  15. Earl Battey says:

    Hey Smokey,

    Which two-start option looks best to you?

    Arrieta (@SEA, vs TOR)
    Vogelsong (@ STL, vs COL)
    Hammel (@ LAD, @ SF)


  16. milksteak says:

    Would you trade Soriano for Rios in a 10 team mixed standard non keeper

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