Interleague is over and we are sprinting to the All-Star break, trade deadline and fantasy football drafts because, who are we kidding, the best part of fantasy is the draft. Soccer is still well on Smokey’s plate. As if you’re not watching and getting excited. It’s not for everyone, I can’t blame people for not liking it or force them to watch. There just aren’t enough stats in soccer to peak the fantasy end of it. Baseball has 20 x 20 leagues, what’s more entertaining than playing in a league that you can’t check via the box score in newspaper? (Yeah, they still exist, I had to check.) Week 13 brings us right up against the birth of this great country. Have at the unlucky week 13 fantasy baseball two start hurlers:

Jake Westbrook (Tor vs. Romero) (Oak vs. Gonzalez)
Just mulling around waiting/hoping to get traded. Been semi-effective. A peripheral nightmare, so expect to be wooed and then not even a peck on the cheek when you drop him off.

Jeremy Bonderman (@Min vs. Liriano) (Sea vs. Lee)
This guy gets $12 million, holy hell. Always a good swing and miss guy. Horrible matchups this week. Avoid for me this week.

Randy Wells (Pit vs. Maholm) (Cin Vs Cueto)
Not good Randy, not good at all. Anything worse than playing for your hometown team and sucking?  Guess missing your bus home would suck too. But then if it’s your hometown team it wouldn’t suck as bad, I suppose.  Gets Pittsburgh in first start – hooray. Another peripheral disaster.

Jason Hammel (@ SD vs. LeBlanc) (SF vs. Cain)
In the highlights as the guy following Ubaldo in the rotation. Gets Petco and is a better pitcher at home so it sounds even better. Previous shellacking by the Sox. Three previous were 0 ER. Good value pick.

Bud Norris (@ Mil vs. Parra) (@ SD vs. Correia)
Back from the dead. 2 decent matchups, and a whole mess of sleeper hype to cloud what could go wrong. Houston continues to suck and blow his confidence. He is a ping pong ball up and down like Homer Bailey.

Brett Myers (@ MiL VS Gallardo) (@ SD vs. Leblanc)
A horse this year so far. Would have about 5 more wins for another team. Lowest ERA since ’06. Gets a tough matchup in Gallardo, who is as legit as they come. Hasn’t given up more than 4 ER in a start all year.

R.A. Dickey (@ Fla vs. Nolasco) (@ Was vs. Strasburg)
Yeah, uh, R.A. Dickey has 6 wins. 6 consecutive to boot. Runs into some tough matchups. Robert Alan is hot right now so ride the train, just maybe not this week.

Manny Parra (Hou vs. Norris) (@ StL vs. Carpenter)
Think he is staying in the rotation for a while, and is great stuff wise. Just not polished at all. Great K potential, though I hate that word.

Kyle Kendrick (@ Cin vs. Cueto) (@ Pit vs. Maholm)
His home/away splits are crazy, Bruce Banner even said damn. Gets the Pie Rats and is 3-0 career vs. the ‘Natti. Looks like a call to the bookie is in order. Jump all over it, best low end add this week. 2 wins and 10 k’s.

Wade LeBlanc (Col vs. Hammel) (Hou vs. Myers)
Home cooking just like Grandma’s. Gives up way too many hits for my liking. Two home starts makes me forget that he didn’t call me on my birthday. No K’s and a propensity to go only 5 innings sucks out loud.

Dustin Nippert/Matt Harrison (@ LAA vs. Pineiro) (ChW vs. Buehrle)
It is still up in the air if both get one or 2 starts. Team is scorching the ball right now, and runs and pills are good. Both guys offer about the same amount fantasy-wise.

  1. Bring Back Pluto says:

    Hi Smokey!

    Who are you pulling for now in the World Cup?

    And a non-pitcher baseball question:

    Who do you start this week?

    Adam Jones: 3 V OAK, 3 @ BOS
    Krispy Young: [email protected] STL, 3 V LAD


  2. adam says:

    Trevor Cahill — is he really this good? Sell high or hold?

  3. Unless I’m playing H2H and I NEED that W (usually at the end of the week and the scores have shaped up), I really don’t look at the opposing pitcher when selecting my streamers. Give me ratios, K’s and QS (in my keeper league) and I’m happy. Get me a W, that’s even bettter, but I don’t chase W’s. Just too many variables that are not in the starters hands. I just look at the lineups.

    Hence Dickey versus two aggressive lineups looks good to me – particularly the Fish. Oh by the way Nolasco’s been sucking and Strasburg hasn’t faced a particularly good lineup yet (K.C. doesn’t count, I don’t care what there average is – they swing at everything). Not to say the Amazin’s are Amazin’, but they’re not the Indians or Pirates.

    Lalalala… not hearing soccer talk

  4. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Bring Back Pluto: Gotta go with my roots and say Germany. Adam Jones is scorching right now.
    @adam: He is this good and depending on the league a hold as he is contributing solid stats.
    @3FingersBrown: A win is a win regardless of whom it is against so i agree.

  5. Child Please says:

    What do you think of Billingsley (@SF, @ARI) this week?? Is he a better option than Kendrick?

  6. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Child Please: i tend to shy away from a first start back from DL, i would go with kendrick based on that.

  7. Bring Back Pluto says:

    Smokey, despite your warning, I will probably activate and start Bills next week.

    Should I drop Tommy Hunter, John Ely, or Gio?

    If the answer is Hunter, does that change if he pitches well tonight?

  8. Bring Back Pluto says:

    OK, so now I’m pestering, but if you were gonna start one, Bills in his first start back @ SF, or Ely the next night @ SF.

  9. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Bring Back Pluto: Bills vs Zito, Ely vs Cain, hmm I’d go with Bills but it goes against my theory.

  10. SpiralArchitect says:

    Better to go with Mike Leake with 2 starts, or use one of my studs like David Price or Tommy Hanson in 1 start.

    Also, use R.A. Dickey as an RP or stick with K-Rod.

    H2H points league, weekly league, +10 W, +10 S, +2 K.

  11. Fletch says:

    @Smokey: Is Medlen staying in the rotation or what? If not, I need to drop him for DLR as DLR will get snagged up very soon. I’m shocked DLR is still on my waivers actually.

  12. Fresh says:

    10 team head to head points league weekly roster set

    how do u rank blanton against bills?

    @cinci and @ pit

    he’s guna get run support and his opponents aren’t too scary

    @sf and @arizona

  13. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @SpiralArchitect: Take Leakes first start away because i would sit him @Philly, So you left with leake ve CHC, Price vs Minny and Hanson vs Fla. Id go with Price. Dickey as teh reliever for his 2 starts to make up for the Leake for Price.
    @Fletch: Medlen stays in rotation, wether he has more value than DLR when he comes back is debatable. Id prolly pick up DLR while he still has DL elig wait until his first start to activate than depending on that make my decision.

  14. Smokey

    Smokey says:

    @Fresh: Blanton

  15. Brad Havens says:

    Hey Smokey,

    I need to play 2 of the following guys:

    Abreu: home against Tex (3) and KC (3)
    Delmon: home against Det (3) and TB (4)
    Ortiz: home against TB (2) and Balt (3)
    Span: home against Det (3) and TB (4)

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

  16. Critter Nagurski says:

    kind of premature to say he’s better at home. how were his splits last year?

  17. Eddie says:

    Cecil put up a WHIP of 2.36 in this game and allowed 7 runs, 5 of them earned. If I lose this week, I’ll know who to blame.

  18. Critter Nagurski says:

    sorry – hammel

  19. vottomatic says:

    i need to drop a pitcher with bills coming back from the dl. who should i drop between jaime garcia and wade davis? this is a 10 team keeper league too and i could only keep davis IF i wanted to.

  20. Terry Felton says:

    Hi Smokey,

    I just found out that Jenks hit the Bereavement List so he’ll be out until at least Wednesday. In my weekly league, should I keep him in the lineup, use Street instead, or drop Zito for Axford?


  21. AnotherFalstaff says:

    Smokey – Matusz’ two starts at home v. OAK (Braden) and @ BOS (Lester) even worth mentioning? Thanks!

  22. nick m. says:

    myers, carmona, hammel, or morrow as a 2-start pitcher this week?

  23. Cal cheats says:

    Billingsley or Jurrjens the rest of the way?

  24. Smokey,

    Do you like Bumgarner or Cahill going forward? 12 team roto with K/BB and standard five categories. I know both are border line for mixed leagues…


  25. fitz says:

    Start Nolasco tomorrow at home vs the Mets?


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