This week we were stood-up, forgotten, left for dead. They say never meet your heroes, and for Grey and I that will not be a problem. Where art thou Adam Richman, patron saint of hungry men! So, in other words no Adam Richman this week, but don’t be upset, turn that frown upside down kemosabe. Grey and I are back and we tackle the tough questions like “what frivolous purchase would you make with $10 million dollars at your disposal?” We follow that up with one of the more fascinating topics we’ve ever covered on the show. Grey Albright’s resume pre-Razzball, pre-FML, hell it’s even pre-Cougs! So strap in and expect to laugh, expect to be confused, and expect to be Albright’d. It’s the latest episode of the Razzball Podcast.

  1. baby seal says:

    Grey, I also worked at a law firm part-time (literally doing nothing / nonsense) before getting my first full-time job!

  2. Powdered Toast Man says:

    Wow, you guys had some crap jobs. Funny thing w crap jobs is they always turn into great stories. Make me think I better subscribe and throw some dollars the Master Lothario’s way. I remember going to a water filter seminar in the 90s and feeling ashamed for being there.

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