With the All Star Game well behind us, Fantasy baseball players everywhere are gearing up for their home stretch. One of the biggest question marks remaining will be how players returning from the disabled list fare before the end of the season. Can they make an impact on certain teams, to the point that they sufficiently increase your standing in the league? Let’s take a look at some of the more notable fantasy baseball players that are gearing up for a late season return. (Some of whom you may even have stashed on your roster.)  Hopefully this will help you determine if that decision was wise or not…

Zack Greinke – Many fantasy players may have saw Greinke’s addition to the DL to be a blessing in disguise and have already dumped him. Since his departure from the Dodgers, the star pitcher has seemed to lose some of his control. Just prior to his injury, however, he was starting to find his way in Arizona; so he very well could have been a great stash. The Diamondbacks are out of the playoff picture. He is slated to return as early as the first week of August, and he will have a lot to prove. Look for him to try to salvage his win/loss record, which is currently 10-3, and set the stage for 2017.

Chris Heston  Heston was placed on the 60-day DL June 29 by the San Francisco Giants, and the club is still hoping for an early September return. With the Giants in the midst of the pennant race, he will have been a great stash for fantasy players if he can resume his form and help carry the team down the home stretch.

Michael Brantly – Out with a right rotator cuff injury, Brantley is due to return from the 60-day DL at some point in early August. He is already taking practice swings. The Indians still have hope this season, so the club is looking forward to his return to left field, complete with his .239 batting average.

Justin Bour  With Bour set to begin a rehab assignment in the minor league any day now, fantasy baseball fans will be looking to see how he is coping with his right ankle injury. The Marlins are another team with an outside chance at the playoffs. With 15 homeruns to go with his .268 batting average, he will be a welcome sight indeed.

Lucas Duda  Fantasy players who have had Duda stashed have been in a wait and see mode all summer to see if he is going to return. The latest estimate is late August, so there is still time for him to make an impact. He has begun taking swings in batting practice, so that is always a positive development.

Joey Rickard  The Orioles have quite a few players this year making an impact in the Fantasy realm. With Rickard on the DL due to a right thumb ligament, the hope is that he will return with a vengeance in late August. With a .268 batting average prior to being placed on the DL, complete with 5 home runs, he has that potential.

There’s obviously far more players who will eventually come back from injuries in the near future that will have an impact on fantasy fans, but these were a few of what we felt were most impactful.  

  1. goodfold2 says:

    “salvage” his win-loss, pretty sure anybody who’s 10-3 (esp with how bad he started) on that team is getting pretty damn lucky with win-losses already.

    • Joe says:

      @goodfold2: yea maybe not the best choice of words by me..

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