These are the players you want to drop, add or simply hold onto for your fantasy baseball roster.


Every Baltimore Oriole not named Nick Markakis, Ramon Hernandez or Brian Roberts – This team looks atrocious. Millar’s best is behind him, and he was never that good, shortstop is a black hole, Mora is mediocre and will get injured soon, forget Adam Jones for now, I don’t even like Luke Scott anymore as a deep sleeper.

Ronny PaulinoDoumit looks to be getting the starts against righties. Overall, there’s mostly righties. Look elsewhere.


Mark Lowe – Second in line (presumably) Sean Green (not the Jew that retired) then Eric O’Flaherty. Then again, Miguel Batista got the save the other night, so, ya know, don’t invest too heavily.

Jair Jurrjens – He’s still very raw, but I liked what I’ve seen so far. I would take a flier, if there’s room.

Brian Bannister – The other day, when asked about Bannister, I said he was like last year’s Maddux. I stand by that. There is a place for that on certain teams.

Ryan Church – The Mets are outfield poor. In deep leagues, you have to take a look because of the lineup he’s in.

Angel Pagan – Speaking of the Mets, and speaking of deep leagues, NL-onlyers take a look. He’ll be in left until Alou returns.

Joey Gathright – Bourn, Carlos Gomez have to make room — more cheap steals.

Blake DeWitt – In very deep leagues, keep it in the back of your mind that DeWitt was considered the best hitter in the 2004 draft.

Franklin Gutierrez, Billy Butler, Andre Ethier, Melky Cabrera, Nate McLouth, Lastings Milledge – There’s been a lot of discussion on this site about these six fifth outfielders. So with Rudy Gamble’s permission, I’m just going to reprint what he had to say in the comments of this post.

Billy Butler – Best average and RBI of the bunch. Got valuable experience last year. And 1B potential. Only downside vs. the rest is no speed.

Nate McLouth – Best SB and Run potential of the bunch. Enough pop for 15 HR. Enough speed for 30 SB. AVG won’t be great.

Lastings Milledge – Most upside of the group but I’m just not sold on any part of his game. Not a good base stealer. No minor league history of plus power.

Melky Cabrera – By no means a great player but he’s young, has 2 years experience, playing for a running manager in a great lineup, and w/ more job security than the guys below him on this list. I think he ends up 75/15/75/15 with a respectably .280 average.

Franklin Gutierrez – No plus power or speed in his minor league history. I think he may fall short of Melky in all 5 categories. Might have playing time cut into. Grey’s note: I don’t see his playing time cut and I like FraGu’s (<—forced nickname!) promise. I see 70/20/80/.270/20. And maybe someone in the Indians’ brass has been reading Razzball, because Gutierrez moved up to the sixth spot the last two days. Just sayin’.

Andre Ethier – His stats for the past two years are just bleh. 15 HR power and no speed. Probably second to Butler on projected AVG. And there’s no doubt Pierre reclaims his job if Ethier slumps.

Scott Hairston – That’s right, I’m adding another name into the six fifth-outfielder-mix. Hairston never got a fair shake in the desert, but he’s got good pop.

Jose Lopez – If you have an erection for longer than four hours after you pick up Lopez, you should go see a doctor. But he’s hitting number two on the Mariners. So, well, there’s that. Honestly, he’s young and he’s started off hot.


Pedro Martinez – He’s going on the DL for 4-6 weeks. I think it’s probably going to end up closer to 6 weeks because of his age. Then he’ll have to rehab. I could see dropping him, if you have someone already filling your DL slot, but I’m going to hold onto Pedro for now.

Juan Pierre – You drafted him for steals. He’s still going to end up with thirty to forty. The Pierre Situation with Ethier hasn’t been decided yet. You need to hold pat. There’s still 25 more weeks in the season. Chill, people.

Tom Gordon – I hate him with great fervor, but we need to see Lidge come back and be healthy before he moves to a “Drop.”

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    Gordon sucks donkey balls, but I say you still have to hold onto to him for another day or two until Lidge pitches. Gregg won’t be available in any league.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    He did look good and I considered adding him, but he seems destined to be the first one demoted. I will be watching closely in his next jaunt to the mound, since they develop pitchers extremely well in that organization.

  3. Sight unseen, I don’t like Blackburn at all. His minor league career isn’t very impressive. He got hit hard in AA in 2006 (4.43 ERA/1.35 WHIP) and, despite a very impressive ERA/WHIP in AAA in 2007 (2.11 ERA/0.98 WHIP), he got VERY lucky with a .255 BABIP. His ERA should’ve been 3.62 which would equate to a 4.50+ ERA in MLB. Add to that only 57Ks in 110 2/3 IP. I’d prefer Slowey if I had to pick the lesser evil of the young twin pitchers.

    Bill Hall. Man did he suck for me last year. He’s due for a turnaround this year and the stat line you put up there isn’t that far out of the realm. I think .265/20/75/5 is more likely though. If he had SS eligibility, I’d like him a lot more. With 3B and OF, I don’t have him as draftable on anything but Razzball. Anyone that has ever owned Hall can tell you this, when this guy is on a cold streak, he’s fuh-rigid….

    Haven’t paid attention to Yost’s lineups but if Corey Hart hits like he’s projected to hit, he’ll be hitting 2nd or 5th in short order…

  4. Pernell says:

    Can you rank these outfielders for me in terms of overall fantasy value?
    Gomez, Pie, Gutierrez, McLouth, Kemp? Also should I drop Matt Kemp or should I try to trade him?

  5. Hold onto Kemp for now. His value is low b/c he’s been benched twice.

    I’d still rank him #1 on that list but he’s closer to the pack than opening day.

    I’d rank the rest as McLouth, Gomez, Gutierrez, Pie.

    McLouth is playing well and I think will get to 12 HR / 30 SB or something like that.

    Gomez has great speed but that’s it. I can see him getting into a bad slump and being sent down. That said, I’m kicking myself for not dropping pierre on april 1st and picking up gomez instead.

    Gutierrez is high on Grey’s list but I don’t think he projects to more than 15 HR / 10 SB this year. I prefer Melky to him.

    I’m just going to avoid bad puns and say that Pie shouldn’t be considered outside NL-only leagues right now.

  6. Steve says:

    Who would you start tomorrow – Bourn v Cards or Milledge v Marlins?

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    Obviously depends on your needs but Milledge is a better matchup.

  8. John T says:

    Should I hold on to these presently bum Tigers I have: Renteria, Cabrera, Ordonez? I like Ordonez and know Cabrera is a great hitter but Renteria scares me because he struggled so bad in the American league previously.

  9. Sky says:

    I am wondering what you think about Travis Hafner and Ryan Garko. Will Hafner bounce back from his atrocious start?

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Sky: Garko already seems to be coming back from his tough start. Though Hafner I can’t predict great things from, he’s had problems with his shoulder since the beginning of the year and that’s not the kind of thing you can come back from with a 2 week DL stint. He’s probably going to be struggling all year. I’d try and trade him away for 50 cents on the dollar to someone that believes.

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