My lead WAS going to be Noah Syndergaard.  Key word there in all caps, of course.  Mother Nature doesn’t take too kindly to cities that won’t build domes and she is showing her wrath this Friday.  You wanna start somebody on the east coast, you say?  Well good luck, I say snidely, with a side eye chloe for good measure.  There doesn’t seem to be much hope along the East Coast to see these games through on Friday as no precipitation-o-meter has a game along that side of the country under 50% chance of rain.  Analysis on a night like this goes a bit out the window because your first analysis is ‘what games actually play?’.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t good plays but I was really happy with Thor tonight, I’m not gonna lie.  Of course, we all know this is Hurricane Joaquin’s fault.  Maybe it was for all those times someone in New York called in Joe-A-Kin?  Not sure, I just know it ain’t happy and it’s ruining our happiness for it.  So keep that in mind while we bust down this all down, wouldja?  So without further ado, let’s have at it.  Here’s my El Nino takes for this Friday DK slate…

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Hisashi Iwakuma, SP: $9,900 – What a world we live in when the player I’m suggesting plays in Seattle and the main reason I’m suggesting him is because there’s not threat of rain for the game.  Ok, there IS threat of rain, but they got that newfangled dome thingy.  You know, the thingy MLB won’t mandate despite it being the most logical thingy they could do.  Yeah, I’m bitter.  Oh well, Iwakuma in a pitcher’s park against a mediOAKre offense should do just fine if you can’t afford Jake Arrieta.

Chris Heston, SP: $7,300 – I put my confidence in this pick at a 6 outta 10.  AT&T Park does negate Heston’s lefty issues a bit but he still can’t get them out and probably faces at least four in the starting lineup with the potential for six.  It could be the worst start ever…or it could work.  It’s a night for GPPs unless the weather clears, my friends.

Alex Wood, SP: $7,000 – Not much of s strikeout kind of guy, Wood should last a long time to make up for it.  I think there’s a sexual innuendo in there but I’m not gonna pursue it.  You’re looking for innings and minimal damage here.  The Padres season long numbers against lefties helps a bit here, too.

Chris Young, SP: $4,400 – The YOLO to end all YOLOs.  The Twins are home but they’re also against a righty and they haven’t really fared well against righties all year.  Young probably doesn’t pitch more than 6 IP but there’s room for K upside here given the opponent.

Jason Castro, C: $2,900 – Rubby de la Rosa and his HR/9 numbers against lefties are off the chain this year.  With the Astros still playing for something and the Dbacks playing for nada mucho, a barrage of southpaw homers wouldn’t surprise me.  Consider this a nod to Colby Rasmus and Luis Valbuena if you’re looking to pad your lineup out with some pop.

Anthony Rizzo, 1B: $5,200 – Miller Park has been an offensive bonanza most of the year and as it still stands a lefty-favorable park, I’m all about R to the izzo for tonight.  In line with this, Kyle Schwarber, Dexter Fowler, and even Chris Coghlan make for great plays against that weird mermaid turned pitcher dude.  Pena wanted to be wandering free and up where the people are but I’m not sure he wanted to do it against dem Cubbies.

Mitch Moreland, 1B: $3,600 – It feels like forever since I last suggested Moreland but baseball is a flat circle, my friends.  Lefties against Weaver outside of Anaheim are usually fair game and in the Rangers ballpark, that holds true.  Shin-Soo Choo, Rougned Odor, and Prince Fielder are also in play but if you’re looking for cheap first base pop, you go with the huge…tracts of Moreland.

Nick Franklin, 2B/SS: $2,000 – Min priced pop and a punting we will go.  Not sure how long Mark Buehrle stays in the game.  Crafty lefty my aching earhole, the Rays are just good against southpaws this year and I’m not gonna be scared off by Marky Mark and his Buehrle bunch.  Blue Jays aren’t really playing for anything and I need to find someone who’ll play 2nd and not need an umbrella.  Eureka!  Ok, Franklin may not play.  Consider this an ok for Tim Beckham as well.  I’m going cheap here unless I’m going with stacks I mention.

David Freese, 3B: $3,600 – He’s been tearing the place up since his return from the DL and gets to face a mediocre lefty in Texas.  You want an ice-cold HR against your opponent, you go with Mr. Freese.  You want worse puns, you go watch Batman & Robin circa 1997.

Starlin Castro, SS: $3,500 – I suggested Starlin on Wednesday and all he did was score 31 DK points.  Lets see if  this clock can be right two times in one week.  Yeah, not how that saying goes but its done and here we are.  Lets not fight about this.

Nelson Cruz, OF: $4,900 – I plan on attacking Aaron Brooks in as many ways as is possible today given 1) the weather and 2) he’s not that good.  A huge Mariners night offensively wouldn’t shock me at all.  Lock and load on Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager if you wanna do the mini-stack.

J.D. Martinez, OF: $4,100 – The splits won’t tell you this but back in early May, Martinez was struggling, hitting near .230, striking out all over the place and in general, all the naysayers were saying I toldja so.  At that time, I tried like hell to steal him away in all my season long leagues.  Fast forward to now and it’s like Just Dongs has been a part of our lives forever.  The Tigers aren’t playing for anything anymore but Martinez is.  He now has his first 100 RBI season under his belt and is now setting his sights on a 40 HR season.  Sale isn’t the opponent you really want to attack but Martinez looks like he could be locked in at the moment and gets a ballpark boost playing in Chi-town.  Just like back in May, I’m all in on J.D.

Melky Cabrera, OF: $3,700 – Alfredo Simon against lefties this year has been fun, especially away from Detroit.  If you wanna pay up for Adam Eaton or a little further down for Trayce Thompson, I can’t/won’t fight ya.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

BALvsNYY, PHIvsMIA, NYMvsWAS, ATLvsSTL…welp.  The one silver lining here is that PITvsCIN looked like it was going to be rained out as well but is clearing which pulls Francisco Liriano off the doppler radar and onto our DFS radar for today.  I’m fine with rolling with him today as long as things stay dry.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Thank you for giving us back Liriano, Mother Nature, as the Pirates have the biggest spread on the day sitting as -250 favorites against the Reds.  Beyond that in the games that most likely will play, there are a lot of heavy favorites today.  Arrieta at -210, Sale at -200, Wood at -190, Iwakuma at -185, and Dallas Keuchel at -180.  I’ll be listening to the rest of the industry today and Dallas.  If they’re as off him as I am right now, he could make for a nice tourney play as his road splits, the park he’s in and the team he’s facing don’t make for an appealing matchup but sometimes talent trumps situation.  I’m not against pitching Sale but I’m obviously hoping for JD to hit a solo shot and nothing more if I do.  As you should expect with so many heavy favorites, Vegas isn’t seeing many potential high scoring games.  In fact, only three games have an 8 run total or more with TEXvsLAA taking the cake at 9 for the night.  If you’re looking for a safe place to play in cash tonight for your bats, there’s your spot.