Yes, Magic Johnson recovered from AIDS faster than Casey Kotchman beat the kissing disease. Yes, his name sounds like he should be some superhero’s little buddy. No, I don’t have him on any team. So why am I recommending you get him for your fantasy baseball team? Because he knows how to walk. Exciting, right? In six years of the minors his OBP was .407. Last year on the Angels, he had 53 walks against 43 strikeouts. He’s not going to hit 40 home runs. Probably won’t come close to 30 home runs. Back in January, I predicted Casey’s numbers would be 80/22/80/.300 for the season. I’d say those numbers still look about right. Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell.


Robinson Cano – Supposedly the loss of Larry Bowa is what has been bothering him. Yeah, and Oswald acted alone. Bowa’s family doesn’t even miss him that much. Cano will be fine, go get him before he puts together a hot streak.

Carlos Quentin – I’ve told you three times to pick him up, but I don’t feel the love. Go get him then return to tell me about how you dropped Sheffield for him. I’ll smile. What, you don’t want me to smile?

Khalil Greene – He’s a lifetime .250 hitter so I’m not sure what you’re expecting. Oh, home runs! Yeah, he’ll start hitting them. Patience, as Axl Rose would say.

Travis Hafner – I’m a bit concerned about the lack of walks, and even more concerned about the sore shoulder, but I’d still trade for him. He’s had ten home run months before and can do it again.

Paul Konerko – As I recently told you, he was dropped in my ‘pert league. I put in a waiver claim, but came up empty. He was snagged by someone else. If he’s going to reach his career norms, which I think he will, that’s a lot of hitting he’s going to do the rest of the way.

Erick Aybar – You like cheap speed from your middle infielders? Oh, and he has four Ks in 60 at-bats. I likey.

Shane Victorino – Sure the injury is a concern, but he’s still capable of good numbers and he’s about to come back. He bumps Werth to right giving them two outfielders. (Pat the Bat fields as well as Dunn, which is to say they’re DHs in two years.)

Jose Guillen – This is not to say he’s going to have some sort of incredible rest of the season, but he won’t be as bad as he’s been.

Dioner Navarro – Okay, for all of you people still dealing with a hole at catcher, go grab Navarro. His numbers post-All-Star break last year were 30/8/31/.285/2. He’s only 24. Again, those are post-All-Star break numbers.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia – Melhouse was injured yesterday. I’ve picked Salty up in two leagues. He’ll still have Laird in front of him, but if you really need a catcher, stranger things have happened than Salty getting playing time — one stranger thing was him getting shipped to the minors. To give you an idea of who I’m dropping for him, Qualls in a 12 team and Brocail in a fifteen.

Matt Stairs – Rudy once called Stairs a Poor Man’s Giambi. That was true once, but now Giambi’s actually a Poor Man’s Stairs. Weird, right?

Felipe Lopez – Simply because he didn’t break camp with a starting job doesn’t mean he doesn’t have value now. He’ll need to continue to stay hot to stave off Belliard, but he can go it. It’s not like Belliard has that much going for him.

Clint Barmes – Speaking of shortstops who became 2nd basemen who were then written off, he’s not as good as his last week of starts, but batting high in the Rockies order can’t hurt. But, as we know, deer meat can hurt.


Brandon PhillipsSee this morning’s post. Or not. I’ll sleep okay. I wear a sleep mask.

Gary Sheffield – He’s like the baseball equivalent of Rowdy Roddy Piper. You don’t want to like him, but you can’t help yourself. Personally, I love Sheff. He’s a jackass — an egotistical jackass — maniacal even. What’s not to love? Sheffield this year. I know it hurts, but you gotta let him go.

Francisco Liriano – In all but deep leagues and keepers, you’re not selling as much as dropping.

Jorge Cantu – If someone actually believes the resurgence in Florida, I’d sell.

Asdrubal Cabrera – As if having a first name that sounds like a leaky bum isn’t enough, he’s been sitting for Jamey Carroll. Watch to see if Josh Barfield gets the call at 2nd.

Eric Hinske – He goes and gets hot and the club grabs Dan Johnson and Gabe Gross. Here’s mud in your eye, Hinske.

Alfonso Soriano – Not selling sell him for Manny Acosta, but Soriano’s recurring injuries spell trouble. Not to mention, he’s probably older than Tejada.

Jose Lopez – He’s really not that good when he’s playing well, which he is right now.

Kevin Youkilis – He’s not really as good as his April numbers would suggest. If you have a Son of Sam Horn in your league, trade Yooooook.

Daniel Cabrera – Really I could’ve easily put him on the Buy list; that’s the problem with Cabrera. Every time he turns a corner, he turns another corner and he’s right back where he started. If he just turned a corner and stayed there, he’d be incredible.

  1. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Nick Johnson walks just as much as monolicious in a better park.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @IowaCubs: I agree, but there’s a few more miles on his creaky legs.

  3. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Oh, and what’s your take on Emannuel Burriss? He had 68 sb in 504 ab last year. Sure it was A ball, but you guys were all apeshit about Velez’s numbers in A ball, too. I just picked him up in my mixed and NL-only leagues. Thoughts?

  4. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Grey: Wow, reading my mind… Meant to include him in the above…

    He’s Velez little brother. Or medium-sized brother. He’s another all-speed, can’t hit a lick type. I would go a $2 in NL-only if you need speed and $1 in mixed if your sporting Burrell and Stairs on your team (or some pair of the ilk).

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    That was all Rudy. But, yeah, thanks. Now date me, first girl commenter ever!

  6. bob says:

    Would you drop Billy Butler to pick up Quentin in a mixed one year Yahoo league?

  7. bob says:

    Grey, revised question, would you drop either Billy Butler or Ryan Garko in that league to pick up Quentin. And who do you think among Butler or Garko has more value going forward – I had high hopes for both going into the season, but after three weeks am starting to run out of patience.

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    I love Butler. Think he’s going to be a great for a long time. I don’t think he’s going to hit more than 25 home runs this year. Say 80/22/95/.310

    Garko has more power potential. Say 70/30/100/.275

    Quentin has Butler’s eye, bit more power and ten steal speed. He also comes with a way more risk. He has not put together good numbers in the majors over any extended period of time. For roto (which is all we care about right?), Quentin’s a better player, but not safe. Butler’s the safest, but also the one with the least upside for this year.

    Want risk? Quentin. Want safe? Butler — Want a bit of both — Garko. Hope this helps.

  9. bob says:

    That’s a great analysis. I saw Quentin on TV the other night and he looked awesome. To be honest, I haven’t seen Garko or Butler actually play this year. I know how high everybody is on them, though. So, it’s just difficult to make the call. One negative on Quentin is that he nears nearer the bottom of the line-up, but he’s on a great hitting team in a great hitting ballpark. I think I’ll just have to keep brooding about this for another day or so.

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    From what I’ve seen, Butler reminds me of a young Sweeney or even Edgar Martinez. Garko’s a bit more all of nothing. Quentin could be 30/15 if he can start putting it together. As for the lineup, Butler’s a three hitter, Garko’s a five and Quentin’s a two or a three hitter — all in best case scenarios.

  11. I would say that Jose Lopez IS that good…. when in the 2-hole. Last time he hit there he was an All-Star, so I wouldn’t expect too much less. If he was hitting for extreme power, yeah I’d say he’s not that good, but he’s just hitting the ball up the middle and the other way and getting a lot of RBIs because of it.

    The only thing to beware of is the 2nd half dropoff.

  12. Hey Grey–

    Other than the 16-teamer we’re in together I’m in a little 6-team 5×5 and Fausto Carmona just hit waivers. I currently have Aaron Harang, Felix Hernandez, Erik Bedard, C.C. Sabathia, Daisuke Matsuzaka and Yovani Gallardo on my team. Since it’s only 6-teams everyone makes the playoffs (lame) so I’m looking for people that will be good to go later on, not necessarily hot right now (which is why I traded for CC and I’m trying to get Verlander on the cheap as well). Is Fausto worth dropping any of the guys I mentioned? I’m thinking no, but when a name like that hits waivers it makes you think about it harder than you probably should.

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JonBBT: Carmona hits the waiver wire? For real? Eh, your pitching’s already stacked, but that’s quite the player to be hitting the wire. What are you doing in a 6 team league, that just seems silly. I’d hold pat.

    re: Lopez — he hit .245 in May last year and .213 post-All-Star break. I know you bleed blue and teal, but the Mariners aren’t really an offensive juggernaut in an offensive stadium. I don’t even think anyone would buy Lopez, but if they would, I’d be selling quickfast.

  14. I’m not saying Lopez is a great fantasy player (and obviously this is a fantasy site), but I’m just saying he can maintain what he’s doing if he can stay focused and in the 2-hole.

    As far as the 6-team league, yeah, it is pretty silly. My bro-in-law wanted me to join it so i did.. it’s pretty lame.

  15. Greg says:

    Quentin is available in my league, which includes OPS, and I would have to drop votto to get him? Is that a good move? Votto is playing in a small park and is hitting over .300. Can he do if for the whole year?

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Greg: Ya know, it’s just as risky that Quentin won’t do this for the whole year, so I wouldn’t do that switch.

  17. Jim says:

    Where does Cliff Lee (who appears to have another gem on his hands tonight) fit on this list?

    And (regardless of if you think buy/sell/hold) – what kind of OF would you reasonably think could be traded for him right now? … ideally someone with some speed but whatever.

    Oh, and since I have you on the line – if I’m the kind of guy that asks about trading for OFs… does that mean I’m also the kind of guy that should be picking up Emil Brown?

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jim: Emil Brown? Unless you’re talking about an AL-Only league, no, you shouldn’t be picking him up.

    You’re trying to trade *for* Lee right now? Couldn’t you find a guy that’s slightly less hot? At this point you probably have to trade a 2nd OF. His price tag would be way too high right now. If you are selling Lee, then you should be asking for a 2nd OF. Krispie, Manny, Bay, Mags, Torrii, etc. I’m not sure if I fully understood your question, so I hope this helps.

  19. Jim says:

    Sorry, not sometimes so English good.

    Thanks for talking me down on Brown.

    I want to trade away Lee. I ended up making an offer to a Ryan Howard owner to give Lee + Loney and get back Hunter. I’m sure they’re still going to want to play Howard everyday but it might make em feel good to have a solid backup.

    I’m just nervous that Lee is about to dip here – obviously he can’t maintain this pace but you have new projections for him?

  20. Jim says:

    Sorry, there are a lot of Lees these days – I meant Cliff.

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