I always thought Bobby Parnell was the little black kid in the movie, Role Models, but I stand corrected.  Now I think he’s the new closer for the Mets.  At least that’s what I hope.  On one hand, I feel like the Mets will want to see what Parnell can do in the closer role.  Why would they audition Jason Isringhausen?  He’s 50-something and was out of baseball already once in his career.  On the other hand, the Mets may want to inflate Isringhausen’s value.  “Hey, he could be a closer!  See?” On the third lesser known hand that is actually just a lamb sock puppet, the Mets may just split the duties.  Which way will they go, George, which way will they go?  This is fun!  I grabbed Parnell wherever I could, but didn’t grab Izzy cause I have just a little patience.  As for Francisco Rodriguez, well, on the way out of the locker room, K-Rod saw his nickname in the mirror and sighed.  He won’t be the closer in Milwaukee.  That’s Axford’s job.  I wouldn’t immediately drop K-Rod, but I’d ready my dropping finger.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Miguel Cabrera – After I said in my fantasy baseball top 100 for the 2nd half that Miggy would be number one unless he got injured, he goes and gets injured.  How’s dem apples?  Actually, a bit sour.  It’s not apple season, though if an apple can grow in the fall why can’t it grow in the summer?  Ah, questions, questions.  The report out of Arizona is Miggy will be fine.  He just left for precautionary reasons.  Weird to see him leave before the last call.

Brandon Allen – Or Paul Goldschmidt are supposedly due to be called up right after the All-Star break.  Allen’s a bit longer in the tooth so I think the D-Backs go with him first. In deep leagues, I like him for a power bat.  As for Miranda, he has the right to remain in Triple-A.

Cole Kimball – Going under the knife to repair a tear in his rotator cuff.  How ironic.  He had been searching for the one-armed man and all this time it was him.

Juan Rivera – The Dodgers traded for Rivera and dropped Marcus Thames and part of the reason that the Jays moved Rivera is they like Eric Thames.  It was the best of times for Thames, it was the worst of times for Thames.

  1. Replacing Marcus Thames with Juan Rivera is like dumping your slutty girlfriend because she gets around too much, then hiring a prostitute to replace her.

  2. Ernie says:

    @Grey. Which LF for rest of season?

    Matt Joyce
    Johnny Damon
    Logan Morrison
    Jose Tabata
    Delmon Young
    Michael Brantley
    Ryan Ludwick

  3. Derrick says:

    Stubbs and Lester for Crawford and Gio.

    Who wins?

  4. Terrence Mann says:

    KRod is a better pitcher than Axford. Of course, Axford keeps his job till he blows it. Down the stretch, my money is on KRod.

    I said it a couple months ago. I am no Brewers fan but want this team in the playoffs.

  5. Bré Jus says:

    Message to AZ D-Bags: Initiate operation Paul Goldschmidt and initiate it now.

  6. SpecialFNK says:

    the Brewers have a reason not to have KRod finishing games. vesting option for $17.5 MIL.

    as an owner of both Axford and Heath Bell I hope Axford keeps his job, and Bell is traded to a team where he closes. I could potentially end up losing 2 closers, ouch.

    @Grey. does Joe Nathan end up closing again this season for Minnesota?

  7. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    anyone else find it a bit odd(and by odd I mean suspicious and douchey) that Bochy burned out every Phils/Braves pitcher available and used only one of his-Wilson,and probably wouldnt have if Hanrahan had had an easy inning?

    bit of a horseshit move IMO.

  8. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey:are you buying into Carpenter’s mini resurgence?Im trying to gauge his value,and having a tough time.

    two questions,would you give up Gordon for him?

    how ’bout Morse?….I already have Braun,Crawford,Bossman,Lind and Wells for OF/UTL.


    10 team h2h 8×8 keeper.

  9. Wilsonian says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling that the Brewers might use a two-headed monster? Just for shits. And to make sure that K-Rod ends up at 54 games closed.

  10. joe says:

    Want to keep one of these as a bench bat… who stays?
    Hosmer, brown, or daniel murphy?

  11. Frank Rizzo says:

    I’m hoping Grey is right. “He won’t be the closer in Milwaukee. That’s Axford’s job.”

  12. Will says:

    Venters has been awesome for me this year, but should I look toward Clippard, Ardolis Chapman or someone else for the remainder of the year? Will Venters get back to dominating or are his recent struggles a sign of more looming trouble?

    Any thoughts on who will be the best “non-closer” for the ROY?

  13. AdamH says:

    Drop Dempster for Luebke? Or wait/pray for Dempster to turn it around?

  14. Ralph says:


    Parnell or Rauch?

  15. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    I can’t be the only one who has noticed that Pujols has developed a bit of a gut over the last few years, right?

  16. Josephus says:

    you tickle the Dickens out of me: “It was the best of times for Thames, it was the worst of times for Thames.”

  17. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Is Chacin and Phillips too much for Pedroia?

  18. supra says:

    Colby Lewis & Floyd are my 8th and 9th SPs… should I drop 1 or both for Parnell and/or Nathan? I have Perez/Hanrahan. In 1st comfortably, 9×9 league, looking towards playoffs…

  19. Fletch says:

    Humber or Worley?

  20. Oregon Nut Cups

    Oregon Nut Cups says:

    I rarely comment on here but for your Thames comment, I salute you. *Tips cap* I still can’t stand reading Dickens, though, so that won’t change.

  21. JJ says:

    @Grey: I give up Gio and get Papi. Good deal? I feel my hitting will suffer while A-Rod and Reyes are out. My SP’s are Yovanni, Gio, Bills, Stauffer, Beachy, Marcum..Thanks!

  22. boomer19 says:

    Woohoo! Grabbed Parnell right after your closer report Grey. Hope it pays off. On another note…with a guess where do you see Strasburg’s value/rank next year?

  23. Al Dumars says:

    love the dickens quote. but cleaner if it was, “it was the best of thames, it was the worst of thames.” cust kayin’. love your blog. i feel we have the same sensibility. movies and otherwise.

  24. Birddawg957 says:

    Keeper League: losing Tulo after this season offered Miggy for him and Gordon. Morse is my 1B since I drafted Morales. Is the injury that scary? Took your advice and drafted Elvis to replace Tulo been happy with that. Dread is my other keeper I think it helps me this year and next, assuming Miggy isn’t hurt bad.

  25. Wilsonian says:

    Anyone know anything about Broxton’s injury and if/when he may be back? I’m looking for speculative saves to stash on my DL.

  26. Dope man says:

    Grey, 2 questions.

    1: have you heard anything of Rajai Davis being traded? I’m thinking of targeting him in an AL only league where i need SB’s.

    2: ROS: Coco Crisp or Rajai Davis?

  27. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Grey – Is it a far, far better thing to keep Eric Thames over Roger Bernadino?

    The Mets traded K-Rod for cash and two players to be named later. Rumor has it that the two players are Harry Chiti and
    Bennie Agbayani.

    BTW, ESPN’s two 250 also came out yesterday. However, I noticed that Tyler Colvin didn’t appear on Berry’s list. What little faith. Hey, he could have a Barry Bondish 2nd half, and still hit 40 dingers…

  28. EG says:

    What do you see Trumbo doing for ROS? Thanks.

  29. JJ says:

    @ Grey and anyone: Just got offered Hamilton for Gio & Morse. Should I take it? Thanks!

  30. STRAWberry says:

    @ Grey and all you South Siders

    Any chance that POS Dunn turns it around? I’m thinking about flat out dropping him at this point.

  31. quimmy says:

    Keeper league:

    My cruz and yoga for his dread pirate?

  32. xtremehulk says:

    @Grey: Drop Mark Melancon for Bobby Parnell ?

  33. Chris says:

    Looking for a 3rd strong closer in a 4 SP/3 RP weekly league.

    Victorino/Hellickson/Melancon for Marmol/Rasmus/Holland? Fair?

  34. airweino says:

    Who would you rather have for the remainder of the season and for the next couple seasons?

    Jose Bautista or Matt Kemp

  35. Will says:

    what order would you rank these OF over next 3 years? I’m trying to decide which keepers to target.

    dread pirate, j. upton, cargo, bruce, braun, bautista

  36. Duck Charleque says:

    Grey Liotta,

    Utley or Zimmerman?

  37. Wilsonian says:

    Ok, so I know this is some deep closer BS, and I don’t usually even care and just ride the hot hands, but can you rank these closer-ish guys for the rest of the year as to who you would want? It’s a Ks AND Ks/9 league.

    Santos, Walden, K-Rod, D. Hernandez, Guerra, Nathan, Lidge, Broxton.

    I do have 2 DL spots and have Lidge in one now and could get Broxton, too.

  38. Rabbit says:

    Need to figure out my SPs for the short week; I’ve got 7 possibles to fill 5 spots, roto 5-cat league w/ K/9, which five?

    Gallardo @ Col
    Karstens @ Hou
    Kuroda @ Ari
    Luebke vs. SF
    Nolasco @ Cubs
    Dempster vs. Fla
    D. Hudson vs. LAD


  39. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    I was curious as to your thoughts on the closing situation in Milwaukee. Same reports are saying K Rod will be closing games, yet I would aside Axford would retain the gig? What are yout thoughts sir?

    Thanks for your time man!

    The Spaceman

  40. The Spaceman says:

    *assume, not aside (apologies for the confusing grammar error :P)

    – The Spaceman

  41. herschel says:

    @Grey: need to start 2 of these 4. could use help in whip, era and wins.

    d. hudson vs la
    norris vs pit
    scherzer vs chw
    kuroda @ ari


  42. Pops says:

    @Razzball Nation, Grey

    Which side of this deal wins out?
    Kinsler, Martin, Harden, Papelbon / Pence, Montero, Cueto, Desmond

  43. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey!

    Ha! Yes, you’re obviously right, hehe. Question sounded completely absurd. I suppose I didn’t phrase it correctly.

    I meant; I’ve been hearing that K Rod will infact be closing out some games. I dig Axford, so your writeup calmed my soul a little, you know? Though I fear K Rod may claim the gig due to track record, prior expenierence, prior relationship w/ Roenicke, etc.

    All to say… in your opinion; ballpark % on KRod’s chances to be Milwaukee’s closer? Thanks a bunch Grey and apologies for the mad confusing prior post ;)

    The Spaceman

  44. Lis Franc says:

    Looking to drop a MI-type to pick up a speculative closer – 12 team 6×6 – choosing between Scutaro, Cozart, Furcal (have Espinosa and Reyes, when healthy).

  45. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    Thanks for the link and your thoughts man! I knew that the Brewers were not keen on picking up his option (who would be?), but there was previously talk about them potentially doing so with the dough they’d be saving by (likely) not re-singing Prince (*tears).

    But like you said, Axford has done nothing to lose the job. And unless a combustion occurs, I didn’t see any reason he should be losing the job… Anyways, thanks again for your thoughts Grey.

    Take care and stay cool,

    The Spaceman

  46. John Drunks says:

    In 1st place by 4 points in a “Keep your 5 best” keeper league. current potential keepers = kemp, holliday, kinsler, fielder, hamels, kershaw (just traded for kershaw)

    2nd place team is offering me McCutchen + Hanson for Kemp plus a mid level pick next year.

    is that too sweet to pass up? love kemp but both those guys could be keepers next year….or is sitting tight the right move?

  47. John Drunks says:

    forgot to mention… my hitting has 48/55 pts (1st in steals and homers). pitching has 40/55. i can use whip / W help, though kershaw has yet to make an impact on my team….

  48. Colin says:

    Grey, I respect your opinion and need your advice on this offer. I am weak at my IF position in my NL-only. I got offered Sandoval, Dempster and Parnell straight up for Lincecum. My other starters are Zimmermann, Chacin, Rubby, Garza, Harang, Zito and Capuano. Do you see a big second half from Lincecum? Please let me know what you think.

  49. EK says:

    Which side?
    Gio & Morse for Matt Holliday

  50. KarlJ. says:

    Grey I need your opinion on 2 possible trades. My team is sorely lacking an ace SP and I have too potential deals on the table:

    1)I get Sabathia and Quentin for David Wright, Chacin and Huston Street
    2) I get King Felix ,Corey Hart, and Moustakous for David Wright, CJ Wilson and Hanrahan

    I’m good at 3B because I have Zimmerman with Freese on my bench and can afford to move a closer.
    I think these are the best deals I am going to get in my league if I am going to move Wright for pitching as I have been shopping him for a while and been getting mostly crap offers.
    I like Felix better than CC but like Quentin than Hart. The other thing that’s complicating matters is the CC owner is in last place and with all things being equal would prefer to avoid trading with last place team and any potential backlash for trading for the last place team’s best SP and 3rd best OF.
    Your input is greatly appreciated.

  51. Brew Crew says:

    Which side would you want ROS?? (12 Team ROTO)
    Rollins/Smoak or Han Ram??

  52. Wilsonian says:

    Ron Roenicke (not to be confused with Ron Burgandy) said that Axford and K-Rod will SHARE closer duties. What that means is yet to be determined.

  53. pipa says:

    would you give up hosmer and karstens for wandy??

  54. AL KOHOLIC says:

    News/Analysis Headlines Preseason Outlook
    Axford no longer Brewers’ sole closer: MLB.com reports that Brewers manager Ron Roenicke told reporters on Wednesday that he plans to use both current closer John Axford and newly acquired Francisco Rodriguez in save situations and as setup relievers. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that the Brewers do not plan to let Rodriguez close out 21 games over the remainder of the season because it would trigger a $17.5 million option that the organization is not willing to pick up. The Brewers acquired Rodriguez and cash from the New York Mets late Tuesday night in a trade that sends two players to be named to the Mets.

  55. AL KOHOLIC says:

    i dont really agree with the above post just seen it on cbs sports,i can see him getting a few down the line,but without an injury i cant imagine he gets more than 6 to 7 saves

  56. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: would you think that Quentin for Gallardo is overpaying?

  57. t-rex says:

    Which side?

    C. Lee/Mauer or Gallardo/Pence in a keeper league.


  58. Amart says:

    @ Grey

    I need a 3B/power after A-rod. I offered Ubaldo for Reynolds and the guy countered for Gio. I see that Ubaldo is in your top 100 and Gio is not but for some reason I find myself favoring Gio. Tomato-tomahto? Pull the trigger?

  59. Paul R says:

    just traded Lind and Reyes for Adrian Gonzalez (have Hardy to play SS) did I overpay?

  60. Epic Punk says:

    gonna have to pull off a blockbuster in my AL only league. all the teams out of the race are selling and the teams that are chasing me (currently in 1st) are stocking up. IT’s a dynasty keeper league where you can keep players up to 3 years, and then each additional year you keep them $5 is added to there salary (for a max of 3 years).

    Here’s what the deal would be:

    I give
    Des Jennings ($2), Jesus Montero ($2), Chisenhall ($2), Lillibridge ($10), Teahan ($1) Joel Pineiro $10, Joe Nathan $7, Jason Kubel ($26)

    I receive
    Teix (can’t keep), Gardner $31 (probably wouldn’t keep), HAmilton $33), Pestano $10 (would drop once buchholz is back) and ervin santana $18.

    Is it worth it for the rest of the year? I need SB’s and pitching, but i need to trade for power because the other teams will catch up to me with the trades that they jsut pulled off.

  61. TheNewGuy says:

    Hurting at 3B in two leagues now where I need offense . 1st team- with A-Rod out who’s the best option till he’s back: E Nunez, S Sizemore, umm…Maicer Izturis? Omg 3rd base is horrific!

    2nd team- Looking to buy-low on Zimmerman. Torii Hunter and Wandy a fair offer?

  62. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Duensing at home vs. KC or Worley @ Mets vs. Dickey?

    Also, Stauffer or Bumgarner for ROS?

  63. Joel says:

    Grey: how much should I worry about Haren’s 2nd half history?

    He and Hamels are my 2 aces. I think I can trade haren and Starlin castro (Strudel’s my SS) for Halladay and Lucroy (Olivo’s my C). If not for haren’s past, i wouldnt even consider this, as I view castro as much more valuable than Lucroy. what do u think? should I do it?

  64. herschel says:

    Carlos Gonzalez (wrist) is fully expected to be in the Rockies’ lineup on Thursday night. CarGo was diagnosed with a deep bone bruise in his right wrist over the weekend and was given a cortisone shot Tuesday.

  65. Fletch says:

    @Grey: Salas or Axford?

  66. herschel says:

    just kidding….

    Carlos Gonzalez (wrist) will not play Thursday.
    Gonzalez was given a soft cast for his badly bruised right wrist earlier this week and won’t test it in Thursday’s second-half opener. He’ll aim to return Friday.

  67. Fletch says:

    @Grey: I am deciding on dumping Bumgarner for either Worley or Luebke…

  68. Sos says:

    What are the chances Pujols see’s anymore time at third. I think in Yahoo he’s only a game away and that eligibility would take me a long way. Thoughts?

  69. I'm Kieth Hernandez says:

    Snider or Trumbo? Gracias

  70. Epic Punk says:


    Eduardo nunez or Maicer Izturis?

  71. busta says:

    12 team h2h points league…thinking of trying for uggla – which do u like more and would you not offer either of these trades?

    My Bailey for Uggla (he needs 2nd RP)
    My K.Johnson for Uggla (2b swap – is it worth it as Johnson has better #’s for now)

  72. Whiskey Diet says:

    Leake, A. Miller, Maholm, Lyles, Carrasco, Lannon

    Which 3 do you roster right now in a 14 team H2H league?

    Preciate it, Grey.

  73. Fletch says:

    @Grey: This guy accepted the trade of my Phillips and Chacin for his Pedroia …good enough deal for me?

    Who would you pick up with the extra spot out of Worley, Luebke, Gee & Hughes?

  74. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Hi Grey,

    Long time no talk.. My motherboard in my Sony has been defective for 3 weeks now. With that said, don’t buy a Sony Vaio laptop. Any hoo, Could you give me a line for Matt Joyce for the second half. Thanks! Black n Yellow Black n Yellow, No keys.. Push the Start..

  75. Exactly says:

    hey grey, real quick: parnell or madson?

  76. chata says:

    a-rod must be tougher than pujols .
    they’re not even bothering to put him on the DL .

  77. AdamH says:

    Pujols, A. Gordon, Bud Norris for J-Up, Lincecum, and Dan Hudson

    Who wins for this year and keeper?

  78. Exactly says:

    also, marcum/morse or greinke/rios?

  79. Fletch says:

    Who wins… Marcum & Beltre for Hamels?

  80. C.O.C. says:

    In a league with a 13 day scoring period, so all pitchers are 2-starters….need to start 5 of the following: Beachy, Colon, D. Hudson, R. Romero, E. Santana, Hughes, Luebke or Andrew Miller.

  81. C.O.C. says:

    Also, rank these SS in order you would play them: Furcal, A. Escobar, Tejada, and Eduardo Nunez.

  82. herschel says:

    anyone watch The Franchise? thoughts?

  83. side says:

    in a deep 16 team league, drop Ian stewart for B. Allen? I also have delmon young. Need 1 of the 3 to b my dh in the 2nd 1/2

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