The guys on this list are going after the 1st ten rounds in your 2009 fantasy drafts.  But, for the LP, I would absolutely draft Utley, Phillips, etc. if they fell to me at the right spot.   This is a supplement to the top 20 2nd basemen of 2009 fantasy baseball. These are 2nd basemen that I’ll be setting the ol’ crosshairs on at my 2009 fantasy drafts after the top options are gone.  Click on the player’s name where applicable to read more and see their 2009 projections.  Anyway, here’s some 2nd basemen to target for 2009 fantasy baseball:

PSYCHE!  Before we get to the 2nd basemen to target, small site update.  Frequent commenter and F.O.R., Figgy, made this fantasy baseball tiers thingamajack that I think some of you might be interested in.  Thanks, Figgy!  Make sure you scroll to the right on the fantasy baseball tiers thingamajack, it goes over.  It can also be found in the sidebar on the left under ‘Fantasy Baseball Features’ and under the 2009 fantasy baseball rankings at the top.  Okay, on to the 2nd basemen.

Jose Lopez – I really wanted to write a sleeper post about this doode.  I did.  I ended up not writing it because I just couldn’t find enough to get excited about.  If that sounds like the exact opposite thing you want to hear when looking for guys to target, it kinda is.  But these are 2nd basemen, so you’re not going to find an insanely valuable hidden gem like when Max, your Golden Retriever, pooped out your dead Nana’s broach.

Ian Stewart – Unfortunately, he’s not 2nd base eligible in a lot of leagues.

Mike Aviles – He’s a poor man’s Kelly Johnson.  That’s really not a big compliment, but, late enough in a draft, Aviles is worth a flier.

Rickie Weeks – If he doesn’t come down with a case of a strained something-or-other, potentially Mike Cameron at 2nd base.

Asdrubal Cabrera – Think about the giggles you’ll get from your 12-year-old cousin if you have Asdrubal and Pujols on the same team.

Mark Teahen – He doesn’t have eligibility yet but the Royals are trying him out at 2nd.  I wish they’d just go with Alberto Callaspo.  If Teahen wins the job, and I’m skeptical, he could offer some value at 2nd.  If Callaspo wins the job, I’m buying.  He can hit (and run while intoxicated) and he has speed.

Emmanuel Burriss – SAGNOF if he wins the job.

Felipe Lopez – Here’s one last guy who I haven’t discussed much on this site, which is for shame because I really like him this year.  The last time he played a full season in a hitter’s park he went 97/23/85/.291/15.  Now he’s had a lot of crappy seasons since then but he’s only 28 and he’s back in a hitter’s park.  If he goes 20/20 at 2nd base, you’ll be thanking me.  You’re welcome.

  1. big o says:

    Poena Par Sapientia .

  2. sean says:

    this lists are ideal. they really help to avoid blowing up your draft when you get scooped and are about to make a BAD decision under pressure.

  3. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Is there a more depressing phrase in the English language than “a poor man’s Kelly Johnson”?

    Almost as depressing: “Mike Cameron at second base.”

    This kind of dross is why I’m willing to burn a top pick on someone like Utley or Kinsler and not have to sift through Round 18 looking for Nana’s broach.

    THAT SAID, I also like Lopez this year, a lot. (Felipe, not Jose. Jose is the president of Yawnstipation Nation. His stats look good but a regular 15% drop-off across the board turns him into the middle-class man’s Kelly Johnson.)

    Felipe, however, has mad skills and, in Yahoo!, is eligible at about every position except catcher. I don’t know about 20/20, but if he leads off for AZ and stays healthy I think 100 runs plus 12/20 is a lock, with updrafts from there. He is definitely fall back plan A if I still need an MI after Round 15 or so.

    (He will now be drafted in Round 6 in RCL leagues, right after Sandoval.)

  4. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Also, re: Jose Lopez — in my experience, if you don’t have MIs who can chip in at least twenty steals, you are cooked in that category.

    Because to compensate you have to carry noodle-bats like Ellsbury or Juan Pierre in the OF, instead of boppers. So you wind up with a 2B who hits 17 HRs and steals 6 bases, and an OF who steals 38 bags and hits 8 HRs. Which is just a fancy way of saying “out of the money.”

  5. sean says:

    edit: *these*

  6. Tony says:

    wow no real love for jose Lopez? I’ll take a 25 year old that went 80-17-89 batted .297 and stole 6 bases in a line up that boasted Ichiro? After the 10th round? There’s room for improvement. Again I dont play in a league that requires MI, just SS and 2B, but I’ll take guys like Kemp or Markakis and get my SB’s. I try and get as many guys as I can that will steal at least 10 bases. That way I dont have to take an Ellsbury or (cough) Pierre. More important if your ONE source of SB’s goes down you’re not screwed then with this strategy. 2B is really a cat I almost punt til later. There’s alot of good prospects for 2B. I think i’d rather take Lopez and gamble on Aaron Hill late than fill it with Phillips?

  7. Tony says:

    SS question: rank TULO, PERALTA, DREW, HARDY, and ALEXIE.

    I’m pretty high on Drew, but a little worried he might revert back to his 2007 .235 ish average? Are we looking at a steadily improving player or a guy who’s gonna fall into the middle of his 2007 and 2008 stats?

  8. Frank Rizzo says:

    Question….off topic. Is there an easy way to move Grey’s player rankings to a workable Excel spreadsheet? I’m hardly the nerd I wish I were so I’m asking anyone who may know.

  9. sean says:

    @frank, it was pretty painstaking data entry for me, and i didn’t get anywhere near done. i just logged the top 300, and compared that to MDC ADP and the ADP from the site that I was going to draft on…

  10. sean says:

    @tony: alexei is likely head and shoulders above that bunch. i like hardy because you can get him in the 10-12th and he’s cheap power. not to mention, i like the brewers’ lineup better than the dbacks

  11. Tom says:

    Will St. Louis’ Schumaker have a shot at getting the second base job out of Spring Training? And if so, where would he rank?

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I’m very excited about F. Lopez too. He seems to be a lock to be on at least two of my teams.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Yeah, it’s a very good point. Peralta’s good, but he puts a huge drain on your OFs.

    @Tony: Hill – bleh.

    @Tony: Alexei, Drew, Hardy, Tulo, Peralta, SSs will be tomorrow.

    @Tom: Schumaker’s a poor man’s Orlando Hudson <--Not a compliment.

  13. zorob says:

    love the blog. read it every day!!

    i can keep 9. who should they be?

    E. Longoria……3B
    T. Tulowitzki….SS
    N.R. Cruz OF….OF
    S.-S. Choo…….OF
    B. Hawpe……..OF
    A. Rios………..OF
    C. Maybin…….OF
    J. Bruce……….OF

    C.C. Sabathia…P
    Y. Gallardo……P
    J. Verlander…..P
    M. Garza………P
    K. Kershaw…..P
    M. Scherzer…..P
    T. Lilly……….P
    B. Meyers……P
    J. Vazquez……P

    thanks in advance!

  14. EricB says:


    I haven’t found a way to move the rankings to excel without manually typing them in. I do use CBSsports though, and they have a nice link to open stats or projections in an Excel spreadsheet. So, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way for building a pre-draft ranking list. The CBS stats are nice for evaluating players after the season starts though. You can add in formulas for stats like K/9 and BB/K and such, then use filters to find the best players out there and stay one step ahead of the rest of the league.

    I find this strategy to be particularly effective: Concentrate on hitters in your draft. Draft starting pitchers with solid peripherals (K/9, etc). Get closers who have good peripherals too, but they are less important. Just make sure they are the team’s primary closer. That’s most important. At the beginning of the season, look for breakout pitchers to fill those holes that exist in your pitching staff. Using a spreadsheet to analyze pitching stats is an excellent way to find these pitchers.

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @zorob: Have to keep 9?

  16. Tony says:

    @zorob: thats wht i was thinking, i got up to about 7 and that was putting gallardo in the mix! tulo, longoria, CC, rios, and bruce are the for sures… after that its HAIRY…

  17. zorob says:

    @Grey: nope. don’t have to keep 9 at all. what i don’t keep, i gain a draft position. if they went undrafted (choo, cruz, scherzer) however i only lose the last picks out of 23 rounds.

  18. @EricB: Interesting stuff. We don’t want to force everyone to do manual entry. I’ll talk w/ Grey about posting a top 300 in Excel form.

    Also, we’ve given thought on how to develop a tracker where we provide weekly spotlights on FA pickups. Will keep you (and everyone) posted….

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @zorob: Longoria, Rios, Sabathia, Bruce, Hawpe, Tulo, Gallardo, Cruz, Vazquez… If you think you can get back the guys after Bruce, I wouldn’t keep him. Depends on how aggressive your league is with keeping guys, i.e., if everyone keeps 9 guys usually.

  20. Christopher says:

    For those out there doing mocks, where has Alexei gone? I’m trying to not get hosed by targeting ss/2b later, only to watch AlRam plucked out early…

  21. Christopher says:

    BTW, I like the “duplicate comment” alert, given my work computer is a tad touchy on the mouse. Very nice!

  22. Tony says:

    @Christopher: Alexei has went anywhere from late 4th to the 6th rounds in mocks i’ve seen. Mostly going in the 5th ish though.

  23. Christopher says:

    @Tony: Thanks Tony! In the draft, I track who has picked what position, so I’ll be watching carefully. I may end up reaching (4th, 3rd) if I see few have taken 2b/ss.

  24. @Christopher: no prob, i wouldnt go 3rd! unless we’re talking a 20 teamer! haha, late 4th is the earliest i’d go, you lose all value reaching that far, IMO

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BKK: Could you email me at grey @ — no spaces, so I can see it and perhaps offer it for download?

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