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A lot of mocking been going on around these parts recently. Some of it justified. Some of it #AlternativeFacts. Who am I kidding? It’s all justified…for all sides. What’s the lesson here boys and girls? Don’t be a freaking moron, which is exactly what you’ll be if you don’t start participating in mock drafts for the upcoming fantasy baseball season. All the projection models ain’t worth diddly poo if you can’t put it into the proper context. This past Wednesday, Grey asked/summoned one of Razzball’s finest, malamoney, and myself to participate in a mock draft with industry celebrities such as Scott White, Heath Cummings, Chris Towers, and Adam Aizer. Shout out to the crew for allowing me to participate in the mock draft. Scott White just posted his recap of the draft here. It was a 21-round draft with 1 catcher, 3 outfielders, 1 utility, 5 starting pitchers, and 2 relief pitcher spots. The settings were for a 12-team, H2H, 5×5 category league. The draft order was as follows:

  1. R. J. White (CBS Sports)
  2. Lance Brozdowski (
  3. Mike Kuchera (The Fantasy Man)
  4. Chris Towers (CBS Sports)
  5. Michael Mormile (CBS Sports)
  6. Heath Cummings (CBS Sports)
  7. Phil Ponebshek (Patton & Co)
  8. Adam Aizer (CBS Sports)
  9. Son (Razzball)
  10. malamoney (Razzball)
  11. Scott White (CBS Sports)
  12. Lawr Michaels (Mastersball)

Going into the draft, my thoughts were that third base was deep and first base was shallow. I knew I was going to wait on catcher and pitching. In this format, pitching gets downgraded because of the duration of the game. Anything can happen in one start, in one week. The goal is to win each week. Other than that, I was going to see how the draft unfolded and go from there.


  1. Mike Trout (RJ White)
  2. Kris Bryant (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Jose Altuve (Mike Kuchera)
  4. Mookie Betts (Chris Towers)
  5. Nolan Arenado (Michael Mormile)
  6. Josh Donaldson (Heath Cummings)
  7. Clayton Kershaw (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. Paul Goldschmidt (Adam Aizer)
  9. Anthony Rizzo (Son)
  10. Manny Machado (malamoney)
  11. Bryce Harper (Scott White)
  12. Madison Bumgarner (Lawr Michaels)

I was getting excited when Paul Goldschmidt kept falling, but alas, Adam Aizer picked him at #8. As I mentioned above, I felt that first base was pretty shallow so I felt good with picking Rizzo at #9.


  1. Chris Sale (Lawr Michaels)
  2. Charlie Blackmon (Scott White)
  3. Miguel Cabrera (malamoney)
  4. Trea Turner (Son)
  5. Max Scherzer (Adam Aizer)
  6. Joey Votto (Phil Ponebshek)
  7. Corey Seager (Heath Cummings)
  8. Carlos Correa (Michael Mormile)
  9. Edwin Encarnacion (Chris Towers)
  10. Corey Kluber (Mike Kuchera)
  11. George Springer (Lance Brozdowski)
  12. Daniel Murphy (RJ White)

I’m not the biggest fan of Trea Turner, as I do have some concerns with his low walk rate, strike out rate, and the fact that he hasn’t played a full season in the bigs yet. With that said, I love power/speed guys and Turner could provide double-digit pop with 40+ steals. He’s going to bat high in a very good Nationals offense and his multi-position eligibility at 2b, OF, and soon-to-be SS was a plus, which gave me some options on how to attack the rest of the draft. I thought about taking Seager and Correa here, but I felt I could get a good shortstop in rounds 3 or 4. I also looked at Daniel Murphy, as I’m pretty bullish on him, but #16 was too early for him.


  1. Freddie Freeman (RJ White)
  2. Noah Syndergaard (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Ryan Braun (Mike Kuchera)
  4. A.J. Pollock (Chris Towers)
  5. Jake Arrieta (Michael Mormile)
  6. Starling Marte (Heath Cummings)
  7. Giancarlo Stanton (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. Nelson Cruz (Adam Aizer)
  9. J.D. Martinez (Son)
  10. Yu Darvish (malamoney)
  11. Robinson Cano (Scott White)
  12. Yoenis Cespedes (Lawr Michaels)

I thought about taking my boo, Francisco Lindor here, but I couldn’t get away from J.D. Martinez. Yes, he will strike out a lot, but he has 40 home run potential and will probably post a .270-.280 average.


  1. Johnny Cueto (Lawr Michaels)
  2. Jonathan Villar (Scott White)
  3. Francisco Lindor (malamoney)
  4. Xander Bogaerts (Son)
  5. Jon Lester (Adam Aizer)
  6. Justin Verlander (Phil Ponebshek)
  7. Brian Dozier (Heath Cummings)
  8. David Price (Michael Mormile)
  9. Matt Carpenter (Chris Towers)
  10. Buster Posey (Mike Kuchera)
  11. Rougned Odor (Lance Brozdowski)
  12. Trevor Story (RJ White)

~!#[email protected]#[email protected]#~!#[email protected]#$!!!! F U malamoney!!!

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Seriously, though, good pick. I do like Lindor a lot this season. After the Top 6 shortstops, the position really falls off a cliff, so I knew I was going to draft one this round. I like Bogaerts more than Story so I went that direction. I was pissed that I couldn’t get Lindor, but I was satisfied ending up with Xander. What do you know? I just wrote an article highlighting the two players.


  1. Adrian Beltre (RJ White)
  2. Kyle Seager (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Jean Segura (Mike Kuchera)
  4. Stephen Strasburg (Chris Towers)
  5. Carlos Gonzalez (Michael Mormile)
  6. Jonathan Lucroy (Heath Cummings)
  7. Gary Sanchez (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. Alex Bregman (Adam Aizer)
  9. Mark Trumbo (Son)
  10. Andrew McCutchen (malamoney)
  11. Will Myers (Scott White)
  12. Jason Kipnis (Lawr Michaels)

I thought long and hard about taking McCutchen here. Man, round 5? Dude was a first-rounder last year. I think malamoney gets great value here. Looking back, I probably should’ve gone that route as well. Good thing it was mock draft. I do like Trumbombs, though.


  1. Chris Archer (Lawr Michaels)
  2. Carlos Carrasco (Scott White)
  3. Kyle Hendricks (malamoney)
  4. Gregory Polanco (Son)
  5. Ian Desmond (Adam Aizer)
  6. Chris Davis (Phil Ponebshek)
  7. Jacob deGrom (Heath Cummings)
  8. Dee Gordon (Michael Mormile)
  9. Aledmys Diaz (Chris Towers)
  10. Justin Turner (Mike Kuchera)
  11. Hanley Ramirez (Lance Brozdowski)
  12. Cole Hamels (RJ White)

I love Gregory Polanco. Loved him last year and I do think he breaks out this season. He’s a legit 20/20 candidate, with the upside for more. I was sad to see Justin Turner go in this round. I felt like I could wait at third base this year because Turner would be available super late. This is why mock drafts are valuable. You get a pulse for how other people value certain players.


  1. Carlos Martinez (RJ White)
  2. Zack Greinke (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Kenley Jansen (Mike Kuchera)
  4. Christian Yelich (Chris Towers)
  5. Rick Porcello (Michael Mormile)
  6. Jose Bautista (Heath Cummings)
  7. Adam Jones (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. Zach Britton (Adam Aizer)
  9. Danny Duffy (Son)
  10. Adam Eaton (malamoney)
  11. Aroldis Chapman (Scott White)
  12. Khris Davis (Lawr Michaels)

This is the round where closers started going off the board. I drafted my first pitcher this round in Danny Duffy. There’s risk for sure, but I love his upside. I’m not stressing having Duffy as my #1 because I believe it’s easier to find pitchers than it is batters. I’m sure that philosophy changes yearly, but for this year at least, that is the side I’m feeling.


  1. Stephen Piscotty (Lawr Michaels)
  2. Todd Frazier (Scott White)
  3. Gerrit Cole (malamoney)
  4. Anthony Rendon (Son)
  5. Evan Gattis (Adam Aizer)
  6. Jose Quintana (Phil Ponebshek)
  7. Danny Salazar (Heath Cummings)
  8. Eric Hosmer (Michael Mormile)
  9. Edwin Diaz (Chris Towers)
  10. Wade Davis (Mike Kuchera)
  11. Masahiro Tanaka (Lance Brozdowski)
  12. Seung Hwan Oh (RJ White)

[email protected]#[email protected]DGASDGASGASG!#[email protected]$#!#$!#% F U malamoney!!!

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I was going to select Gerrit Cole. It’s all good, though. I wasn’t that pissed. I just wanted to make things more dramatic and entertaining for you guys. I thought about Salazar here, but I decided to go with Rendon because I felt like there were a ton of pitchers that I could get later. In addition, since Turner was selected in round 6, I wanted to fill my third base spot with a player that I felt was the last one in that tier. If healthy, I like the possibility for 20/10 with a .275 average from Rendon. As you can probably tell, I’m pretty bullish on the the Nationals offense this year.


  1. Billy Hamilton (RJ White)
  2. Craig Kimbrel (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Rich Hill (Mike Kuchera)
  4. Lance McCullers (Chris Towers)
  5. DJ LeMahieu (Michael Mormile)
  6. Jose Abreu (Heath Cummings)
  7. Evan Longoria (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. Ian Kinsler (Adam Aizer)
  9. Carlos Santana (Son)
  10. David Dahl (malamoney)
  11. Kyle Schwarber (Scott White)
  12. Brad Miller (Lawr Michaels)

I thought about Schwarber here or taking a pitcher, but I just liked Santana too much. The dude can be so annoying because of his patience, but he fit nicely in my U spot. I don’t think he’s hitting 30+ home runs again, but mid-20s with a few stolen bases and a whole lot of at-bats and runs scored leading off for the Indians.


  1. Maikel Franco (Lawr Michaels)
  2. Matt Kemp (Scott White)
  3. Justin Upton (malamoney)
  4. Matt Harvey (Son)
  5. Dallas Keuchel (Adam Aizer)
  6. Julio Teheran (Phil Ponebshek)
  7. Roberto Osuna (Heath Cummings)
  8. Aaron Sanchez (Michael Mormile)
  9. Kenta Maeda (Chris Towers)
  10. Tanner Roark (Mike Kuchera)
  11. James Paxton (Lance Brozdowski)
  12. Steven Matz (RJ White)

I owned Harvey last year and pretty much despise the dude. Fat, Batman-wannabee. With that said, I felt the price was too low here in the 10th. We all know his ceiling, so if he’s right physically and mentally, then cha-ching. If he bombs, no biggie as the cost of acquisition wasn’t too high. I was sad to see James Paxton go here, as I’m very high on him. I thought he would go much later and had him queued up. If I knew what I know now, there’s a good chance that I’d take Paxton instead of Harvey. I’m not sure, but it’s something I’m going to be thinking about now.


  1. Willson Contreras (RJ White)
  2. Andrew Benintendi (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Felix Hernandez (Mike Kuchera)
  4. Miguel Sano (Chris Towers)
  5. Jackie Bradley (Michael Mormile)
  6. Aaron Nola (Heath Cummings)
  7. Kelvin Herrera (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. Michael Fulmer (Adam Aizer)
  9. Cody Allen (Son)
  10. Jeurys Familia (malamoney)
  11. Mark Melancon (Scott White)
  12. Brandon Belt (Lawr Michaels)

I figured I needed to get at least one solid closer, as the pickings were starting to get thin. I was debating between Familia, Melancon, and Allen. Initially, I was going to go with Melancon, but I always feel like he can’t sustain the .250-ish BABIP, even though he’s done it for three straight seasons. Familia has nasty stuff, but the mid-3s BB/9 always terrifies me. I went with Allen because of the huge K rate and the good defense and pitching staff the Indians possess. He does walk guys like Familia, though. So, I probably should’ve looked this up during the draft, but the Indians were 29th last year and last in 2015 for save opportunities. With that new information, I’d go with Melancon. I’m glad this was a mock draft.


  1. Robbie Ray (Lawr Michaels)
  2. Jose Ramirez (Scott White)
  3. Alex Reyes (malamoney)
  4. Sean Manaea (Son)
  5. Michael Brantley (Adam Aizer)
  6. Ken Giles (Phil Ponebshek)
  7. Carlos Rodon (Heath Cummings)
  8. Lorenzo Cain (Michael Mormile)
  9. Vince Velasquez (Chris Towers)
  10. Eduardo Nunez (Mike Kuchera)
  11. Addison Russell (Lance Brozdowski)
  12. Kevin Gausman (RJ White)

I probably should’ve gone Gausman here, but I thought he’d go later. I chose Manaea because I’ve always been high on his potential. He had control issues last year that led to a bunch of walks and home runs, but it was his rookie season. I expect some improvements for year 2, with the chance to increase his K-rate. Because I went offense early, all I’m looking for are high-upside pitchers.


  1. Alex Colome (RJ White)
  2. David Robertson (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Albert Pujols (Mike Kuchera)
  4. Julio Urias (Chris Towers)
  5. Salvador Perez (Michael Mormile)
  6. Odubel Herrera (Heath Cummings)
  7. Hunter Pence (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. J.A. Happ (Adam Aizer)
  9. Tony Watson (Son)
  10. Jonathan Schoop (malamoney)
  11. John Lackey (Scott White)
  12. J.T. Realmuto (Lawr Michaels)

Decided to lock down a second closer. With Melancon gone to SF, Watson is slated to be the man in Pittsburgh. Pickings were slim at the position, so I acted here.


  1. A.J. Ramos (Lawr Michaels)
  2. Jose Peraza (Scott White)
  3. Jameson Taillon (malamoney)
  4. Matt Shoemaker (Son)
  5. Marcus Stroman (Adam Aizer)
  6. Troy Tulowitzki (Phil Ponebshek)
  7. Jon Gray (Heath Cummings)
  8. Dustin Pedroia (Michael Mormile)
  9. Yasmani Grandal (Chris Towers)
  10. Marco Estrada (Mike Kuchera)
  11. Matt Moore (Lance Brozdowski)
  12. Jay Bruce (RJ White)

I like my offense, so it’s all about pitching, pitching, pitching now. I really like the upside of Shoemaker, but it all comes down to health. I really like Taillon, but of course malamoney picked him. Viva la Razzball!!!


  1. Jeff Samardzija (RJ White)
  2. Yasmany Tomas (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Adam Duvall (Mike Kuchera)
  4. Garrett Richards (Chris Towers)
  5. Francisco Rodriguez (Michael Mormile)
  6. Blake Snell (Heath Cummings)
  7. Joe Ross (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. Dexter Fowler (Adam Aizer)
  9. Ivan Nova (Son)
  10. Ben Zobrist (malamoney)
  11. Sonny Gray (Scott White)
  12. Andrew Miller (Lawr Michaels)

Lot of young pitchers I like in this round: Richards, Snell, and Ross. I’m a believer in the Ray Searage magic and Nova was very good when he got to Pittsburgh. Sign me up.


  1. Dellin Betances (Lawr Michaels)
  2. Russell Martin (Scott White)
  3. Dylan Bundy (malamoney)
  4. Nomar Mazara (Son)
  5. Dansby Swanson (Adam Aizer)
  6. Anthony DeSclafani (Phil Ponebshek)
  7. Kendrys Morales (Heath Cummings)
  8. Adrian Gonzalez (Michael Mormile)
  9. Byron Buxton (Chris Towers)
  10. Carlos Gomez (Mike Kuchera)
  11. Tom Murphy (Lance Brozdowski)
  12. Drew Pomeranz (RJ White)

I think I make a mistake here by going with Mazara. I love him and think he will be a stud but I probably should’ve went with a pitcher, as Taijuan Walker goes before my next pick. I’m pretty sure if I wanted Mazara he would’ve been there.


  1. Yoan Moncada (RJ White)
  2. Kevin Kiermaier (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Mike Napoli (Mike Kuchera)
  4. Taijuan Walker (Chris Towers)
  5. Jason Hammel (Michael Mormile)
  6. Jung Ho Kang (Heath Cummings)
  7. Lance Lynn (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. Alex Cobb (Adam Aizer)
  9. Brian McCann (Son)
  10. Hunter Renfroe (malamoney)
  11. Ian Kennedy (Scott White)
  12. Kole Calhoun (Lawr Michaels)

Seriously, I must’ve tilted these past two rounds. Did I get distracted by something? Why would I take a catcher here when I said I would wait? It’s gotta be the Mazara pick, coupled with Towers taking Walker that tilted me. Anyways, good thing it was a mock. This is another reason why mocking is important. To get all the kinks and mistakes out of the system before the real deal. Obviously, I should’ve just drafted whichever catcher was available in the last round. I’m such a donkey.


  1. Brandon Crawford (Lawr Michaels)
  2. Joe Musgrove (Scott White)
  3. Tyler Glasnow (malamoney)
  4. Devon Travis (Son)
  5. Jake Lamb (Adam Aizer)
  6. Logan Forsythe (Phil Ponebshek)
  7. Jose De Leon (Heath Cummings)
  8. Sam Dyson (Michael Mormile)
  9. Raisel Iglesias (Chris Towers)
  10. Yasiel Puig (Mike Kuchera)
  11. Keon Broxton (Lance Brozdowski)
  12. Elvis Andrus (RJ White)

Freaking malamoney. Taking Glasnow.

Image result for angry panda gif

All in good fun, as I had plenty of chances to get him if I didn’t get so tilted.


  1. Shawn Kelley (RJ White)
  2. Jim Johnson (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Drew Smyly (Mike Kuchera)
  4. Victor Martinez (Chris Towers)
  5. Gio Gonzalez (Michael Mormile)
  6. Michael Pineda (Heath Cummings)
  7. Kolten Wong (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. Eduardo Rodriguez (Adam Aizer)
  9. Javier Baez (Son)
  10. Wellington Castillo (malamoney)
  11. Jordan Zimmerman (Scott White)
  12. Stephen Vogt (Lawr Michaels)

I took Baez because I’m still tilted. Seriously, though, the power/speed is nice for Baez, as well as the multi-position eligibility. He makes for a high-upside utility player. The main issue is consistent at-bats.


  1. Randal Grichuk (Lawr Michaels)
  2. Adam Wainwright (Scott White)
  3. Greg Holland (malamoney)
  4. Junior Guerra (Son)
  5. Addison Reed (Adam Aizer)
  6. Jason Heyward (Phil Ponebshek)
  7. Fernando Rodney (Heath Cummings)
  8. Ascrubal Cabrera (Michael Mormile)
  9. Tyson Ross (Chris Towers)
  10. Jacoby Ellsbury (Mike Kuchera)
  11. C.J. Cron (Lance Brozdowski)
  12. Jake Odorizzi (RJ White)

Yeah!!! I took a pitcher. I do like Guerra. He’s old and relatively new, but that splitter is no joke. He’s not going to replicate the sub-3 ERA from last season, but mid-3s with a 8 K/9 is within reach.


  1. Lucas Giolito (RJ White)
  2. Collin McHugh (Lance Brozdowski)
  3. Domingo Santana (Mike Kuchera)
  4. Jorge Soler (Chris Towers)
  5. Bartolo Colon (Michael Mormile)
  6. Marcell Ozuna (Heath Cummings)
  7. Wilson Ramos (Phil Ponebshek)
  8. Carlos Beltran (Adam Aizer)
  9. Mike Foltynewicz (Son)
  10. Jharel Cotton (malamoney)
  11. Brandon Finnegan (Scott White)
  12. Nick Castellanos (Lawr Michaels)

I love the arsenal that Foltynewicz possesses. He just needs to put it all together.Walks have always been an issue for him, so if he can get a grasp of that, he has tons of potential to make an impact.

Here’s how each team shook out:

Team C 1B 2B 3B SS OF U SP RP
Adam Aizer E Gattis P Goldschmidt I Kinsler A Bregman

J Lamb

D Swanson I Desmond

M Brantley

N Cruz

C Beltran

 D Fowler J Lester

M Fulmer

D Keuchel

JA Happ

M Scherzer

M Stroman

E Rodriguez

A Cobb

Z Britton

A Reed

Chris Towers Y Grandal E Encarnacion M Carpenter M Sano A Diaz M Betts

C Yelich

AJ Pollock

J Soler

 B Buxton

V Martinez

 S Strasburg

K Maeda

V Velasquez

J Urias

L McCullers

T Ross

T Walker

G Richards

 E Diaz

R Iglesias

Heath Cummings J Lucroy J Abreu B Dozier J Donaldson

J Ho Kang

C Seager  O Herrera

S Marte

J Bautista

M Ozuna

K Morales D Salazar

A Nola

J deGrom

C Rodon

J Gray

M Pineda

B Snell

J De Leon

F Rodney

R Osuna

Lance Brozdowski T Murphy H Ramirez

C.J. Cron

R Odor K Seager A Russell A Benintendi

G Springer

K Bryant

K Kiermaier

K Broxton

Y Tomas J Paxton

N Syndergaard

M Moore

Z Greinke

M Tanaka

C McHugh

C Kimbrel

D Robertson

J Johnson

Lawr Michaels J.T. Realmuto

S. Vogt

B Belt J Kipnis M Franco

N Castellanos

B Miller

B Crawford

S Piscotty

Y Cespedes

K Davis

R Grichuk

K Calhoun R Ray

C Archer

C Sale

J Cueto

M Bumgarner

A Miller

AJ Ramos

D Betances

malamoney W Castillo M Cabrera J Schoop

B Zobrist

M Machado F Lindor A McCutchen

A Eaton

D Dahl

H Renfroe

J Upton A Reyes

J Taillon

G Cole

Y Darvish

K Hendricks

J Cotton

T Glasnow

 D Bundy

J Familia

G Holland

Michael Mormile S Perez E Hosmer

A Gonzalez

D Gordon

D Pedroia

N Arenado C Correa

A Cabrera

C Gonzalez

J Bradley

L Cain

D LeMahieu R Porcello

D Price

A Sanchez

J Arrieta

J Hammel

G Gonzalez

B Colon

S Dyson

F Rodriguez

Mike Kuchera B Posey A Pujols

M Napoli

J Altuve J Turner J Segura R Braun

A Duvall

C Gomez

D Santana

J Ellsbury

Y Puig

E Nunez M Estrada

F Hernandez

R Hill

T Roark

C Kluber

D Smyly

K Jansen

W Davis

Phil Ponebshek G Sanchez

W Ramos

J Votto L Forythe

K Wong

E Longoria T Tulowitzki  H Pence

A Jones

G Stanton

J Heyward

C Davis  J Ross

J Verlander

J Teheran

C Kershaw

J Quintana

L Lynn

A DeSclafani

K Giles

K Herrera

R.J. White W Contreras F Freeman D Murphy A Beltre  T Story J Bruce

B Hamilton

M Trout

E Andrus

Y Moncada

S Matz

C Martinez

C Hamels

J Samardzija

K Gausman

J Odorizzi

D Pomeranz

L Giolito

S Hwan Oh

A Colome

S Kelley

Scott White R Martin W Myers R Cano T Frazier

J Ramirez

J Villar K Schwarber

B Harper

C Blackmon

J Peraza

M Kemp C Carrasco

J Lackey

S Gray

J Musgrove

I Kennedy

J Zimmermann

B Finnegan

A Wainwright

A Chapman

M Melancon

Son B McCann A Rizzo T Turner

D Travis

J Baez

A Rendon X Bogaerts JD Martinez

M Trubmo

G Polanco

N Mazara

C Santana S Manaea

M Shoemaker

J Guerra

M Harvey

I Nova

M Foltynewicz

D Duffy

C Allen

T Watson


Give me your thoughts on how this mock draft went. If you want to just call me a donkey, that’s cool too. I hope this was helpful and, as always, thanks for reading. You can reach me @Stan_Son on Twitter.

  1. Lance

    Lance says:

    Hey! That guy Lance Brozdowski is actually me (feel free to throw in BigThreeSports/Razzball next time)! Double dipping on the credits between my site and what I write for you guys – no shame haha.

    Fun draft. Loved my Bryant-Springer-Syndergaard combo.

    Lawr went crazy with that Bum-Sale-Cueto in his three of first four. That guy is a legend, can’t knock him for anything, would’ve loved to see this played out.

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Lance: There ain’t no shame in the hustlin game! Sorry Lance. I did not know that was you. It was definitely a fun draft with a lot of smart minds, so it’s cool to see how everyone attacked this mock. Bryant/Springer/Thor is a diesel core. Lawr with the 3 pitcher start was interesting, but I ain’t no hater. Whatever works for him. Man, I’m so pumped for the real drafts. Can’t wait!!!

      • Lance

        Lance says:

        No problem at all haha Not your fault in the slightest

        The CBS guys are great to mock with.

        I’m very excited as well, gonna be a great year man.

  2. Lance

    Lance says:

    No problem at all haha Not your fault in the slightest

    The CBS guys are great to mock with.

    I’m very excited as well, gonna be a great year man.

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Lance: Hope so

  3. Big Odio says:

    “Don’t be a freaking moron, which is exactly what you’ll be if you don’t start participating in mock drafts for the upcoming fantasy baseball season”

    Well my fine asian amigo, you have just called me a moron. I’m not a big fan of the mock and if I do mock its very little mocking if any at all. I have found I get a false sense of where guys are going because who are you mocking with usually?…morons. I have found nothing to very little is gained by the mock. Every draft is different and you have to only be aware of a few things: ADP for your pre-draft strategy, knowing who to reach for and who to wait on, and oh yeah, pay attention to the room and read it like a tipsy girl at a bar.

    The following has been brought you to with love…not really. H2H baseball blows ass

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Big Odio: I hear you, as I used to shun mock drafts myself, for the same reasons that you spelled out. Over time, though, I’ve come to the realization that, in all walks of life, ascertaining as much information as possible is the best route to go. Looking at ADP is definitely a useful tool as is mock drafting…a tool to best help us prepare for our drafts. ADP is like looking at gallup polls, which try to give a general perception of a given topic. Mock drafting, on the other hand, is actually getting the boots dirty and talking to the people on the ground. You do enough mock drafts and you will get a good idea when position runs happen, when “your” players will be available, etc. I do agree that every draft is different and has it’s own personal flair, but mock drafts are about providing a solid foundation for a good baseline. In the most recent mock draft, I went in thinking I could wait at 3B because ADP told me Justin Turner wouldn’t go until very very late in the draft. Well, he went much earlier than I expected. That really opened my eyes and has now forced me to reconfigure my biases. The best coaches in every sport are the ones that practice and prepare their players for every scenario. Mock drafting allows us to experience as many scenarios as possible in order to be best prepared for anything.

      The following has been brought to you with moronic love. I’m with you that roto is much better than H2H.

      • Big Odio says:

        @Son: You sound like the guy at the top of your post. Saying lots of words but not really making me believe any of it makes a point. This must be your alternative facts…Son Spicer!

        why mocks blow
        1) many contain computer drafters if they arent full
        2) your knowledge of players, values and roster construction will always supersede any mock.
        3) In the case of Turner and players of similar ADP, if they are your guy then you take them. Many drafters fill positions out of some fear of not having anyone and in your draft you should notice that and adjust when you play with those types of players.
        4) formats can be difficult to predict in a mock. Take the RCL’s. If you draft it straight you will lose. If you don’t know the formula for success in this format and how the good players do it then you’ll lose. None of this apply’s if you play against the noobs.

        The best preparation is player knowledge. Learn to use Rudy’s dollar values to gain an edge.

        • Son

          Son says:

          @Big Odio: Haha. Oh no you didn’t?!

          I think you’re missing the point here. Mock drafts are not the end all be all. They are but a tool to help. Are they perfect? Of course not, but they are a great supplement to everything else that is out there….especially Rudy’s GOATness

          • Big Odio says:

            @Son: you are seriously doing the “trust me I know” mock drafts are “the best, the best because I know” schtick. Son Spicer!

            • Son

              Son says:

              @Big Odio: And you are seriously doing the #AlternativeFacts because I literally just wrote: “Mock drafts are not the end all be all. They are but a tool to help. Are they perfect? Of course not, but they are a great supplement to everything else that is out there.” How you came to the conclusion that you did baffles me.

              • Big Odio says:

                @Son: “supplement to everything else” ? What are some the else’s? fantasy draft craps? C’mon Son, You’re better than this. Saying they are not perfect but they are great makes only the kind of sense that runs 1600 Pennsylvania

                • Son

                  Son says:

                  @Big Odio:

                  I lay out a specific example after saying “supplement to everything else.” That specific being the GOAT projections from Rudy. C’mon Big Odio, you’re better than what you are bringing to this table.

                  • Big Odio says:

                    @Son: what do mocks have to do with rudy’s work? You need to listen to that video while you stare in a mirror

                    • Son

                      Son says:

                      @Big Odio: I don’t know what to tell you man. So many of these posts would have been unnecessary if you would’ve just taken the time to read prior posts.

                    • Big Odio says:

                      why? Im making my case, you are making something, not sure what it is, but its something

                    • Son

                      Son says:

                      @Big Odio: You made your case and I replied. I’m all for debate, but not when the other side doesnt listen or read to views that are opposed to their own. You obviously did not read the post or all the comments.

                    • Big Odio says:

                      *obviously re-reads the post*

                    • Son

                      Son says:

                      @Big Odio:


  4. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Wait until you read my shitty writeup where I talk about how I wish I didn’t take Lindor. But I have no reservations about Taillon and Glasnow.

    Nice writeup!

    • Son

      Son says:

      @malamoney: Haha. Looking forward to it. Thanks malamoney!

  5. Noam says:

    Nice writeup!

    What your advice for this potential trade in a dynasty league:
    My Fourth Rd pick (prospect draft)
    and Familia
    for: Devon Travis

    • Noam says:

      @Noam: Also, the 16 team league does HD+SV as one category, so closers are slightly devalued…

      • Son

        Son says:

        @Noam: Ahhh, no diggity then

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Noam: Tough to know without league context. In a vacuum, I’m good with it

      • Noam says:

        @Son: Thanks for the reply! Here are the league details:

        16 Team Dynasty CBS, Roto 6×6 (R, HR, RBI, SB, BA, OPS – IP, SO, ERA, WHIP, Net Wins, SV+HD) — Weekly Lineup Lock —

        C: C. Rupp
        1B: M. Cabrera
        2B: J. Altuve
        3B: J. Donaldson
        SS: J. Villar
        MI: J. Schoop
        CI: T. Frazier
        OF: C. Beltran
        OF: C. Granderson
        OF: G. Springer
        OF: J. Upton
        U: B. Belt
        U: L. Duda
        Bench: T. Shaw
        Bench: D. Span
        Bench: S. Souza
        Minors: Chase Vallot (C), Ryan O’Hearn (1B), Willie Calhoun (2B), Miguel Andujar (3B), Wladimir Galindo (3B), Daz Cameron (OF), Tyler Hill (OF), Jordan Patterson (OF), Magneuris Sierra (OF), Leody Taveras (OF)

        Pitchers, I can start 9 pitchers per week (no designation between SP and RP)
        SP: C. Archer, K. Hendricks, D. Salazar, J. Lackey, G. Cole, JA Happ, J. Hellickson, S. Lugo, T. Roark, C. Kuhl, C. Buchholz, H. Ryu, R. Nolasco
        RP: J. Familia, K. Herrera
        Minors: Domingo Acevedo, Vicente Campos, Harol Gonzalez, Chris Paddack, David Paulino, Roniel Roudes, Justus Sheffield, Max Wotell, Jason Wheeler

        The two offers I have on the table:
        My: 4th Rd Pick and Familia
        His: Familia

        My 2nd Rd Pick and J. Sheffield
        His: E. Inciarte

        Do you like either?
        Thanks so much!

        • Son

          Son says:

          @Noam: I don’t like either trade for you

          • Noam says:

            @Son: ok, thanks for the input!

            • Son

              Son says:

              @Noam: No problem. Anytime

  6. Smalls Killer says:

    Seriously, Miller isn’t the closer in Cleveland? Good info to know … I thought your draft went well. You are the king of specs so I’m sure your pitcher selections would have been fine. I think Polonco and Duffy was your best picks. With JD and Rizzo in the fold i would have liked someone besides Trumbo but that may have cause u to miss polonco, so hm. Steal of this draft to me was Franco at the top of Rd 10… kudos

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Smalls Killer: Thanks Smalls! I hope that ain’t for Biggie Smalls. Anyways, I appreciate the feedback. Always nice to get another perspective. I hear you on the Trumbo pick. Definitely could’ve gone another direction and was contemplating that. But chicks dig the long ball and I dig chicks. There’s potential with Franco for sure. I’m probably not as high in him as you, but 10th is a good price

      • Smalls Killer says:

        @Son: nope from the sandlot. I hear ya though brother… i dig the chicks too. I love the bombs he brings. And I’m not crazy high on Franco though… just thought outside of top 120 was killer value

        • Son

          Son says:

          @Smalls Killer: Looks like Franco’s ADP keeps creeping down. He’s now around 140. I do think the price down there is worth the potential upside, though

  7. Damon says:

    What the main difference between drafting H2H vs Roto?

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Damon: For me, I devalúe starting pitching a bit. Since each game is 1 week, the volatility increases. Over the course of a season, we know the Kershaw’s will be the top dogs. In a H2H format, it’s more matchup dependent. Plus, 2-start pitchers get elevated. I think streaming pitching is very effective in this format. It goes back to Grey’s breakdown of the position in general. It’s supply and demand. There are just so many pitchers in the pool. Now flip it around. You can stream batters, but it’s much more difficult.

      • Damon says:

        @Son: Makes sense. Thanks! Trying to set up a new H2H, one win per week league. Debating categories and roster now.

        • Son

          Son says:

          @Damon: Nice! Good luck with setting up the league. H2H is not for everyone, but it provides a different experience, and I’m all for that

  8. AL KOHOLIC says:

    nice draft,love the different strategies

    • Son

      Son says:

      @AL KOHOLIC: Thanks Al! I especially thought Lawr’s strategy was interesting. I heard he’s a legend in the industry, so….

  9. Mobin Can't Hack It says:

    you must not have been here very long to think “pitchers are easier to find some years than hitters”

    • Mobin Can't Hack It says:

      @Mobin Can’t Hack It: sorry to think that’s NOT the case in any year, i mean. it’s the gospel round dese perts.

      • Son

        Son says:

        @Mobin Can’t Hack It: I hear you. I’m still getting my feet wet. A thousand apologies kind sir

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Mobin Can’t Hack It: True. I’m still learning how y’all pronounce tomato and Robitussin

  10. I got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and $6,000 for you to go bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

    holy crap, malamoney drafted upton?! he hates upton, like a lot.

  11. Nick says:

    Hi buddy,

    keeper team 10 teams – 14keepers

    here is my pre-draft team, please help for the last ones

    1. Alty 2B
    2. Goldy 1B
    3. Trea T util (2B)
    4. E5 util (1B)
    5. Springer OF1
    6. Trumbo OF2
    7. Myers OF3
    8. Desmond bench
    9. Archer SP1
    10. KJansen RP1
    11. Salazar SP2
    12. RHill SP3
    13. 14. ??

    still needing a 3B / SS / C / Pitchers

    Carpenter 3B ! in your mock, it would be him @pick45 a bit early !!! i’m also hesitating with
    Oh RP2
    Contreras C
    Reyes taillon SP4/5 to complete my pitching staff
    Khris D , but enougth OF
    Lamb 3B (if i don’t go Carpenter) on grey’s advice, but should still be on board after round 14

    what do you think on last 2? would you change smthg on the 12pre-draftees?

    i will focus on Addison Russell at SS , but i’ll pick 8th / 13th…
    is Trea gonna get SS eligibility?


    • Son

      Son says:

      @Nick: In a 10-team league, you want to have the best players period. Every team will probably be stacked, so you have to keep up. I think that becomes more imperative with every team keeping 14 players. I’d keep Carpenter for sure. The second one I’m not sure. I’m a “wait-to-draft-a-catcher” kind of guy, but I may keep Contreras. If not him, I’d go Reyes. I believe TT will get SS eligibility in short order.

  12. thatguy says:

    I don’t know why you have to bring politics into it. I come here for fantasy baseball. I won’t anymore if I have to sift through your moronic political commentary to get to it.

    • Son

      Son says:

      @thatguy: JOKE. noun. 1) a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline. verb. 2) make jokes; talk humorously or flippantly.

      Don’t be “that guy”

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