Welcome to the 2nd annual Razzball Reader survey! These results help us immensely in tailoring our posts and statistics to reflect our readers’ needs.

The survey should only take a couple minutes. I’ll share the results once we get enough responses.

Thanks in advance!

  1. MattTruss

    MattTruss223 says:

    Rudy / Vin – Any word on where the RCLs will be played this year?

    I recall some mentions last season of the RCLs moving to Yahoo! but I’m not sure that anything was confirmed.


    • @MattTruss223: I believe we are sticking w/ ESPN as all of Vin’s formulas/datapulls are tied to ESPN so would require a ton of work to update.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @MattTruss223: Yep, you can blame me for keeping the RCLs on ESPN for 1 more year, anyways.

  2. Pete says:

    In my opinion, a H2H points-based system is far superior to any roto system. It’s unfortunate so many fantasy experts/sites still spend so much time on roto style.

    • @Pete: We use this survey to help us clear out our personal biases. Last year’s survey (and this year’s so far) have shown that the majority of Razzballers play Roto leagues vs. Points Leagues at about a 4:1 ratio.

      One question/concern I have w/ increasing our Points league coverage is I haven’t found there to be a standard for Points-crediting. ESPN/Yahoo/CBS each use different points formulas and then provide commissioners with tools to customize it for their league.

    • Wallpaper Paterson says:

      @Pete: What are your league’s settings? What makes it so good?

      I did h2h points one time and got a raw deal. I had the second highest point total through 22 weeks but did not qualify for the playoffs. My record was 12-9-1. That was in 2010. The luck was too much like fantasy football and I opted to go back to h2h-categories the next two years.

      • @Wallpaper Paterson: I would think that H2H Roto and Points would have similar good/bad luck scenarios. With points, it’s easy to see your total points at the end of the year and compare vs. the rest of the league. It’s harder to see how a team got lucky or unlucky in Roto but it’s there (e.g., happened to just win more categories than just lose).

        Adding in playoff rounds increases the luck quotient vs. standard Roto as it gives equal footing to teams that fared differently during the season (e.g., better team gets no benefit when facing lesser team). One wrinkle that would make playoffs fairer would be that the ‘better’ team should be spotted points based on the in-season differential (for H2H roto, if they had 10% more wins, perhaps they start with a 1-0 lead and each category is worth 0.9).

        My biggest dissatisfaction with points leagues is that drafting a ‘balanced’ team no longer matters. You can build a softball team and receive no penalty for having virtually no SB. I like having to balance teams across categories in Roto.

        • Pete says:

          @Rudy Gamble: We have been constantly tweaking our league rules and scoring system every year to help balance any inequities, actual or perceived, as much as possible. The league is extremely complicated but here’s a quick rundown of our scoring system: 16 starters (1 each position, 3 OF, 5 SP and 3 RP).
          Hitter scoring 1B=0.5, 2B=1, 3B=2, HR=3, BB=0.5, CS=-0.25, CYC=5, fielding E=-1, HBP=0.25, KO=-0.25, R=1, RBI-1, SB=1.75.
          Pitcher scoring APP=1.5, BB=-0.25, BS=-2, CG=2, ER=-1, HA=-0.5, HB=-0.25, HD=3, IP=1.5, IRS=-0.5, K=0.5, NH=2, PG=3, Saves=5, Shutout=4. Starting Pitchers: W=8, L=-2; Relief Pitchers: W=5, L=-1.

    • Bob says:

      @Pete: @Pete: h2h blows to much luck involved just like football

      • Pete says:

        @Bob: I guess to each his/her own. I’ve always been of the opposite opinion. I think the difference in baseball H2H compared to football is the sheer number of stats, positions, and season length. Luck tends to balance out more in the baseball league than in football. For example, a standard football league has a 12-13 week regular season. Starting 0-4 due to bad luck pretty much means you’re out of it. My baseball league’s regular season is 19 or 20 weeks. It takes at least a few more weeks of bad luck to put you out of the running. Regression to the mean odds give you a better chance to turn it around.

        There are also more positions and scoring stats available in baseball compared to football. Case-in-point my ridiculous league scoring system posted above. That allows more ways to construct a good team. In football, touches rule. QB and RB ALWAYS rule. In my baseball league, teams can win with pitching, hitting, speed, power, balance, pretty much anything.

        Player pool – obviously in football, QB and the skill positions have all of the value. There is quite simply a limited pool of usable fantasy players. In baseball, that number of usable players is far larger. So when your first round pick has shoulder surgery, there is still likely someone available off waivers to help “shoulder” the load.

        I know this turned into a baseball-football rant, but my point is that H2H baseball is far less dependent on health/luck than H2H football.

      • JoeC says:

        @Bob: Agree. H2H is there for the casual players so that luck evens out the skill advantages some may have over others. Makes the leagues more fun for your average Schmo.

        Straight roto is where it’s at, boys and girls, along with shallow benches and large enough rosters that the free agent pool is worth an occasional dip, but not where you want to be swimmin’ day-in, day-out. Couple that with active owners and you have yourselves a thing of perfection, a golden league, a true test of the mettle of your fantasy baseball prowess.

        I am very glad that I am a member of one of those leagues (but I also play H2H cause I’m a junkie, yo!).

  3. Sky

    Sky says:

    Question not asked:


    More: question answered.

    • Scott Evans

      Scott Evans says:


    • Jack Full of Hate says:

      @Sky: what kind we talking about B, C, D, DD, DDD etc, fake or real? nip size, areola size, motorboatability, there are so many booby elements to talk about sky.

      • Sky

        Sky says:

        @Jack Full of Hate:

        I go by the simple motto of ‘more than a handful and you’re just being wasteful’. Thankfully I have big hands so very few are left outside my grasp in the boobie world.

        It’s hard to stick to one boobie type, really. We all love Baskin Robbins and their 31 flavors but wouldn’t turn down flavor 32, 33, etc…

  4. Rags says:

    Here’s a question for anyone who’s got a good answer. My league has been around forever and has been on CBS for most of that time. We’ve stuck with them mostly because of inertia and they were willing to custom stuff for our fairly atypical league. Seems to me CBS charges a lot of money that could be going into the prize pool. Does anyone know a good league management site that would be cheaper and still very customizable?

    Some details:
    We’re a 2-catcher, NL-only auction keeper league. Roto. No bench players but you can put unlimited people on the DL or minor league bench. Offline auction. We also have a two round supplementary draft for minor leaguers. Draft picks can be traded along with players. Minor leaguers and waiver wire pickups can be kept, but at different salaries. Keepers (up to 15, not including MiLBers) can be kept for two years at their current salary, and then either have an option year or get more expensive according to the number of years they’re signed in a long term contract.

    Is there another site that has the same flexibility to track all this stuff without paying the arm and a leg CBS charges? Their free baseball radio has been small consolation.

    • @Rags: Have you tried to implement these rules into ESPN or Yahoo? We played last year on OnRoto.com and, while it required a bit of a learning curve, I thought it was pretty good.

    • anarchy burger says:

      @Rags: we use onroto.com for all 3 leagues i am in. one of the leagues is pretty complicated and onroto personalizes everything for us. i’d give them a shot. hope this helps.

  5. Anthony says:

    @Rudy What is the RCL again? How can one Join ??

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Anthony: Razzball Commenter Leagues are open to everyone. Signups occur in early February. We had 48 twelve-team leagues in 2012. Check the link at the top under “Leagues” for last year’s standings. On the standings page you can also find a link to the 2012 leagues.

  6. james d says:

    Rudy-chan I appreciate that you solicit feedback and make changes based on it.

    Good on ya

    • james d: And I appreciate all the readers (525 and counting) that took time out of their day to provide the feedback!

  7. Don says:

    We play in a head to head 12 team points league, but we play three teams a week to help eliminate some of the bad luck.

    • Very interesting. Assuming that means each team’s end record has 3x the amount of wins/losses, I would agree that reduces the luck quotient. Similar to how if one appended 324 simulated games to last year’s MLB standings, there is no way the Orioles make the playoffs as their ‘luck’ in close games would’ve regressed towards the league average.

      How do your playoffs work?

      I wonder if any H2H leagues follow my idea about giving the team w/ a better record an advantage in the playoffs…

      • The Vaporizers says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        In the keeper league I play in, its H2H Roto, but we also play against 3 opponents each week.. And yes, we end up with 3 times the games played.

        For the playoffs, you simply play against one team.

  8. Ballistic says:

    I noticed you guys didn’t even ask about keepers. Any reason why that data is not important to your endeavor?

    • @Ballistic: Good question. In the interest of reader time, I tried to limit the questions to ones that would significantly shape our content + tools/statistics. It’s hard to write posts specific to keeper leagues since the # of keepers, length of time for keepers, # of teams, etc. can vary so much.

  9. Ballistic says:

    That’s true, it varies infinitely from league to league. I suppose I just wanted to ensure your blurbs on the keeper value of players isn’t something that is going by the wayside, as it’s invaluable information for myself when comparing keeper candidates. Thanks.

    • @Ballistic: Gotcha. One day maybe I’ll get my hands on ‘Next 3 year’ projections (i think BP and ZiPS do it) and work on figuring out a guy’s keeper value.

  10. Paddyman says:

    I think h2h leagues are more fun as interest is held throughout the season by most owners. In our h2h league, we do points 9 x9 and have 5 keepers. In playoff weeks we extend those to cover 2 weeks and end the regular season earlier. This means that luck is less of a factor.

    I don’t quite get Rudy’s point about h2h having to be softball type set up. The make up of teams is kept balanced by the categories. Our league requires much balance and skill when drafting. Can you expand on why you feel roto leagues require drafting more balanced teams?

    • @Paddyman: My point was in regards to H2H Points leagues. H2H Roto would require similar balance to a standard Roto league (though I’m partial to punting SBs given their streakiness).

  11. Jake Stone says:

    Does Yahoo or ESPN carry more minor league players? We wanna do a keeper league that includes prospects.

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