Welcome to the 1st annual Razzball All-Star squads!  These squads disregard any selections made by fans, Tony LaRussa, and Ron Washington as their focus is skewed towards a player’s value to their actual employer vs. potential 2012 fantasy baseball teams.

We’ve got four All-Star squads – all leveraging the $ estimates in our Player Rater.  This is based on 12-team mixed leagues using the ESPN standard roster format:

  1. Performance All-Stars – These are the most valuable players for fantasy baseball in the 1st half of 2012.
  2. Value All-Stars – These are the best values based on the difference of their season-to-date value vs. my preseason Point Shares’ $ value.
  3. Fantasy Razzball All-Stars – These have been the least valuable players (vs. their predicted draft value) excluding players who missed about more than 50% of the season due to injuries.  This includes players who were drafted in most leagues but whose poor performance got them sent to the minors.  Note for these players that the $ value assumes that the owner never replaced them from their active roster.  It’s certainly possible for a fantasy manager to have cut bait early (or traded) one of these players and made out okay (I dropped Gaby in RCL about a week or two into the season for Josh Reddick).
  4. Chipper Jones All-Stars – These have been the least valuable players due to injury.  The craziest part of this exercise is that the positions I’d deem most likely for injury – Catcher and SP – ended up incomplete.


Performance All-Stars
Pos Name Stat Line (AB/R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG, IP/W/SV/ERA/WHIP/K $ Value (12 Team ESPN)
C Carlos Ruiz 257/41/13/46/3/.350 $22
1B Edwin Encarnacion 308/55/23/58/9/.295 $30
2B Robinson Cano 332/57/20/50/1/.310 $29
SS Ian Desmond 344/46/17/51/11/.282 $26
3B Miguel Cabrera 343/52/18/71/3/.321 $29
OF Andrew McCutchen 309/58/18/60/14/.362 $40
OF Josh Hamilton 299/54/27/75/6/.308 $40
OF Ryan Braun 307/56/24/61/15/.306 $39
OF Carlos Gonzalez 315/61/17/58/11/.330 $35
OF Mike Trout 258/57/12/40/26/.341 $33
CI Mark Trumbo 288/42/22/57/4/.306 $29
MI Jason Kipnis 329/53/11/49/20/.277 $28
UT David Ortiz 308/62/22/57/.312 $33
SP R.A. Dickey 120/12/0/2.40/0.93/123 $41
SP Justin Verlander 132.7/9/0/2.58/0.95/128 $37
SP Matt Cain 120.3/9/0/2.62/0.96/118 $33
SP Chris Sale 102.7/10/0/2.19/0.95/98 $32
SP Gio Gonzalez 101.7/12/0/2.92/1.11/118 $31
SP James McDonald 110/9/0/2.37/0.97/100 $30
CL Fernando Rodney 38.7/2/25/0.93/0.72/38 $26
CL Kenley Jansen 39.3/4/15/2.06/0.76/63 $25
CL Craig Kimbrel 33/0/25/1.36/0.70/56 $24
MR Robbie Ross 47.3/6/0/0.95/0.93/29 $14

Tough Cuts:  Carlos Beltran (7th overall hitter but the first 6 are 5 OFs and a DH), Jose Bautista ($28), David Wright ($28), and Adam Jones ($27), Jered Weaver ($30), Stephen Strasburg ($28), Cole Hamels ($27), Jake Peavy ($26), Aroldis Chapman ($24), Jim Johnson ($22)

Value All-Stars

$ Value (12 Team ESPN)
Pos Name  Stat Line (AB/R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG, IP/W/SV/ERA/WHIP/K 1H Value Pre-Season Diff
C Carlos Ruiz 257/41/13/46/3/.350 $22 $1 $21
1B Mark Trumbo 288/42/22/57/4/.306 $29 $1 $28
2B Jason Kipnis 329/53/11/49/20/.277 $28 $5 $23
SS Ian Desmond 344/46/17/51/11/.282 $26 $6 $20
3B Edwin Encarnacion 308/55/23/58/9/.295 $30 $6 $24
OF Mike Trout 258/57/12/40/26/.341 $33 $1 $32
OF Carlos Beltran 297/50/20/65/8/.296 $30 $7 $23
OF Josh Hamilton 299/54/27/75/6/.308 $40 $19 $21
OF Josh Reddick 314/52/20/43/8/.268 $21 $1 $20
OF Andrew McCutchen 309/58/18/60/14/.362 $40 $21 $19
CI Adam Dunn 293/48/25/61/0/.208 $22 $3 $19
MI Rafael Furcal 335/54/5/36/9/.275 $13 $1 $12
UT David Ortiz 308/62/22/57/.312 $33 $10 $23
SP R.A. Dickey 120/12/0/2.40/0.93/123 $41 $1 $40
SP James McDonald 110/9/0/2.37/0.97/100 $30 $1 $29
SP Jake Peavy 120/7/0/2.85/0.98/108 $26 $1 $25
SP Johnny Cueto 120.3/10/0/2.39/1.16/91 $25 $2 $23
SP Chris Sale 102.7/10/0/2.19/0.95/98 $32 $10 $22
SP Lance Lynn 103/11/0/3.41/1.23/105 $21 $1 $20
CL Fernando Rodney 38.7/2/25/0.93/0.72/38 $26 $1 $25
CL Aroldis Chapman 39.3/4/11/1.83/0.74/71 $24 $7 $17
CL Ernesto Frieri 38/1/11/0.71/1.00/63 $16 $1 $15
MR Robbie Ross 47.3/6/0/0.95/0.93/29 $14 $0 $14

Tough Cuts:  Alex Rios (+$18), Yadier Molina (+$17), A.J. Pierzynski (+$16), Melky Cabrera (+$15), David Wright (+$13), Alejandro de Aza (+$13), Josh Willingham (+$13), Gio Gonzalez (+$19), Kyle Lohse (+$19), Chris Capuano (+$18), Ryan Vogelsong (+$18), Kenley Jansen (+$14), Jim Johnson (+$14)

Fantasy Razzball (aka Underperformance) All-Stars*

* Players whose value has been lost due to injuries not included

$ Value (12 Team ESPN)
Pos Name Stat Line (AB/R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG, IP/W/SV/ERA/WHIP/K 1H Value Pre-Season Diff
C Carlos Santana 244/31/5/30/2/.221 -$4 $19 -$23
1B Gaby Sanchez 183/12/3/17/1/.202 -$16 $9 -$25
2B Dustin Pedroia 305/41/6/33/6/.266 $6 $26 -$20
SS Jose Reyes 341/41/3/22/20/.264 $8 $22 -$14
3B Mark Reynolds 193/28/7/23/1/.207 -$12 $17 -$29
OF Peter Bourjos 126/16/3/18/2/.230 -$15 $6 -$21
OF Jose Tabata 252/32/3/11/8/.230 -$11 $9 -$20
OF Eric Thames 148/17/3/11/0/.243 -$18 $1 -$19
OF Desmond Jennings 238/32/5/23/15/.235 -$1 $17 -$18
OF Jeff Francoeur 323/31/7/25/1/.251 -$6 $10 -$16
CI Albert Pujols 328/44/14/51/6/.265 $19 $41 -$22
MI Rickie Weeks 297/34/8/29/6/.199 -$3 $13 -$16
UT Adrian Gonzalez 339/42/6/45/0/.283 $9 $30 -$21
SP Tim Lincecum 96.7/3/0/6.42/1.58/104 -$15 $27 -$42
SP Cliff Lee 97.3/1/0/3.98/1.19/98 $2 $31 -$29
SP Jhoulys Chacin 24.7/0/0/7.30/1.86/22 -$21 $7 -$28
SP Dan Haren 103.7/6/0/4.86/1.41/86 -$2 $22 -$24
SP Jon Lester 112.3/5/0/4.49/1.35/94 $0 $21 -$21
SP Jaime Garcia 66.3/3/0/4.48/1.46/51 -$9 $8 -$17
CL Carlos Marmol 25.7/1/8/5.61/1.87/33 -$5 $16 -$21
CL Heath Bell 34.7/2/19/6.75/1.82/32 $1 $16 -$15
CL Jordan Walden 28/2/1/3.86/1.57/35 -$4 $11 -$15
MR Jonny Venters 32.3/3/0/4.45/1.79/43 -$5 $8 -$13

Tough Cuts:  Adam Lind (-$20), Mike Napoli (-$20), Michael Young (-$16), Jesus Montero (-$15), Justin Upton (-$15), Kevin Youkilis (-$15), Hanley Ramirez (-$14), Alex Gordon (-$14), Ryan Zimmerman (-$13), Ubaldo Jimenez (-$15), Ricky Romero (-$14), Adam Wainwright (-$12), Josh Johnson (-$12), Yovani Gallardo (-$12), Brandon League (-$11), John Axford (-$10), Frank Francisco (-$9), Mike Adams (-$8)

Chipper Jones (aka Injury) All-Stars

$ Value (12 Team ESPN)
Pos Name Stat Line (AB/R/HR/RBI/SB/AVG, IP/W/SV/ERA/WHIP/K 1H Value Pre-Season Diff
1B Lance Berkman 42/8/1/4/1/.333 -$21 $12 -$33
2B Chase Utley 34/3/2/3/0/.235 -$21 $10 -$31
SS Troy Tulowitzki 181/33/8/27/2/.287 $2 $30 -$28
3B Evan Longoria 82/15/4/19/2/.329 -$13 $32 -$45
OF Jacoby Ellsbury 26/4/0/3/0/.192 -$25 $32 -$57
OF Brett Gardner 28/5/0/3/2/.321 -$23 $16 -$39
OF Matt Kemp 121/30/12/28/2/.355 $5 $37 -$32
OF Lorenzo Cain 15/1/0/1/0/.133 -$27 $1 -$28
OF Chris B. Young 172/18/8/19/3/.203 -$12 $16 -$28
CI Mike Morse 135/18/4/16/0/.289 -$13 $14 -$27
MI Stephen Drew 28/3/0/3/0/.179 $13 $1 $12
UT Jayson Werth 98/10/3/12/3/.276 -$16 $10 -$26
SP Roy Halladay 72.3/4/0/3.98/1.15/56 $1 $33 -$32
SP Daniel Hudson 45.3/3/0/7.35/1.63/37 -$18 $15 -$33
SP John Danks 53.7/3/0/5.70/1.49/30 -$15 $4 -$19
SP Cory Luebke 31/3/0/2.61/1.16/23 -$4 $11 -$15
SP Neftali Feliz 42.7/3/0/3.16/1.20/37 -$3 $10 -$13
SP Chris Carpenter $8
CL Brian Wilson 2/0/1/9.00/3.00/2 -$11 $16 -$27
CL Sergio Santos 5/0/2/9.00/2.00/4 -$11 $14 -$25
CL Kyle Farnsworth 2.3/0/0/11.59/3.00/3 -$11 $12 -$23
MR David Robertson 24.7/0/1/2.55/1.26/40 -$2 $4 -$6

Tough Cuts:  Mike Carp (-$24), Pablo Sandoval (-$20), Coco Crisp (-$17), Nick Markakis (-$17), B.J. Upton (-$16), Mariano Rivera (-$19).  Honorable mention to Carl Crawford who was damaged goods to start the season.

  1. chunk says:

    Given that I could only keep 2 of Jupton, Cutch, and Jones, would you trade Jupton and Jones for Braun (if I could)? I’d replace the gap at UTIL with my only bench bat, Napoli, until a hot hitter shows up on waivers in a deepish 16 teamer (some FA hitters are Scott, Mcgehee, Berry, Newenhuis, Schafer, etc.)


    • @chunk, Are you giving up on trying to win the pennant? If so, and you could keep Braun, it’s not an awful trade….but I don’t love it. Clearly, the Dread Pirate has to be kept. I’d rather keep J-Upton (too much potential) and maybe use Jones to upgrade at a different keeper position. Or I’d just keep those three depending on whom your other keepers are.

      Part of my rationale – which is subjective – is that this trade would infuriate me as a league member. But that’s why I stay away from keeper leagues….:)

      • chunk says:

        @Rudy Gamble, Thanks for the thoughtful response. I get 3 keepers and also own Prince. Since the last place team has made everyone available in exchange for draft picks next year, a ton of huge names have been flying around and I’m partly just trying to stay in on the action. In the last week my outfield has gone from reddick/jones/hunter/aoki (Kemp DLed) to ruggiano/jones/upton/cutch. I think you’re probably right though and I should quit while I’m ahead, try trading jones later on.

  2. KCC26 says:

    speaking of under/overperformers…which side would you rather have in a trade:

    Chooch/Goldy or C. Santana/J.McDonald

    • @KCC26, I’d call it neutral on the Catcher front for now though I’m intrigued about Santana for 2nd half since he got some rest in the 1st half. Right now, McDonald is way more valuable than Goldschmidt. Projecting for 2nd half, I’d give just a slight edge to McDonald. So Santana/McDonald.

  3. Tom says:

    I still love you guys but I note a lot of the guys you were selling preseason are on the last two lists And not the first two! This year seems like a really strange year. Hoping that there are some major corrections coming and soon…

    • @Tom, Grey and I were talking about this yesterday. I’ll be doing an analysis of both our rankings (his list, my pre-season Point Shares) end of year vs. other pundits. Totally open to take our lumps if we had a bad year and try to understand how to get better.

      My prediction: Similar to last year, most rankings are remarkably no better than just using ADP. Not sure where our rankings will shake out.

      • chata says:

        @Rudy Gamble,

        surprised to hear you admit to this : ” … most rankings are remarkably no better than just using ADP. ”

        of course , you’re the expert , but it seems to me that the keys to being
        successful at this fantasy baseball game are just :
        a) avoiding the injury bug , and,
        b) lucking into (either on draft day , or by plucking the hot player off the waiver wire , early on) those career-year , over-achievers who have somehow avoided illegal drug detection or whose planets have come into alignment .

        question ==> why no mention of carl crawford ?

        • chata says:

          screw it .
          doesn’t matter .

      • Tom says:

        @Rudy Gamble, I look forward to seeing that analysis. I still trust you guys more than any other source…plus you crack me up and have by far the best podcast song :)

  4. Principal Blackman says:

    Seeing that injury all stars list makes me really wish Krispie had never come off the disabled list. He could have missed the whole year, and then everybody could have had a bunch of discussions about small sample size and how it was finally the year CBY put it all together only to be derailed by physical injury. Instead he’s just a K machine, like normal.

    • @Principal Blackman, Ha, this reminds of the SNL clip where Dana Carvey plays Derek “Chopping Broccoli” Stevens and the record execs suggest he kills himself using Peter Frampton as the example of a rock musician whose career went down b/c he stayed alive.

  5. frank rizzo says:

    Verlander puked all over himself in the ASG but he may have a good excuse………Kate Upton!

    • @frank rizzo, ha. my favorite part of that commercial is how they somehow made Verlander look shorter than Kate Upton and the goon. He’s 6’5″!!!!

      • frank rizzo says:

        @Rudy Gamble, gossip on the street is they’re dating…..not just making commercials anymore.

        • TheNewGuy says:

          @frank rizzo, My thinking too when I saw that this morning!

          Im kinda glad I don’t own him in any leagues, if he falls off this 2nd half, we know to blame Kate Upton lol

  6. Millsy says:

    Good thing I grabbed Beltran and Reddick in my 20-team league where my main stars were supposed to be Kemp, Sandoval, Robertson and Markakis.

    Still with a fighting chance…

    • Millsy says:

      @Millsy, Surprised not to see Chris Carpenter on the injury All Stars (another casualty of mine).

      • @Millsy, good call. he wasn’t on the player rater b/c he hasn’t pitched an inning. will add him now.

        • Millsy says:

          @Rudy Gamble,

          Great. That makes 5 guys on my squad in a 20-team league showing up on the Injury All Stars & its honorable mention. Pretty brutal :-(

          I think Sawxo captures my feelings pretty well below…

          • @Millsy, yeah, that sucks.

  7. Sawx10 says:

    No Razzball post has ever made me as proud and depressed at the same time…

  8. quimmy says:

    Monday night on twitter Rudy posted a link to the Top 100 for the 2nd half and I clicked on it with jubilation only to see it was a dead link. :(

    This reminded me of this one time I hooked up with this really hot chick only to later find out that it was a dude!

    In both cases I closed my eyes and prayed for morning….

    • @quimmy, how you like those adam’s apples!

      • quimmy says:

        @Rudy Gamble, Ha!

  9. potus says:

    Rank Parker, Milone, McDonald this year & next please.

    Do either Parker or Milone have any IP concerns heading into the stretch run?

    thanks in advance


    • @potus, McDonald, Parker, Milone. No on Milone. He threw 170 IP last year and 150 the previous two years. Yes on Parker as he’s never exceeded 135 IP.

  10. Sal says:

    First of Rudy good work as usual. However I’m wondering what you think capuano will do in the second half?

    • @Sal, Thanks. Capuano’s peripherals (K/BB) have been solid for 2 straight years (one half of 2010 through 1st half of 2012) so I think he can keep up the 8 K / 3 BB per 9 IP. But I expect his ERA to regress towards 4.00 and maybe 5 wins.

  11. BASH says:

    Who you like ROS Halladay or Cliff Lee?

    • @BASH, Cliff Lee until I see Halladay throw a quality start – then Halladay.

  12. Bermuda Triangles says:

    Hey Grey, Hey Rudy

    A few quick questions:

    1) Fiers or Garza the rest of the way?
    2) Do you know if Fiers is going to pitch on Fri-Sat-Sun?
    3) I’ve been holding Santos all this time for some reason – do you see any value in him or should I just cut bait?

    Bermuda Triangles
    Get Lost!

    • @Bermuda Triangles, Garza. Only announced SP for Mil is Greinke on Friday. I don’t think Santos reclaims the closing job so I’d only hold onto him if you really need saves. I’d try to trade him before dropping him though – maybe to a Janssen owner.

  13. Ryan says:

    I am in a 20 team h2h dynasty league. I was offered jurickson profar for my Goldschmidt . What ya think of this deal?

    c jp arencibia
    1b prince fielder
    2b neil walker
    ss yunel escobar
    3b miguel cabrera
    inf chris johnson
    lf peter bourjos
    cf tony campana
    rf justin upton
    of carlos lee
    util paul goldschmidt
    bn andrelton simmons
    bn travis snider
    bn ryan lavernway
    Bn miguel Sano
    dl carl crawford
    dl evan longoria

    sp clayton kershaw
    sp yu darvish
    sp cliff lee
    sp jon lester
    rp sean doolittle
    rp matt thorton
    rp matt belisle
    p joe kelly
    p scott downs
    p aaron harang
    bn zack mccalister
    bn barry zito
    bn brad peacock
    dl anthony bass

    • @Ryan, Given that you have Fielder, Cabrera, and Longoria, yeah. Profar looks like a stud SS. damn your team looks stacked for a 20 team league…

  14. Swaz says:

    Floyd or Nolasco?

    • @Swaz, For shallow leagues, neither. Floyd better if you need Ks. Nolasco better bet for ERA (espec. if you sit him for tough away games).

  15. STRAWberry says:


    What’s your take on Strasburg’s IP limit? Will the Nats decide winning a penant is more important than treating Stras’s elbow like glass?

    I’m considering offering Prince for him in a H2H since I my SP is atrocious and I have some power to spare.

    Thank you in advance.

    • @STRAWberry, I think it’s a real concern. I think what they should do is sit him in August so he can pitch in September/October vs. the other way around. Fielder is definitely too much for him – especially in H2H.

  16. GeeWhiz says:

    Are we holding on to Dillon Gee? Waiver options: Z McAllister, F Morales, G Floyd, JA Happ, R Cook, G Holland

    • @GeeWhiz, Ryan Cook is on waivers? As long as Saves in a category, i’m making that switch. Seems like your league is deep enough on waivers not to worry about dropping Gee.

      • GeeWhiz says:

        @Rudy Gamble, Ah sorry should have mentioned it’s H2H points: W=10, QS=5, S=7 which is probably why he’s still out there, scoring skews towards starters.

        • @GeeWhiz, i’d go Floyd or McAllister then.

  17. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:


    ROS do you want Leonys Martin or Lorenzo Cain?

    In a dynasty league what do you think Leonys Martin’s value is?

    • @The Talented Mr. Dope Man, Cain just b/c I think he’s a little more assured of playing time but that goes by the way side if/when they bring up Wil Myers. I’m not a huge fan of Leonys Martin for fantasy baseball. Doesn’t seem to have huge power or speed which is what I look for in a prospect.

  18. TheBravesWear Prado says:

    Ozzie Guillen said he’s going to a closer committee to start the second half. Sounds like Cishek is the short term add. Do you think there’s a chance he takes the job and runs with it or is Bell’s contract and Oviedo’s return too much for him to keep the job?

    • @TheBravesWear Prado, I think Bell’s had a long enough leash at this point. He’s a sunk cost – I think they’ll move on and give the role to the best pitcher. I think Cishek has maybe a 20% shot at taking over the closer role and keeping it for the year. Worthy of a pickup.

  19. TheNewGuy says:

    Wainy a good buy? Looking at getting him in my league as I think he should be in for a nice 2nd half, trade Lester for him? Not gonna be pitching Jonny in any more Yanks-Sawx games after his last outing.

    • @TheNewGuy, I’d probably feel a little safer with Wainwright than Lester given the league/division.

      • TheNewGuy says:

        @Rudy Gamble, I wonder how he survived in years past, never had him before this year. Maybe he didn’t survive the Yanks before, maybe he just beat up on the O’s/Rays real bad.

        • @TheNewGuy, he’s just not as good as he was in years past. he wasn’t too far off in the 1st half from a peripheral standpoint but i have him ranked lower than i did in the preseason. still heavily invested him for better or worse…

  20. beardcrabs says:

    10 team keeper league, I have Martin Prado manning 3rd base with Mark Reynolds on the bench…

    I have 6 closers: Motte, Nathan, J. Johnson, Frieri, Betancourt, and Casilla.

    Would you trade any of them for Zimmerman or P. Alvarez…

    • @beardcrabs, Reynolds is droppable. Alvarez doesn’t give much value over Prado. If you can trade any of those closers – or even two of Motte/Johnson/Betancourt/Casilla for zimmerman – probably worth it.

  21. thebadger says:

    trade advice if poss….

    I give Reyes/Bruce/J Weeks

    i get Cano

    standard cats plus OBP. too much of an overpay?

    My starting offence is AJ, Prince, Altuve, Lawrie, Reyes, Weeks, Rizzo, Braun, Bruce, Victorino, Ethier, DeAza, Butler,

    Thank You

    • @thebadger, That sure seems like a big overpay. Wouldn’t you then have to pick up an additional MI?

      • thebadger says:

        @Rudy Gamble, yes thats correct

        In your opinion is Bruce/Reyes an overpay

        Jemille wouldve been dropped hence the inclusion

        So in essence its just Bruce/Reyes?

  22. Trevor

    tggq21 says:


    What do you think the chances are of Cischek getting the closers roll for the second half. (Keeping it). Just debating on picking him up or not.

  23. Trevor

    tggq21 says:

    Nevermind… Saw your post above!

  24. later tater says:

    hi rudy,

    props on the list. thanks for the hard work. love the site. love the podcasts.

    i’m hoping i could use the slow day for some advice in a long post

    one of my teams is like this:

    standard yahoo 12 team mixed 5×5 roto league

    now 3rd of 12 – 84 pts (leader has 93.5, 2nd is 87, 4th is 77.5)

    roster is

    c j montero
    1b rizzo
    2b a craig
    3b miggy
    ss jeter
    of beltran
    of melky
    of hamilton
    util austin jackson
    util q berry/he run
    bn carlos quentin
    dl lucroy

    sp felix
    sp j johnson (just got him)
    p capuano
    p anibal
    p burnett (new waiver pickup – started 1 time for me)
    p scherzer
    p m leake (just got him)
    rp soriano
    rp casilla
    rp janssen
    rp broxton
    rp holland

    ok in most categories (3rd place) except whip (1.33) and era (4.17) which are like 2-3 or 3-4pts (leader is 1.17/3.24) and sb (4 pts with 58; 7-8 pt teams have 77)

    leading saves with 82, next 2 teams have 65 each – one is punting sp and has all closers

    was leading league from week 3 until early june, then started slipping; holding steady last 7 days before asb;

    overall, what do you think of this team?

    generally, what to do? stand pat? obviously pitching needs help, but i just traded for j johnson and have not had him start for me yet; also got burnett off waivers and leake as fa – both started 1 time so far

    should i try to flip a closer in a package for a starter?

    as for sb’s, i’m thinking to stand pat, as maybe he run and jackson will keep me competitive

    as always, thanks for your help

  25. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Rudy, should Lester be cut in your typical RCL? Hasn’t helped me a bit in the first half; what he has done besides giving me few wins is destroy my peripherals.


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