We’ve got 8 of 10 slots filled in for our inaugural Fantasy Razzball league – where the basic objective is to compile the worst roster of MLB players. That’s right – the worst team.

The blogs set to participate are:
Razzball.com (Rudy Gamble)
Razzball.com (Grey Albright)
Greener on the Other Side
Mop Up Duty
Herb Urban
Cards in the Attic
Lou Poulas (Fantasy Insider Online, Sweet Lou’s Baseball Lab, Razzball.com)

We need two more participants so if you’re interested in joining, please e-mail us at [email protected] Draft day is scheduled for Saturday, March 22nd at 4PM EST.

Check out these links for the rules and a review of the least valuable – or as we like to say the most invaluable – players in 2007.

The biggest thrill and challenge is the absence of established strategies and expert rankings. A-Rod is almost a universal #1 in standard games – who will be #1 in our “Nick Punto is Ford Tough” Razzball league? I have no idea though I would’ve guessed league poster child Nick Punto if he was assured of playing time.

To create somewhat of a level playing field, I’ve created a 2008 Fantasy Razzball Player Rater based on Baseball Prospectus and Baseball HQ projections. I adopted our Point Shares methodology that we used for projected rankings of standard fantasy baseball. I used Baseball Prospectus’s depth chart to make sure only projected starters or key backups were included in the rankings for position players and starting pitchers.

This Player Rater should help all the participants set up their draft rankings and, for those of you not playing, should prove to be somewhat amusing….

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    I’m watching the Cristian Guzman/Felipe Lopez battle very closely.

  2. dchase says:

    this idea is brilliant. i wish i had more time on my hands, i tend to do well when the objective is to field the worst team possible.

  3. Dusty Baker is a Razzball visionary. Him, Ron Gardenhire (aka the sponsor of Punto and Jason Tyner), and Tony LaRussa. I think the Bay Area teams have a lead right now in Razzball vs. the Beltway teams (Washington/Baltimore) but it should be a fun battle.

    Just give Cristian Guzman 400 AB and he’s a 1st round pick. Felipe was amazing last year but he might bounce back this year. If Manny Acta wants to enter the Razzball coaching pantheon, he has to stick with Guzman. (I say give Felipe Lopez some time at 1B!)

    dchase – wish you could join us. should be fun. hopefully our teams in the fantasy writers league don’t have many razzball stars….

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