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Do you like the words of Rudy Gamble but only wish they were narrated with verbal stammers and Tim Kurkjian-like voice cracking?

Pine no more! I was a guest of The Fantasy Baseball Gurus podcast on Sunday night. I come on around the 33 minute mark.

The show is hosted by Todd “The True GURU” Farino (Tony Cincotta of Fantasy Baseball Mafia guest-hosted this show), Patrick “The General” DiCaprio (from the Fantasy Baseball Generals blog) and RC Rizza. They put on a weekly podcast that’s worth checking out – even when I’m not on it.

If only I had the audio from when Grey called into Dr. Drew and asked whether it was odd that he only got erections when thinking about Alex Rios….

3 Responses

  1. Don’t we all sit around and cheer grown men touching themselves and holding their wood in there hands. Yes to be a baseball fan you have to be comfortable with your sexuality.

  2. Chase says:

    Now I know the origin of the name

  3. @Chase: Yes, we were going to save the origin story for Razzball: The Movie but didn’t want to disappoint the Gurus…

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