Yes, this is a two-start article, but we’re going let this edition serve as a reminder of a few things for the rest of the fantasy season as Andrew Cashner was recently the star of a trade between the Marlins and Padres. As a result, let us remember:

  1. Andrew Cashner’s not good.
  2. Leaving Petco Park to pitch is not good. (Even with improvements to the Park Factor, it’s still a net positive for pitchers)
  3. A horrendous pitcher that throws twice in a week isn’t a better option; they’re an exponentially worse option.
  4. Andrew Cashner’s not good.

Did the Marlins actually break their bank in this trade? No, and they’ve done that before (see: post WS win seasons). However, I may rather have all four players on the Padres side of this deal rather than the post-hype non-sleeper Andrew Cashner and, wait for it, Colin Rea. Now pitching in Miami, Cashner has a few things in his favor, like facing the Philies and Braves more often, but with only eight weeks left in the season the opportunities are minimal.

Let’s also set a record straight: Matt Shoemaker (the other SP I considered highlighting) Andrew Cashner is not. For a long stretch this season Matt Shoemaker has mirrored the norm of Clayton Kershaw. Cashner’s upped his K’s in his past 3+ starts, but let me close this little segment about why points 1 and 4 above are stout: he’s having the worst season of his career without an inflated stat, like BABIP, to blame for the numbers. 4.76 ERA, 4.94 FIP, and worse in every major category from 2015.

It may be worth it in real life for the Marlins as they push for the playoffs, but for your fantasy squad Andrew Cashner’s still not good. Which, this week, makes him doubly bad. Don’t break your bank to go get him.

Pitchers are listed in order by rank. Colors represent worst 8 or best 8 opponents according to team wOBA for last 14 days.


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Madison Bumgarner (SF) @PHI, @WSH 2.09/2.97 10.15/2.15
Danny Salazar (CLE) MIN, @NYY 2.97/3.31 10.14/3.82
Stephen Strasburg (WSH) @ARI, SF 2.68/2.93 10.93/2.54
Yu Darvish (TEX) @BAL, @HOU 3.09/2.58 12.66/3.09
Carlos Carrasco (CLE) MIN, @NYY 2.45/4.02 8.44/2.55
Lance McCullers (HOU) TOR, TEX 3.18/2.76 11.79/5.19
David Price (BOS) @SEA, @LAD 4.26/3.28 9.46/1.94


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Danny Duffy (KC) @TB, TOR 3.22/3.50 9.83/1.97
Masahiro Tanaka (NYY) @NYM, CLE 3.16/3.34 7.25/1.81
Matt Shoemaker (LAA) OAK, @SEA 4.17/3.29 8.80/1.82
Chris Archer (TB) KC, MIN 4.42/4.05 10.70/3.52


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Brandon McCarthy (LAD) @COL, BOS 2.39/2.65 11.28/3.08
Jonathan Gray (COL) LAD, MIA 3.94/3.80 9.36/2.87
Adam Conley (MIA) @CHC, @COL 3.38/3.80 8.59/3.61
Jaime Garcia (STL) @CIN, ATL 3.97/3.85 7.40/3.15
Jason Hammel (CHC) MIA, @OAK 3.23/4.34 7.64/2.76
Dylan Bundy (BAL) TEX, @CWS 3.46/4.35 8.48/2.77


Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Matt Moore (TB) KC, MIN 4.08/4.54 7.55/2.77
James Paxton (SEA) BOS, LAA 4.27/3.09 8.40/2.34
Andrew Cashner (MIA) MIL, PHI 4.76/4.94 7.60/3.40
Michael Foltynewicz (ATL) PIT, @STL 4.30/4.87 7.79/2.42

THE 8c65e5de808ec301754508366480250c

Player Opponents ERA/FIP K9/BB9
Zach Eflin (PHI) SF, @SD 4.23/4.51 4.39/1.95
Marcus Stroman (TOR) @HOU, @KC 4.92/3.93 6.72/2.33
CC Sabathia (NYY) @NYM, CLE 3.95/4.03 6.81/3.36
Sonny Gray (OAK) @LAA, CHC 5.43/4.73 7.36/3.34
Doug Fister (HOU) TOR, TEX 3.73/4.62 5.63/3.15
Jimmy Nelson (MIL) @SD, @ARI 3.71/4.79 6.77/4.00
Archie Bradley (ARI) WSH, MIL 4.17/4.53 8.67/4.50
Yordano Ventura (KC) @TB, TOR 4.88/4.88 6.77/3.62
Logan Verrett (NYM) NYY, @DET 4.12/5.06 6.17/3.87
Wade LeBlanc (SEA) BOS, LAA 4.26/5.27 6.39/1.42
Kyle Gibson (MIN) @CLE, @TB 4.54/4.22 6.63/2.91
Tyler Duffey (MIN) @CLE, @TB 6.12/2.80 7.03/2.31
Eduardo Rodriguez (BOS) @SEA, @LAD 6.51/6.07 6.89/3.45
Cody Reed (CIN) STL, @PIT 7.07/6.05 9.34/3.35
Anthony Ranaudo (CWS) @DET, BAL 8.71/9.43 4.35/10.45

All players listed are projected for two starts, and this list is subject to changes after the article is posted.

Good luck in Week 18! Now’s the time to break your bank for a Starting Pitcher if you’re in massive need of one, but please, oh, please don’t go doing it for Andrew Cashner. Throw that cash elsewhere (like David Price on a buy low!)


  1. Joel

    Papa Jean Segura says:

    McCutchen and Osuna for kluber? Which side you like?

    • @Papa Jean Segura: Hard to gauge true value in this without context. If you need a hitter, you could do worse than taking a shot in a Cutch turn around. Adding the closer is a big bonus, but Kluber’s a bonafide ace. Doc without knowing anything else I’ll answer it this way…

      At this point in the year, I have to have a glaring need and opportunity to rise quickly inSP for me to trade a hitter for one. The impact they can make is really deflated due to the amount of starts they have left, whereas Cutch could actually make a difference in counting stats still.

      Check your context, but be hesitant moving for a SP (and I LOVE me some Kluber)

  2. Krinks says:

    Cutch sucks this year.

    • @Krinks: Yes. It’s been brutal, The pop is still there somewhat, but a big step down in every category besides HR.

  3. jb says:

    Mark Melancon to WAS went down. Tony Watson or Sam Dyson? Gracias.

    • @jb: Give me Dyson. The Pirates moving Melancon spells that they’re not pushing for a playoff spot. The saves chances seem to be higher for Dyson, even though Watson may be the better pitcher.

  4. Mr.A says:

    dynasty league:

    Id get: goldschmidt, odubel, mondesi jr, maybin, and arica

    I’d give: strasburg, darvish, ozuna, polanco, and kipnis.

    do it? or nah?

    • @Mr.A: I always value hitters over pitchers in keeper and dynasty, and you always want to just target the best options. But I wouldn’t give up that much for him. Kipnis already does what Arcia hopes to do, and if you rank the 10 as a whole it’s Goldy, then your 5, then the others. Maybe Arcia over Kipnis due to age, but that’s it. You’re giving up too much.

  5. wthdude says:

    Isn’t Gerrit Cole going twice this week?

    • @wthdude: No, since the Pirates have Monday off he’s not slated to throw again until Wednesday next week.

  6. Mike says:

    I’m chasing K’s and W’s on Sunday. Which one pitcher would you pick between the following 3: snell( vs NNY), big game James( vs MIN) or Skaggs(vs BOS).

    • @Mike: Id pick Snell of those three. Shields has really turned it around, but I don’t trust his team or his K’s. Smell gives you a good chance at the W against a meh Yanks team, but could also easily go 8+ on the K’s. Wouldn’t touch Skaggs vs Boston.

  7. True and Correct says:

    Assume Cole 2 steps. I certainly do. 2 great home starts. Where would he rank ?
    I’d definitely rank him ahead of Darvish who has 2 tough starts.
    I’d also put Archer in the 1st tier ahead of McCullers.
    Also, assuming Archer goes twice. Nice 2 home step. Biggest question is if Archer is dealt before his 2nd start.
    Cole WILL double.

    • @True and Correct: It would be awesome for my NL Only if he did, but looking at scheduled starters he isnt projected to start again until Wednesday. IF he did he would be in the top tier.

      We’ll see on Archer. The Rays are asking for a massive haul to get him.

  8. Chucky says:

    Apparently everyone knew, except the Red Sox , that you cant bring a boy ( Pomeranz, NL W) to do a mans job ( AL E). Funny thing is, he hasn’t faced an AL E team yet, SF, Det and LAA since the trade. 0-3. Hows that worked out for the Sox so far? Can Pomeranz be kicked to the curb or at least back to the NL for the likes of Gibson, Garcia, Koehler, Ray types?

    • @Chucky: Haha I mean you can drop Pomeranz for those guys, but I’m not. In any way. He hasn’t been as stellar as he was in San Diego yet, but he’s still a good bit more valuable than those mentioned.

  9. Doug says:

    Cashner is not a two start pitcher next week.

    • @Doug: Yeah…about that. Haha, Grey and I have been emailing tonight about it. I was expecting him to get bumped a day with the trade, but nope! And now I look like a dope. #rhymetime

  10. Tom James says:

    “A horrendous pitcher WHO throws twice in a week isn’t a better option; HE’S an exponentially worse option.” Good thought, bad diction. Write it right. It’s your craft. If you can’t do it, get an editor.

    • @Tom James: Hahaha, oh Tom. Take a breath. Get off your grammar high horse. And realize that the sentence in question isn’t grammatically incorrect for the context of a blog. Have fun making every article in here bleed. I was an English major; I know all about formal grammar. Like that little semicolon there.

      As for Cashner…still a horrendous pitcher that is doubly bad and exponentially worse.

  11. Pugs & Slugs says:

    Hendricks got bumped to Monday for Matusz.
    Mon vs. MIA, SUN @OAK
    Maybe somewhere in the Replicas?

    • Pugs & Slugs says:

      @Pugs & Slugs: @Pugs & Slugs: With the exception of his last outing a case could be made to be in the top tier as well.

      • @Pugs & Slugs: I love me some Hendricks! He was the highlight of my affection in last week’s article. While the last start wasn’t as stellar, it happens for them all. I’d put him in the top tier under Carrasco. He’s been Arrieta-esque all year.

  12. The Harrow says:

    not saying cashner’s good, but MIA is a better pitchers park than SD now.

    • @The Harrow: True, the park factors are similar. Even if they’re a wash, I’m still not looking for him to get a boost in fantasy terms.

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