Well it was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it Michael Kopech owners? We wait all year for the call up, he gets multiple starts interrupted by rain, gets blown up for seven runs, and now won’t pitch a meaningful inning until 2020 after undergoing Tommy John surgery to fix his torn UCL. ISN’T BASEBALL FUN. I AM HAVING A BALL. You know what else is fun? Trying to rank starting pitchers when multiple teams aren’t even using starting pitchers anymore. Now it’s “openers” and “primary pitchers”. What am I supposed to do with this?! Ranking a hundred damn starters is hard enough without this Opener business to deal with! Come on MLB managers, throw me a friggin bone here! Where did my bottle of gin get to…


The Risers

  • Derek Holland, SF (+14) – The Giants may have the worst offense in baseball right now, but one thing they do have going for them is some solid pitching. Bummy has been a bit questionable given expectations, but surprises like Dereck Rodriguez and Andrew Suarez have been quite pleasant. You can count Holland among those pleasant surprises. He walks more batters than you’d like, and that keeps his ceiling somewhat capped. Outside of that though, he’s been effective. He now boasts a 3.54 ERA on the year (and I’m sure he does boast about it) along with nearly a strikeout per inning. He finally cracks the top 40 this week, although with that walk rate and only a few weeks left to go, this is about as high as he’ll climb.
  • Luis Castillo, CIN (+9) – I could be mistaken, but I believe at one point Castillo had dropped off the list entirely. It was deserved, since he posted a whopping 5.49 ERA in the first half of the season. Yowza. Well, most casual fantasy baseballers have stopped paying attention by now, so they won’t know that Castillo has posted a 3.20 ERA over 45 second-half innings. He also has an obscene 10.60 K/9 and 1.60 BB/9. His fastball was getting tattooed early on, as his velocity dipped down to 95 MPH on average. So far in September it’s back up to 97 where it was last year, and the results have been markedly better. He’s at least back in streamer territory for the rest of the season, and his ADP in 2019 will be a fun one to watch.
  • Jake Junis, KC (+14) – Junis was an easy one to write off after a 5.13 ERA through the All Star break. However, after the break he has posted a shiny 2.75 ERA with over a strikeout per inning. His command has improved, and with that he has been able to correct what killed him over the first half: the home run. He has gone from a 2.12 HR/9 in the first half to a mere 0.52 HR/9 over his last 52.1. He gets two starts next week against weak division foes in the White Sox and Twins, and he’s worth a look in deeper leagues as he tries to keep the good times rolling.


The Fallers

  • Jose Berrios, MIN (-14) – After a few rough starts early in the season, Berrios was able to fix his delivery and get back to pitching like the Twins best starter. Granted, that isn’t saying much, but back to pitching like a top 20 starter. He got back into a slump over the second half, and unfortunately he hasn’t been able to get right as of yet. I gave him a bit of the benefit of the doubt after he fixed himself earlier, but this prolonged slump is too much to ignore with such little season left. Berrios has a 4.69 ERA over the second half while his walk rate has more than doubled to 4.46 BB/9. Fortunately he’ll miss the Yankees series and get the Royals again the next time out, so if you’re in a pinch you can throw him out there and hope for the best.
  • Sean Newcomb, ATL (-18) – Newcomb was due for some obvious regression in the first half. His 3.51 ERA and 8.31 K/9 were nice, but he was still walking 4.46 batters per nine. His FIP was 4.15. His second-half FIP is 4.23, but his ERA has swung to the other side of his FIP, as it lies at 4.87. The K-BB% has only changed 0.4%. Fortunately for him, he gets the Giants his next time out, which is nearly a must-start. He’s still in deep league streaming territory, but I wouldn’t trust him against patient offenses.
  • Andrew Heaney, LAA (-14) – I have no idea why most of these players I’ve highlighted today are rising or falling by 14 spots, but it’s kind of freaking me out. I mean, I could go in and change them I guess, but that seems like a lot of work. Besides, I enjoy creepy things. Yes, I am looking forward to Halloween. Where am I? Oh yes, Razzland. Baseball. Right. Heaney was a big riser earlier in the season, but it seems that as the Angels playoff hopes have faded, so too has Heaney. He has put up a 4.85 ERA over 55.2 second-half innings, dropping more than a strikeout per inning. He could very well just be wearing out, since his 164.1 innings are just a touch higher than the 49.1 innings he tossed in 2017 as he worked his way back from Tommy John. He’s tough to roll with the rest of the season, but I will probably be into his 2019 ADP if this second half depresses his overall numbers enough.

The Top 100 Starting Pitchers

Rank Name Previous Rank
1 Max Scherzer 1
2 Jacob DeGrom 2
3 Corey Kluber 3
4 Justin Verlander 4
5 Chris Sale N/A
6 Aaron Nola 5
7 Gerrit Cole 6
8 Clayton Kershaw 7
9 Zack Greinke 8
10 Blake Snell 9
11 Carlos Carrasco 10
12 Patrick Corbin 11
13 James Paxton 12
14 Noah Syndergaard 13
15 Charlie Morton 14
16 David Price 16
17 Jack Flaherty 17
18 Mike Clevinger 18
19 Zack Wheeler 19
20 Madison Bumgarner 20
21 Luis Severino 15
22 J.A. Happ 21
23 Rick Porcello 22
24 Alex Wood 23
25 Jameson Taillon 25
26 Rich Hill 33
27 Mike Foltynewicz 27
28 German Marquez 34
29 Eduardo Rodriguez 32
30 Jon Gray 28
31 Walker Buehler 30
32 Cole Hamels 35
33 Kyle Freeland 31
34 Miles Mikolas 29
35 Stephen Strasburg 39
36 Tanner Roark 40
37 Nick Pivetta 41
38 Jose Berrios 24
39 Derek Holland 53
40 Dallas Keuchel 38
41 Kevin Gausman 43
42 Dereck Rodriguez 49
43 Kyle Hendricks 62
44 CC Sabathia 42
45 Mike Minor 55
46 Carlos Rodon 37
47 Robbie Ray 48
48 Chris Archer 44
49 Trevor Cahill 45
50 Kyle Gibson 46
51 Masahiro Tanaka 51
52 Joey Lucchesi 57
53 Anibal Sanchez 50
54 Sean Newcomb 36
55 Joe Musgrove 52
56 Jake Arrieta 54
57 Tyler Glasnow 47
58 Clay Buchholz 58
59 Jose Quintana 60
60 Mike Fiers 63
61 Zack Godley 70
62 Andrew Suarez 61
63 Luis Castillo 72
64 Vince Velasquez 64
65 Wade LeBlanc 67
66 Steven Matz 73
67 Shane Bieber 65
68 Nathan Eovaldi 66
69 Hyun-Jin Ryu 59
70 Andrew Heaney 56
71 Jon Lester 77
72 Mike Montgomery 69
73 Jhoulys Chacin 74
74 Jordan Zimmermann 75
75 Anthony DeSclafani 82
76 Trevor Richards 76
77 Zach Eflin 68
78 Michael Fulmer 71
79 Matt Boyd 78
80 Chase Anderson 79
81 Reynaldo Lopez 80
82 Julio Teheran 81
83 Jake Junis 97
84 Lance Lynn 83
85 Alex Cobb 84
86 John Gant 85
87 Jaime Barria 86
88 Gio Gonzalez 87
89 Robbie Erlin 88
90 Jake Odorizzi 89
91 Austin Gomber 90
92 Jose Urena N/A
93 Edwin Jackson 100
94 Yonny Chirinos 94
95 Brad Keller 95
96 Felix Pena 96
97 Matt Shoemaker N/A
98 Junior Guerra 98
99 Mike Leake 99
100 Zach Davies N/A



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4 years ago

The second week of my playoff matchup is about to start and I have a slim lead in WHIP (.910 to .977) and am trailing in ERA by just over a run (3.538 to 2.455). I have a comfortable lead in Ks (76 to 45) and Ws (5 to 2) and anticipate taking SVs, too. Holds, like usual, will probably be a toss up.

I’m looking to add another two-start SP to my lineup. I know none of these names are great, but who would you start out of Godley, Quintana, Newcomb, and Musgrove? Another option I’d have is to start Sale who is going to be on a pitches thrown/IP count but, given his matchups, shouldn’t kill my ratios. Do I play it safe and start him instead?

true and correct
true and correct
4 years ago

Nice call on Heaney. haha

4 years ago

Looks like Trevor Williams is lined up for two starts now. Would you start him over Ryu?


Reply to  Dokken
4 years ago

@Dokken: Alright gotcha yea I was a little worried about him getting that second one too. Ryu pretty safe to get his second though ya think?

surfer dude
surfer dude
4 years ago

Hi Dokken, Wade Miley has 2 starts: PIT, @CHI, just missed or no love?
Also, if just missed, would you start him over Jake Junis CHI, MIN?

surfer dude
surfer dude
Reply to  Dokken
4 years ago

@surfer dude: @Dokken: thanks for the advise and quick response!!

surfer dude
surfer dude
Reply to  surfer dude
4 years ago

@surfer dude: sorry, also available Jaime Barria TEX, SEA…
so who’s the drop out of the 3 – Barria, Junis, Miley – thanks again!

surfer dude
surfer dude
Reply to  Dokken
4 years ago

@Dokken: Then so am I ; )


4 years ago

I picked up Heaney for a 2 start week and they started him today instead screwing up my plans. He did pitch amazingly today though which is great. Would you keep him for a 1 start week at home vs SEA or drop him for Barria and his 2 starts? Playoff time I usually try to load up on 2 start guys but Leblanc got moved too so I lost his 2 start week already as well. frustrating

4 years ago

Hey Dokken! Great job as usual! I feel like Heaney got a peek at this article before he took the mound today and you shamed him into a great start.

Out of tomorrow’s Tex @ LAA matchup, which side would you stream? Mike Minor or Jaime Barria? SON feels exactly the same about both of them. Angels have problems with lefties but Barria has already handled the Range’ batters well twice. Help me Obi Wan Kinobi, you’re my only hope!!!