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I love New York City and I love St. Patrick’s Day, but the last time I combined the two was a sordid tale. I was about 12 sheets to the wind on the 7AM train into the city. By mid morning (which was cloudy) I had passed out. I woke up in a small nook near a stoop in the afternoon (now it was sunny). The change in weather – combined with waking up still drunk – led me to believe that I had slept through to the next day. I had lost my crew and found about $1.25 in change around my person. Apparently people mistook me for a derelict teen down on his luck. I made the most of the afternoon, took the train home, and arrived back at the house to find my crew sitting in the living room. They had spent the entire day looking for their lost friend in NYC and oh BTW I was their ride home from the train station. They were not happy. Here are the top ten specs in the Mets system. Slainte!

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