If All-Star weekend should be celebrated for anything nowadays it should be for it’s premier event. That of course being the MLB Futures Game! What’s that you ask? Am I a little out of touch with reality right now? No, you are! Do you want to start this right here? Right now? EXACTLY! (beats chest a few times like an ape) This game is by far my favorite part of the entire shindig, and this year’s crop has a ton of talent on the USA team and the World squad. With this in mind and fresh on the heels of my Top 100 release, Lance and I cover the gambit. Starting with some updates from around the minors, followed by some Top 100 talk, further followed by the 2018 MLB Futures Game Preview. This show is jam packed with knowledge and ready to go! As always checkout our sponsor Rotowear over on Rotowear.com. You can use our promo-code SAGNOF to get 20% off any Rotowear brand shirt. It’s this week’s edition of the Razzball Prospect Podcast:

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