In the aftermath of 3-0-gate, Grey and yours truly jump into the fray, and give our on the whole silly Tatis granny. As if you needed another opinion on this. Don’t you worry we quickly get it out of our systems and move onto the good stuff. No, not the 30 year old scotch in your desk drawer, we’re talking oodles of fantasy baseball jewels for your noodles. We talk Reds postponement, Oscar Mercado’s demotion, Mookie’s continued success in Hollywood, and Grey finally admits Corey Seager is good at hitting baseballs. It was like group therapy with less trust falls! After we run through all that we jump into the trio of Tigers promotions before rounding it out with injuries and hot schmotato talk. It’s another week of the Razzball podcast but with 20% less fat!

Please, blog, may I have some more?