Don’t worry, our blunders are still pretty entertaining!  Due to some last-second scheduling, our joke about the Oscars at the beginning became painfully true for us as well, as we jacked around the date and put the Pod up today!  Eh, well, it’s still early Spring, we got time before the season!  On today’s show, we recap some news from Spring like Anthony DeSclafani‘s elbow, Danny Salazar‘s great debut, and Max Scherzer‘s knuckle.  Then to the meat n potatoes – we preview Grey’s 1B and 2B rankings, with a light smattering of a C preview as well!  Follow along with the ranks found here, and let us know your additional thoughts in the comments.  Hopefully you can bring in more Brewers discussion, like Grey kept doing!  Here’s the latest edition of the Razzball Baseball Podcast:

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