If you missed Razzball Radio this week, here’s your recap. And don’t forget, the podcasts (inside every video post) and the Daily Fantasy Hot Sheet (all the day’s fantasy news in under five minutes) are available over there.


Grey and I talked all kinds of goodness.  Like why Oscar Taveras is already a HOFer, what Super 2’s we might see in the near future, and more horrible trade offers!


Sky and I rolled up our sleeves and talked daily fantasy strategy. The Guru also brought his usual charm to the game of ‘Jam It or Cram It’.


Grey and I talked Brad Miller, Oswaldo Arcia, Eddie Butler, Cliff Lee, Cody Allen, and new player nicknames!


What?  The title didn’t explain this show?  Sigh… okay, fine.  Guru and I played ‘Jam It Or Cram It’ and Smokey brought his usual wit to bullpen drama.  There.  Happy now?  Sheesh.


Rudy came out from the Razzball bunker to play a little buy and sell!