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If you missed Razzball Radio this week, here’s your recap. By the way folks, we’re getting closer and closer to the 32in32in32 Razzball tour, and I’m not sure if you knew this, but you’re all invited. Even Grey. CRAZY, I know. While it’s a Fantasy Football tour (protip: Jay is releasing hisrankings right now…), there will be plenty of beer and Razzball to go around, so it’s not like you baseball folk will complain. I mean, you could complain, but why? Beer I tell ya, BEEEEER. Beer. So get your tickets for beer. I mean, you also get to support the thing you love (ahem, you know, Razzball), AND you secure a spot for our Razzball Fantasy Baseball Tour next year… you just can’t lose. Unless you’re the Tampa Bay Rays. Then, you know, well, beer. The answer to everything.

Don’t forget, the podcast’s (inside every video post) and the Daily Fantasy Hot Sheet (all the day’s fantasy news in under five minutes) are available over there. Also, beer.


Grey and I discussed Arenado, Harper, Betts, Cain, Altuve, and more, as well as the Giants, Angels and Rays bullpen situations.  Seems like we’re forced to discuss those a lot, no?

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Fantasy LEGEND Nando DiFino joined me to talk fantasy baseball.  Man this guy is good!


Grey and I discussed Hosmer, Abreu’s 2015 draft ranking, the best gif ever, and more!


Sky gave us some very relevant deep leagues to go grab and Guru and I played jam or cram. Good times!