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If you missed Razzball Radio this week, here’s your recap. And don’t forget, the podcast’s (inside every video post) and the Daily Fantasy Hot Sheet (all the day’s fantasy news in under five minutes) are available over there.


Grey and I went over the weekend’s fantasy news, and we launched on the FNTSY Sports Network, all with a big prize announcement for the Razzball Tour!  So, it was kind of a big day!

(We’ll be on FNTSY Sports Network at 2:00 PM EST and 5:30 PM EST M-F.)


Sky talked deep leaguers, and the Guru jammed/crammed, and SAGNOF Mike made his first appearance as we looked at who to steal steals from on the wire!


Grey and I discussed what was going on with Starling Marte, Alex Wood getting stretched out, and would Oscar the Great get sent back down and more!


The Guru and I covered Wainwright, Beltran, Verlander, and more!  Tehol made an appearance and immediately blew his credibility by saying Domonic Brown is good.

  1. ram says:

    I think Dom Brown is solid despite poor start. He is turning it around. I have him on my roster and there are a couple guys I would cut before him (Bonifacio, Lowrie and maybe even Cuddyer on my team). It is not helping him out much that he hits 6th or 7th (not much protection behind him and one less AB per game).
    Maybe I am delusional, but I like his swing and his speed.

    • Nick The Podcast Host

      Nick The Podcast Host says:

      @ram: We were just questioning Tehol ‘ s intelligence!

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @ram: Delusional is a strong word. I prefer misguided. Ha! The Domonic debate rages on. I do think he’s better than what he’s shown but I also think he’s running out of time to prove that.

      • ram says:

        @Sky: I agree with the running out of time but Granderson just went down and I have basically been platooning him with Brown in outfield. Luckily the other two are Adam Jones and Pence. I also have Cuddyer on DL so Dom is kinda safe, til the AllStar break at least.

        • Sky

          Sky says:

          @ram: Sure, I’d fill in with David DeJesus if I had to. Yes, Tehol, I just compared Dom to DeJesus.

  2. Tehol Beddict says:

    RAM!!!! you beautiful man you. May the Gods bless you for all of eternity. I shall slaughter a goat tonight in your honor.

    • SwaggerJackers says:

      @Tehol Beddict: I’m pretty sure you just created a second account as “ram” so you could compliment yourself.

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