David Dahl | OF, Rockies | Born:  4/1/1994


The Rockies drafted Dahl 10th overall in 2012 out of high school. The lofty draft status was warranted — Dahl’s raw tools had baseball folks tabbing his upside among the highest in the class. His pro debut only reaffirmed his touters, as the 18-year-old’s impact was profound from the moment he stepped on the diamond at Grand Junction for his rookie-level assignment. Through 67 games that year, Dahl posted a line at .379/.423/.625 with 9 HR and 12 SB, earning the Pioneer League MVP. Naturally, he entered 2013 with enormous expectations. But after a curious misjudgment to begin the season brought fourth character concerns, and then a subsequent hamstring injury ended his season early, Dahl faded somewhat from the prospect spotlight.

Fantasy Tools Profile

Simply put, Dahl has everything you’re looking for in a fantasy outfielder: Plus pop, plus stick, plus wheels, and a high-end defensive skill set that should cement his role as an everyday guy. The character concerns that arose last spring were largely overblown — 19-year-olds don’t always think things through, believe it or not. Recent reports on his makeup and baseball acumen, actually, are quite positive.


Dahl, age 20, is off to a terrific start at Low-A Asheville, batting .276/.317/.552 with 15 XBH (8 HR) and 9 SB through 124 trips to the plate. He’d do well to be more selective at the plate, but that will come with development. This year will be his first full season, and how he holds up — both in terms of health and performance — will have great influence on his stock as a prospect.

What’s Next

If all goes well, Dahl could push his way to High-A around mid-season, on track for the upper levels next year. A 2016 arrival is conceivable, but it’s much more likely that we don’t see him at Coors before 2017. He’s a top-50-type fantasy prospect for now, and there’s great risk, considering his youth and inexperience, but Dahl is the sort of talent who could push his way into the top-15 range before this season is over.

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  1. Nightpandas says:

    Hey Scotty,

    I got a couple of offers for Polanco in my 15 team / keep 11 roto. Kenley + pick or Nathan. Not interested in a closer but wondering what type of batter or SP I could get in return. The ole trade while their value is high. This backfired on me a couple of years ago trading Trout for Kinsler but I did win that year so all good (the first year Trout came up)

    Or should I just stay put and let the hype machine build….

    • Moronymous Lohse says:

      @Nightpandas: That really is the question…is the hype worth keeping over proven talent. I’d be tempted to hold Polanco. But I remember someone asking in a thread weeks ago the day George Springer came up – “a guy in my league wants to trade Julio Teheran to me for George Springer. Should I do it?”

      I don’t think he did the trade and instead kept Springer. Now he probably couldn’t trade Springer for Julio Lugo, never mind Julio Teheran.

      • Psychedelic Floyd says:

        @Moronymous Lohse: I would hang on to Polanco, he has Power and Speed and good contact ability with a good approach will keep his batting avg high and allow him to succeed right away IMO. And the Pirates have a solid lineup so if he’s hitting in the thick of it his counting stats should be substantial. Polanco IMO is much safer bet to produce right away than Springer was/is. That being said, I think Springer will still reward owners who were patient and threaten a 20/20 season when all is said and done. The Astros have every incentive to be extremely patient with him and give him every opportunity to succeed, so anyone who is dropping him after 90 PA’s is just silly and doesn’t really know what they are doing in regards to impact prospects getting their first taste of MLB pitching. He has succeeded at every level and making the necessary adjustments will allow him to put those massive tools on display. BE PATIENT. And hang on to Polanco! Trading him for a closer would be a massive mistake, and anything less than a top100 player would be a mistake IMO as well, because he surely has the upside to be much higher than that.

    • I’d hold if this is the best offer you’re getting on Greg.

  2. coco krispie says:

    What percent of my faab budget should I spend on Javier Baez in a keeper league (just get to keep any 4 players each year) who was just dropped?

  3. Scott says:

    Is this going to replace the normal prospect post that your normally post on Wednesdays

    • Prospect Power Rankings run every other weds… not enough turnover to make that a weekly feature.

  4. jb says:

    My P staff is darvish, wacha, hamels, cingrani, lohse, cj wilson, liriano, k rod, lindstrom, nate jones… should I hold on to liriano or pick up a starter like hammel or take a chance on save with carlos torres (15 team mixed 9 pitchers ERA, WHIP, W Sves, no K’s)

    • I’m comfortable cutting Liriano at this point…

  5. Druss says:

    Hey Scott ,
    I can just keep 2 out of these 3 in the NA spot. Baez , Singleton and Sano!
    Who should I drop? Or I just keep Baez and Sano in NA and pray Singleton comes up soon?

    • Sano’s still a T10 prospect, but he’s gonna take up a NA spot for the next two years… if you’re prepared to deal with that, then yes, promote Singleton because he’ll be up within 5 weeks.

      • Druss says:

        @Scott Evans:

        Then I gotta let Sano go. This is the 2nd year I’m holding him and I can keep him for 3 years at $1 after that according to our league rules
        ” The predetermined rate will be the average of the 5 highest valued players at his position according to Yahoo! average public auction costs”

        So it doesn’t make any sense to keep Sano I can hope no one picks him up and I can get him back next year!

        • It’s a shame because he’s a monster talent…

  6. MB says:

    Need some deep league help Scott– was offered clint coulter for gabe guerrero. Already have francisco mejia, derek norris and wieters. Do the deal?

    Thank you as always

  7. THE_FREAK says:

    What’s your take on Ramiel Tapia? Do you buy into the OT comps? He might surpass Dahl as the next big thing in Colorado before the end of the year.

    What do you think of Raul Mondesi Jr? Do you think he can make a jump and be part of the next wave of SS after Baez, Russell, Correa, and Lindor? What’s his ETA?

    I’ve been itching to pick up Dahl and Mondesi but the Walker and Bradley injuries are clogging up my minors

    • kangaroo hops says:

      @THE_FREAK: I get the sense that a timetable on Mondesi is premature. I think he’ll be in the wave that you identified, but I think he’s too young to establish where his best position is yet, and therefore how he will get his cup of coffee.

    • I had some notes on Tapia in Sunday’s minor league report. His ceiling is as high as anyone’s. Mondesi is more of a real life prospect than a fantasy prospect, but still plenty of time to develop his stick.

  8. TobiasFunkeAnalRapist says:

    My man, great read I like what I hear about Dahl’s skills. The league I play in has a minor league system of 4 players with less than 1 year of big league experience. Currently I’ve got Springer (probably bringing him up next year so I’ll hold), Jesse Biddle, Josmil Pinto, and Bauer (planning on bringing him up when he gets called up.) I really like Heaney from the Marlins and Dahl, would you drop any two for those two guys? I’m thinking Pinto is droppable but do you see Heaney being better than Biddle? Thanks, keep up the good work.

    • I’d drop Biddle & Bauer for those two immediately. And then I’d promote Pinto & see what else is out there…

      • IFartInYourGeneralDirection says:

        @Scott Evans: is that just for this situation, or is Biddle no longer projecting as a front end guy?

  9. Thorbs says:

    Nice writeup as always, man — your reserved optimism about Dahl makes me feel better about dealing him for Heaney as part of a bigger deal.

    What are your thoughts on Asche? Does he have an upside of .265-20 HR in the near future?

    Also, a few guys like Keith Law and others are quite down on Alex Wood…what’s your take on him?

    • That’s a reasonable & attainable upside for Asche. I’ve never really thought of Wood as a front-end guy, but I’m not down on him… he’s a nice pitcher w/ upside across the board in fantasy, but the overall profile has been overrated somewhat over the past year.

  10. Chris says:

    Hey Scott good stuff.

    Question for you, what do oyu think of my staff I’m in 2nd place right now K’s are usually pretty good era and whip have not been good. Am I panicing? Should I stay put or try and trade Rizzo or Polanco for a decent starter? Waiting for Cobb to come back he will help a lot. I’m in 2nd place in a 14 team league 4 games out 5×5 roto mixed league.

    Here’s my staff:

    Martin Perez
    Roberto Hernandez

    Let me know thanks!!

    • If you can trade Polanco for SP help, I’d do it.

  11. Eddie says:

    Would you start Arrieta tomorrow against CWS? Had a hell of a game against STL

  12. Royal flush says:

    Looking at trades

    How about baily for rizzo


  13. Jammer McSlam says:

    With Stroman starting in the pen do you think it is possible that he eventually starts games through the end of the regular season?

    • He’ll start games very soon & then probably be shut down before year’s end due to IP cap.

  14. J Boy says:

    Can you rank these SP for rest of the year value in a 14 team roto with QS instead of W:

    Gavin Floyd, Erasmo Ramirez, Tom Koehler


  15. mpc says:

    I was offered Kipnis and Shelby Miller for my Utley and Gallardo. Despite Kipis’ injury, I have to pull the trigger on this, correct?

    • I like the Kipnis/Shelby side, yes.

  16. scooter jacobsen says:

    Read some good stuff on Wilmer Flores in the off-season. He just got called up….and it sounds like he will be taking over the short stop duties from perennial turd R.Tejada. He can definitely hit…and has some nice pop in his bat for a SS (60+ HRs in his Minor League career). Although he is decent defensively…the issue coming into the year was if he had enough range to play SS. The Mets moved him back to SS in Spring Training and have played him there at Triple A on a daily basis. My question is…how did he look at SS in Triple A Las Vegas? Do you think his glove/range is good enough to keep the job the rest of the year? And what are his fantasy implications at the SS position for the rest of this year in (annual leagues) and beyond (in dynasty leagues)?

  17. Nightpandas says:

    Hey Scott,

    I am 2nd in my 15 team keep 11 but dead last in sb. Only 17 moves left for the year. Looking at dropping Smoak for Gentry ( bench bat) but am I better off going with LaStella? Only other speed guy out there I like is Lake.

  18. Chris says:

    Who do we like better in the long run between Dan Vogelbach and Jesse Winker? I feel like both are better fantasy guys than real life but just wanted your take.

    Vogelbach is all over the place in the rankings since he is the love child of Billy Butler/Prince Fielder and I feel like Winker doesn’t really get much hype in that system because of a lack of glove

  19. Swfcdan says:

    Dahl burned me last year with me taking him over Puig (!) in our offseason prospect draft. Dealt him away too in my deal for Rendon and Gausman so I don’t care about him anymore ha! He’s still very young and a lot more development to do anyway.

    Gausman seems to have sorted himself out and can’t be far away from a recall now. Do you think it’ll be soon, and should he stick this time?

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