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USA Today might no longer appreciate the insights shared by Larry King in his long-running column but we at Razzball were thrilled when he accepted our invitation to share his thoughts on Fantasy Baseball….

Hello, fantasy baseball fans, in America and abroad! Can you believe another season is over? Way to go, Philadelphia Phillies! One story of the World Series that was under reported is the size of Ben Zobrist’s hands. They’re tiny!…. Philly may be The City of Brotherly Love, but Tampa is definitely The City of the Classy Waitress. Not one sideways glance when you leave a 12% tip….If you only saw one game these playoffs, I hope it was the last third of the last game of the World Series….Feels like yesterday I was watching my beloved Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Yankees in the 1955 series and proposing to my then second wife. Or was it third?…. Thank you, Cliff Lee, for such a tremendous 2008 performance. You have the same name as the computer tech guy in my building that told me I don’t need to wear a baseball cap covered in aluminum foil for good television reception. Goodbye to my telly cap!…. Why don’t blueberries come in other colors? Redberries sound delicious!…. Yesterday I got into an elevator with all-time great, Jeff Reardon. He will make you laugh!….The more I think about it, the more I appreciate spoons….Tough break for the Brewers and their fans, but you can’t blame their skipper, Dale Sveum. Those last twelve games of the season that he managed were the most courageous managed games I’ve ever seen…. I love to eat at Popeye’s!…. With the Rays performance in 2008, I think the Pirates have to be early favorites in ’09…. Why does wood get so dusty?…. Have you seen “Nights in Rodanthe?” Three words, Gere meet Oscar…. Where did I put my reading glasses? I think this keyboard’s written in Chinese!….

  1. BigFatHippo says:

    Hey Larry,

    Went to the zoo yesterday. Saw a baboons ass, heard an elephant fart. I laughed, I’m goin back.

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