Based on feedback we received, I have made the following updates to Hitter-Tron – both the daily leagues version as well as the 7-day/weekly league version of Hitter-Tron.  These changes went live late this afternoon:

  • Added a second $ estimate ($U) which reflects a player’s value independent of position.  This is the $ value to use when you are evaluating players for Utility slots or comparing players where one has different position eligibility (e.g, when comparing an OF vs. 2B/OF whose $ value will be based on their more valuable position of 2B).
  • Removed “Hits” and “SLG” in the daily version of Hitter-Tron so the full screen is visible on iPads.  These projections are still available on the Player Pages.
  • Corrected an issue whereby the hitter estimates were not properly adjusting a hitter’s baseline stats to be park-neutral.  So players in hitter parks (notably Colorado) were receiving higher estimates for R/HR/RBI (and, thus, $) and the opposite for players in pitcher parks.
  • Created a link at the top of the grid that will jump directly to the column descriptions below the report grid.

In the near future, I will aim to produce a more thorough explanation of how to use the tool.

  1. JK says:

    Ok. Jon Lester. This is now 5 starts in a row. Is something wrong with him? Hurt?

    Should he be benched until he strings together two QS in a row?

    It’s amazing he’s still 100% owned in ESPN leagues with how bad he’s been.

    Any thoughts?

    Sooooo wish I Sold High on him when I was considering it a month ago.

    • @JK: Guess John Farrell isn’t the almighty Lester Whisperer. Not sure what’s up w/ him but I’d sit him unless it’s a great matchup.

  2. yeshcheese says:

    Awesome improvements Rudy! What a great tool. Yeah the COL thing was a little out of whack, but it really just made me jealous I didn’t draft W Rosario.

    I appreciate the independent $U for UTIL streaming. I’ve been using Hittertron for C streaming and it’s been a pretty good predictor. I also sick the Hittertron on my Maytag when the rinse cycle quits mid-spin.

    An idea for the future – could the Daily Hittertron Top 10 link send you to a true “Daily” Hittertron filtered to current day results (rather than 7 day with current day @ top)? This would make the data much smaller, decreasing load time. Same for stream-o-nator.

    Thanks again!

    • yeshcheese says:

      @Plasmaj: Ha, I suppose there are always improvements depending on the league! Weekly, daily. It’s a great tool either way and gets me the data I’d want in the simplest way possible. Great tool, great website, great humor from the greats themselves, Grey & Rudy & Friends, zip up your cardigans, sounds like a PBS Special!

    • @yeshcheese: Yeah, I’m not happy with the load time on Hitter-tron and could see how one day’s worth of data would be quicker than 7 days. I’m not quite sure how to implement it though. Will have to give it some thought.

  3. shibboleth says:

    Rudy, the Hitter-Tron is awesome, and I just now realized I’ve waiting my lifetime to say those words. Kudos!

  4. Plasmaj says:

    I love the hitter-tron. Been using it the past couple of weeks to stream hitters in a weekly league. One suggestion (would have made it earlier but did not know where). For those of us in weekly leagues it would be great to be able to get values for the upcoming Monday-Sunday earlier than the night before the week starts. Can a separate weekly value be done. Of course, please correct me if the weekly already does that, but it didn’t seem to.

    • @Plasmaj: Thanks. There is a ‘Next 7 Days (Weekly)’ version of Hitter-tron that adds up the 7 days worth of stats. I only have 7 days’ worth of probable pitchers so cannot do further in advance. For my weekly leagues, I look at this table on Saturday or Sunday to make my roster decisions.

  5. Matt says:

    Disagree with the removal of SLG … this was a valuable stat to show in a list with all other hitters. This data was easily copied & pasted to a spreadsheet where other data could be calculated … OPS, ISO, etc.

    Was this really the only way to shrink down the grid? Is there a way you could have a Hitter-Tron Extended page that includes all this data?

    • @Matt: Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, that was the only way I could find to get the table to fit for iPads. I could conceivably add SLG after OWN but then the table looks poorly organized (I try to keep OWN as the last column where possible). Will keep this in mind going forward.

      • John says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I agree with Matt that SLG was very useful. In points formats, scoring for hits is usually similar to the weighting used for slugging %, so it was very easy to translate for points leagues when SLG was included.

        • Thanks John. I’m trying to figure out how to get SLG in there again (which seems to have a niche following) w/o screwing it up for the majority of people who are in leagues where SLG isn’t used.

  6. anchovies says:

    12″ extended dance remix maxi-single-tron? with bonus tracks?

    i was skeptical about the new changes at first…but it’s been helpful. thanks, maing.

  7. Fish says:

    Good call on the “neutral park” status. I was tired of seeing Rosario being consistently valued at $75+ in home games then proceed to go 0-for-4.

    • @Fish: Yeah, agreed. The thing w/ Rosario – and this goes somewhat for Stanton too – is that he is in his own league for power. I just looked at his splits for the first time in 2013 and am shocked he only has 1 HR in 51 ABs vs. LHP. Last year, he had 14 HRs in 112 ABs vs. LHPs!!!!!!!!! Once that normalizes, you’re looking at what seems like a perennial 30 HR hitter in 120 games which is about as high a HR/G ratio as you’re going to find.

  8. Lob Ball says:

    Hitter-Tron not liking Matt Carpenter (.327 Ave. 52 Runs) one bit. Any reason to keep him on the bench?

  9. Byron from Austin says:

    love what you’ve been doing with hitter-tron, rudy! it’s always nice to have a second opinion on fringe lineup questions (like choosing between frazier/arenado/lind for CI slots).

    i saw hitter-tron liked ike davis yesterday, and was all about ciriaco recently. do you have any tips for users, as far as how to tell when a hitter-tron “like” is a clear mistake? in the ike/ciriaco cases, it was obvious b/c they were both not in the majors anymore. but have you noticed any other anomalies that haven’t been worked out yet? thanks rudy!

    • @Byron from Austin: Thanks. It takes 7 days for players who’ve been demoted to get out of Hitter-tron (there’s a qualifier of 1+ AB in the past 7 days). Other than that, the only other nonhelpful ‘likes’ are players unlikely to start. That helped drive the %St column which one could use to filter out, say, Eric Young who appears near the top for any @COL game if you filter to something like <70% owned.

      I'm pissed I didn't start Ethier last night. He was available in my league and Hitter-tron liked him a lot. It like Steve Pearce a bit more and he had a boring 1-3 with a run against Vargas.

  10. Maglia Rosa says:

    Great job Rudy. Now we need some kind of performance metric. How good was the TRON yesterday? The past week? Is it getting better with time? Etc. Is there a way to do this?

    The SON could use it as well.

    It would give us some sense to how much weight to give to the tools’ recommendations.

    –PS How much weight does TRON give to a batter’s past performance vs a particular pitcher? I think Joyce was rated very low last night as he faced a lefty (Lester), yet he has a great OPS vs Lester career. I sat him and he continued to hit him.

    • @Maglia Rosa: I think it’s possible to put together a running performance metric. I just need to research it. At the bottom of SON, you’ll find the correlation %s for a one-time test of about 30 days worth of starts.

      HItter-tron does not factor in hitter history vs. a pitcher. That data is just too small in sample to be worthwhile. For every Lester/Joyce case, there are a number of other cases where previous matchup data would lead to worse results. I don’t think the data has any value and have no plans on paying for it/displaying it on site/implementing within Hitter-tron.

      • Fenway Fungus says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I used to look at last 30 days performance first, but now I go straight to head to head matchup data and its been working for me nicely. I think it matters. Also some large sample sizes with some players.

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