Adam Ronis of Strong Island’s hosts the Fantasy Roundtable this week.  He asked…

Do you have players that you will absolutely not draft even if they fall far in snake drafts or go cheaply in an auction and if so why? Include examples.

Can’t say I was super enlightening on this one but feel free to judge it yourself…

  1. ep says:

    I agree with your assessment.
    There are players that nobody would want to draft, but at some point even undesireables become a value and must be picked, right?

  2. albertalbert says:

    i think your question is a bit too absolute. i swore off a-rod for example. at the time of my draft, i had no idea how long he’d be out, or what type of player he’d be when he returned.

    that said, if he was around in the 7th round, i’d of course pick him up.

    so – i really like your line of thought, but there are only a small few who would literally be ignored during a draft.

    your injury prone pitchers for example. even if they’re likely to get hurt, you’d still pick up nolasco if he’s around in the mid 200s…

    guys i ignored (ie, let others pick up)
    a-rod, crawford, gallardo, ichiro, chris youngsky, ludwicky, derek lee… off the top of my head, those are the first. either injury prone or too highly priced.

  3. big o says:

    assuming a league where trades were not allowed , i would not draft johan santana …. unless he fell to the 11th or 12th round , if then .

  4. The Dude says:

    C’mon – Give Ichiro some cred. He’s been in the majors for 8 seasons and never failed to breach the 100 Run barrier, only twice posting seasons of less than 110.

    I’m no Ichiro fanboi but I think you could list 100 Runs as one of his “locks”, plus how many guys can win their country a WBC title while suffering from a bleeding ulcer!?

  5. big o says:

    i have been known to draft a player that i had no intention of playing , just to piss off a friend of mine …. especially in h2h money leagues .
    usually i designate that player the team’s “towel boy” and often make him sit down at the far end of the dugout , next to moises alou (<== DON’T SHAKE HIS HAND) .
    sometimes , i will promote that player to designated jock-strap washer …. usually right after the all star break , and via formal announcement from team headquarters .

  6. I would have simply liked to hear everyone mention all the players they hate this year, with reasons behind each one, although maybe we’d get very similar answers.

    @The Dude: In just drafting best available I think Ichiro is definitely not worth owning. However, if you want to draft him and say Pedroia in a strategy to get BA early then Ichrio is one of only a few guys you can confidently do that with.

  7. Russ says:

    When factoring in where they get picked, my list looks like:

    Johan through Peavy
    Crawford in the 2nd
    Hamilton in the first
    Pedroia in the third
    Brandon Phillips in the third

    I know I broke the rules. I don’t care.

  8. brad says:

    In baseball there’s nobody I wouldn’t take if they fell far enough. In football I can never bring myself to draft or pickup Patriots. (OK I did grab Cassell just so I could bech him and piss off the Pats fan in my league last year. Similar to big o’s strategy.)

    Quick question (that’s entirely unrelated):
    In my h2h points league with weekly lineups do I start Javy Vazquez (projected 1 start @Phi) or Ian Snell (projected 2 starts @StL and @Cin)?

  9. Mark says:

    For me it’s always been the whole Yankees team. When you get right down to it fantasy baseball is fun and another way to love the best game on earth. That being said, there are still lines for fans and as a Sox fan, there’s no way I ever want to get mixed up for rooting for success with the Yanks. I will pass on Tex or A-Roid in the 24th round.

  10. Matt says:

    I think its funny that four of the eight guys all explicitly say Milton Bradley as one of the guys they’d never draft.

  11. @Mark: Fantasy baseball is for fun, but sometimes you put some money on it to have more fun. In those cases, I wonder if you’d still pass on Tex in the 24th. I can’t blame anyone on passing on Arod, cause as Pedroia says, “he’s a dork”.

  12. Maitland says:

    Even in a league without money I’m not passing on Tex in 24th…or, for me, I hate the Mets, but hell, I’ll add the shit out of David Wright if it’s the right deal.

    Really, I look at it kind of opposite. You might as well take star players from the team you hate because if they’re going to kick your ass in real life, you might as well benefit from it in fantasy.

  13. big o says:

    i think tribe fans are the easiest to pick on .

    who’s your favorite team (or friend) to bust ??

  14. Sox, but last year I got screwed.

    I drafted Lugo and Drew figuring if they are bad, oh well it’ll hurt the sox and help the yanks. Well they were bad, and it didn’t matter.

    I also don’t see myself owning any national’s pitchers besides their closer.

  15. Scott Archer says:

    Any hitter managed by Dusty Baker. Dusty applies these maxims that will kill your fantasy team:

    1. All reserves must start twice a week, so the players are ready when needed in a future close game (can you imagine if the NFL applied this logic?)

    2. All reserves (including those used in the outfield) must actually be light hitting infielders in the mold of Norris Hopper or Jerry Hairston.

    3. If a hitter has hit home runs or hits on consecutive at bats in a game, that hitter must be pinch hit for the next time around, since the odds are that he won’t get another hit.

    4. If a hitter is on a hot streak over several games, the player must sit for a game or series.

    5. If a hitter continues to hit successfully despite the application of the rules above, the hitter is a candidate for an immediate platoon with a hitter who bats from the identical side of the plate as the hitter but is less successful.

  16. G says:

    Need some help on who to start tommorow. Out of these 4 guys I need to decide on 2 and its since the beginning of the week I dont need certain stats so Im just looking for the guys that will put up overall good stats.
    Maybin vs. Wash
    Nady @ Bal (good matchup but chance of rain)
    Loney @ SD (possible pitcher’s duel)
    Ian Stewart @ Ariz
    thanks in advance

  17. @G: Maybin and Nady. Don’t like Loney against Peavy and who knows if Stewart will start (and he’s not in COL)

  18. Steve says:

    Having had Lowe today, and with Wainwright going v Bucs tomorrow, I don’t need to spoil a good thing by starting Guthrie against the Yanks, do I?

    League is 12-team H2H.

  19. G says:

    Baltimore is forecasted at showers and scattered thunderstorms, 20 mph winds and 70 % chance of rain. Incase I need a safety valve who do I start out of Loney and Stewart?

  20. Grey

    Grey says:

    @G: Loney

  21. NoonTime says:

    @Scott Archer: You nailed it! Opening Day and Darnell McDonald gets the start in CF.

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