It’s the end of the All-Star Break, Manny Machado is now a Dodger, and earlier this week Grey bestowed upon us the Top 100 For the Second Half. With the trade finalized just hours before the show, we start the “baseball talk” portion of this episode with the Manny trade. Prior to that, we get some insight into the day to day life of the illustrious Mr. Albright, Fantasy Master Lotahrio for certain, but perhaps Renaissance man? The rest of the show is dedicated to the Top 100, going through groups of ten, discussing some of the more controversial rankings. We jam pack a lot of players into a little over an hour. And as always shoutout to our sponsor Rotowear for providing the finest shirts in fantasy sports, and beyond. Don’t forget to head over to and punch in our promo-code SAGNOF to get 20% off all Rotowear brand shirts. It’s another episode of the Razzball Podcast:


  1. Five-on-One says:

    Can I get y’all quick thoughts on the Indians-Padres trade?

    I assume Hand is NOT the closer in Cleveland, although he might be the best guy right now.
    Yates gets a significant bump, right? (At least until he is traded.)
    Will Mejia play regularly? If so, where does he rank on the dreaded catcher ratings?

    that is all.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Five-on-One: Hand goes into MR for now, should close next year when Miller and Allen walk.

      Yates is the guy IMO.

      Mejia could be a top 5 guy at the position with enough at bats. He can hit, and the early word is the Padres plan on keeping him at catcher.

      • Turd Fergusons says:

        Top 5 guy ROS this year? Or we talking next year? I could always use C help in my NL Onlys… Also, as a Padres fan, I should be jumping for joy right?

  2. Brian says:

    Luis garcia or yasel antuna in a dynasty league? if it’s garcia, would you drop melancon or strickland to open up the roster space necessary to pick him up? once i send garcia down i’d fill that mlb roster spot with someone else. i’m in 1st in a 16 teamer so use prospects as mostly trade chips.

    thanks ralph.

  3. I don't mean to be a dick but... says:

    It must be frustrating as hell to get questions like:

    “Should I take prospect A or prospect B in dynasty?”, Literally right after you make a top 500 ranked prospects for dynasty list.

  4. Anodyne says:

    Hey Ralph, who would you rather have in a dynasty league, Alex Kirilloff or Ross Stripling? I realize it’s apples to oranges, which is basically why I’m asking.

    • Anodyne says:

      @Anodyne: If it helps, I’m in first place this season and have a reasonable but not commanding lead.

  5. Scott says:

    When do you think we see Mejia in San Diego and do you think he will play everyday at C and/or OF? I have vlad stashed but can find room for a decent bat at C assuming he is up soon and gains eligibility. Yahoo has him listed at util only now which doesn’t make sense. Thx

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