After a tumultuous week in the news for both national issues of race as well as MLB’s current negotiations we found it only fitting to bring on someone with a great deal of insight on both race relations and how it relates to MLB. Our guest Randy Wilkins is a Filmmaker, Director of the AppleTV Show “Dear…”, as well as the director of ESPN 30 for 30 Short 86-32 (which you can watch at that link) and Docket 32357. Additionally, he provides Yankees analysis in his free time. Oh, and BTW our dude owns a few Emmys. It’s a riveting discussion and one worth tuning into for Randy’s perspective alone. A few times we mention his Twitter thread that went viral, that’s here:

It’s the latest episode of the Razzball Podcast.

  1. Richard Haake says:

    Ralph and Gray I am a big fan of your work and when I first ran across this episode I was curious “who is Randy Wilkins?” Honestly after the first 10 minutes of the podcast I knew that this episode was my favorite. I have been working on getting into the fantasy podcast and writing field and have been so concerned with current events and honestly afraid of being anything but neutral because of who might not want to follow my content. I fully agree with Randy that MLB as a whole has failed to evolve and the injustices to the players are unacceptable. Ralph you brought up points I’ve been going on about for years! And that’s minors salary’s. Most can’t afford to survive to have a chance of achieving there dreams. I have a Facebook group that has active minor league players and they are doing all they can to stay afloat in the current environment. As for the players of Latin decent they are barely getting anything at all! I believe Sixto Sanchez signed for 10k…. really? This show was a great way to blend fantasy/Baseball into current events I’m happy you guys did this!

    Richard Haake
    [email protected]

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