Every off-season I like to target players who are flying under the radar because they were busts the year before but had quality performances the season prior. Their lack of excellence could have been caused by injury, changing teams and cities, or maybe they celebrated their career year a little too hard and showed up to spring training out of shape and never recovered. Have you ever been injured and still had to attend work and be productive? Have you ever moved to an entirely new city for a new job? It can be a shock to your system if you don’t have your local coffee shop to hold your hand. I would know, I’ve done it six times not to brag. Drafting with this strategy does carry some risk, your crush really might be injury prone (Miguel Cabrera), or the league has figured out his weaknesses and he can’t adjust (Chris Davis) so you end up cycling through the latest 1B flavor of the week. Over the course of this series we will examine 12 players that had highly productive 2017 seasons but failed to live up to expectations in 2018. Now that their stock is low and they’re no longer a trendy name we can capitalize and find some value in the middle rounds. Typically we’re targeting guys in the 6th through 12th rounds that could return top 20 value.

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