For the 4th straight year, Razzball is competing in’s AL-only league (we also compete in NL-only – here’s Grey’s draft post). We won AL-only in 2012 but have struggled the past two years (8th and 9th). The big change for 2015 is that this will be my team exclusively where we co-managed in 2012-2014.

I enjoy the CBSSports leagues for two reasons: 1) We are in the mixed league versions of LABR and Tout Wars so this league lets us compete in an expert AL-only league and 2) There are daily pick-ups in this league with a $0 FAAB option – this hugely favors maniacal daily players like me.

Below is the team I drafted on Tuesday, February 24th. Here is the complete CBSSports AL-only draft. Notes below.

C Chris Iannetta C | LAA 2 C,DH
C Dioner Navarro C | TOR 2 C,DH
1B Ike Davis 1B | OAK 7 1B,CI,DH
2B Ian Kinsler 2B | DET 23 2B,DH,MI
3B Pablo Sandoval 3B | BOS 20 3B,CI,DH
SS Jose Ramirez SS | CLE 9 DH,MI,SS
MI Francisco Lindor SS | CLE 6 DH,MI,SS
CI Brandon Moss LF | CLE 12 1B,CI,DH,OF
OF Melky Cabrera LF | CHW 22 DH,OF
OF Oswaldo Arcia RF | MIN 21 DH,OF
OF Michael Saunders LF | TOR 10 DH,OF
OF Adam Eaton CF | CHW 19 DH,OF
OF Chris Young CF | NYY 1 DH,OF
DH Kennys Vargas DH | MIN 10 DH
P Yu Darvish SP | TEX 26 P
P Brett Cecil RP | TOR 14 P
P Bud Norris SP | BAL 6 P
P Chris Tillman SP | BAL 9 P
P Rick Porcello SP | BOS 10 P
P Danny Salazar SP | CLE 11 P
P J.A. Happ SP | SEA 3 P
P Luke Gregerson RP | HOU 12 P
P Justin Masterson SP | BOS 5 P
RES Roenis Elias SP | SEA P
RES Logan Forsythe 2B | TB 2B,DH,MI
RES Nate Schierholtz RF | TEX DH,OF
RES Danny Farquhar RP | SEA P
RES Ryan Hanigan C | BOS C,DH
RES Collin Cowgill RF | LAA DH,OF
RES Ryan Flaherty 3B | BAL 2B,3B,CI,DH,MI,SS


  • The CBSSports drafts are more Stars ‘n Scrubs than LABR/Tout Wars so Grey and I typically spread our dollars around with a goal of having solid AB in every hitting slot, 6-7 solid SP, and 1-2 closers. That’s a solid description for the above draft as I ended up with only one of the almost 50 $1 players.
  • For the 2nd straight draft (LABR 15-team the first), my planned 67/33 hit/pitch split veered toward pitching. I ended up with a 63/37 split because 1) I secured power at corners/UTIL at a cheaper price than I expected (Moss and Vargas were a combined $11 cheaper than my projections), 2) Catchers went stupid cheap (bought 2 solid ones for $2 each), and 3) Closers went for crazy amounts and I was unable to handcuff my $14 Brett Cecil with Aaron Sanchez (went for $9). So I used some of the surplus $ to grab Luke Gregerson as a SV hedge (ideally, they both close). The sacrifice was going with a $1 5th outfielder (Chris Young) versus a more expensive one.
  • I really like the balance I was able to achieve on offense. I was able to build up a solid R/RBI/AVG foundation with my initial hitting picks (Ian Kinsler, Pablo Sandoval, Brandon Moss, Melky Cabrera) and then complemented with power (Ike Davis, Oswaldo Arcia, Kennys Vargas) and speed/AVG (Adam Eaton, Jose Ramirez/Francisco Lindor).
  • My SP drafting in AL/NL-only differs from mixed league in that I worry less about ERA/WHIP and more about SP depth/IP security so I do well in Wins and K’s. I didn’t plan on picking up an ace but Darvish went at about my $ projection ($26) and I pulled the trigger. I like Salazar at $11 (had him at $18) and felt like I got decent bargains on Porcello, Tillman, Norris, Happ, and Masterson. Happy to nab Elias with my first reserve pick as I think he finds his way into 15 GS this year and love his home park for pitchers.
  • Speed went for a premium early in this draft. Altuve for $35, Andrus for $27 (?!?!), Alcides Escobar for $19, Leonys Martin for $22, etc. I was happy that Jose Ramirez wasn’t nominate until late so I can get him at $9 (priced him at $11). In retrospect, I wish I laid off of Lindor once the bidding got to $5 but I think the Indians SS combo end up with 30+ SB. Adam Eaton at $19 was a $3.5 overpay but I had the money and he was the last player I felt could help with both SB and AVG.
    • One downside to Lindor was I had to wait until the reserve draft to fill my MI slot. Guys like Gregorious and Jose Iglesias were snapped up in $1 round. Everth Cabrera was the first pick in the reserve round. I ended up picking Logan Forsythe and Ryan Flaherty in the reserve rounds. Yuck.
  • Crazy how many people punted catchers. I would have jumped at Iannetta and Navarro at $2 before the draft but these look like ho-hum values compared to the following catchers off the board at $1: Chirinos, Suzuki, Rivera, Avila, etc. That said, there were several teams that spent $20-$40 on their two catchers and they could not have been happy that several teams got starting catchers at discounts. My Navarro pick is particularly regrettable over, say, Chirinos because I lose him if he is traded to the NL.
  • Big range of emotions on the Michael Saunders meniscus injury. Relieved I did not lost him through the ASB break but a good exercise in showing why depth picks matter.
    • It stings now that I passed up on Kevin Pillar in at least one reserve round. The Blue Jays GUTTED their OF depth from 2015. Melky gone. Rasmus gone. Gose gone. They have 4 OFs on the 40-man roster (Bautista, Saunders Pompey, Pillar) with one rookie (Pompey) and one pseudo-rookie (Pillar). They have picked up Andy Dirks (missed all of 2014 with a bad back), Ezekiel Carrera (AAAA on his best day), and Chris ‘Don’t Call Me Corey” Dickerson. This makes Pillar a hugely valuable 4th OF in AL-only. I had Pillar at $2.5 – ahead of Chris Young (my 5th OF) at $0.9. Should have tried for Pillar at $1 or drafted Pillar with 1st reserve pick.
    • Love having a 1B/OF on the roster when injuries strike. I have Brandon Moss who has OF eligibility at CI which means I can fill Saunders’ spot with 1B/3B/OF. I have Kennys Vargas at UTIL who I think will get 1B eligibility by May 1st (needs 5 games and Mauer will get DH reps) so, eventually, I could use any bat to fill Saunders’ slot.
    • I reserved two OFs – Nate Schierholtz and Colin Cowgill. Cowgill will likely platoon with Matt Joyce in Hamilton’s vacated LF. Schierholtz is an unexciting wild card (mild card?) – he is the only left-handed hitter in the Rangers hodgepodge of OFs (Rua, Ludwick, Choice) so he could end up starting 50+% of games to not even making the roster. So I will get at least something out of the vacated Saunders spot in April.


  1. zeus says:

    Anyone else disturbed by the Celebs BULKING UP ad?

    Good auction Rudy. Love Salazar at $11. How late was he nominated?

    • @zeus: Salazar was nominated in the middle rounds when I was more cash-flush than most. I was psyched to get him at that price. I got Porcello and Tillman around the same time – they are less sexy but add some durability/reliability.

  2. Oaktownsteve says:

    Darvish pulled after 1 with a tight triceps

    • @Oaktownsteve: Yeah, this will probably be the only team I own Darvish. Passed on him in favor of Greg Holland in our NFBC league because of foreseen agita.

    • GhostTownSteve says:


      I like the Bud Norris grab. I like how you paired Happ with Elias. One of those guys should be AL Only functional. I think you got ridiculously low prices on Vargas and Moss (Moss in particular).
      A good price to pay for a Masterson bounce back also. All in all looks very solid.

  3. Drew says:

    Rudy- fantasypros released their 2014 accuracy rankings in the last day or two, are you planning on doing the same soon? I’ve really enjoyed reading it in previous years, especially seeing how you do it a bit differently

  4. Kiss a Bum says:

    Do you prefer Steamers projections over Baseall HQ’s? In your opinion is one significantly preferable to the other? Thanks

    • I don’t subscribe to Baseball HQ. Just bought the book. So cannot say for sure. Lot of respect for both.

  5. AMolnar says:

    Rudy need some advice.

    Just had Pence go down and I have Corbin already on my bench waiting for him to be put on the DL spot. I have 2 DL spots. My team is listed below:

    C: NA
    1B: Albert Pujols
    2B: Wong
    3B: Rendon
    SS: Hanley Ramirez
    OF: Gomez
    OF: Kemp
    OF: Marte
    Util: Joc Pederson
    Util: Xander Bo.
    DL: Hunter Pence

    I need to pick up a catcher first. Available in my league are both Weiters and d’Arnaud. Which do like better of the two. You can add in Russell Martin too I guess but I like the other two better. More upside.

    I also want to pick up another bat as my bench is very short as I have a ton of pitching depth and I like that given we don’t have an innings limit. Available on waivers are: Alex Rios, Denard Span, Lucas Duda, Austin Jackson, Pedro Alvarez, Marlon Byrd, Khris Davis. Which of those do you like best?

    My initial thoughts are Weiters and Khris Davis as I think I need RBI’s but Lucas Duda also seems like it would be a solid fit at a Util spot given he will be batting 4th in that Mets lineup (not so good) but batting 4th with solid power and a decent avg. is always a good thing.

    Thanks in advance.

    • @AMolnar: You’ll need to eventually drop Corbin to pick up Wieters who’ll start the year on the DL. I like Khris Davis a little more than Duda given OF usually more handy on the bench.

  6. Happyharry says:

    Hey Rudy, 12 team,H2H,6X6 keeper – Which SP would ya keep, Wood at 17 or Stroman at 23?
    thanks man!

    • Wood at 17. But very close.

  7. Mark says:

    Help! 10 team, H2H, points, – I need 7 keepers from the players below but cannot have more than 4 from group 1:

    Group 1 – Jose Bautista, Justin Upton, Jason Kipnis, Gerrit Cole, Freddie Freeman, Jay Bruce
    Group 2 – Jacob deGrom, Starling Marte, Colin McHugh, Jon Lester, Garrett Richards, Lance Lynn

    What 7 do you got?

    • @Mark: Bautista, Cole, Freeman, ugh, I guess Upton or Kipnis. Marte, Richards, Lester

  8. And Now the John Lovitz Dancers! says:

    from the other day, yes, i’m using the yahoo 16 team player rater; and i’m finding it counterintuitive when i cross the line from pick 335 to 336 (hardy to clippard now) that i have to start subtracting value from my hitter or pitcher total as i’m trying to find out my hitter to pitcher investment ratio. Currently at this pick spot i’d be losing investment values as i invest in people. If league was shallower this works easy of course.

  9. Josh Godorn says:

    Do you like AL or NL?

    • I’m ambivalent. Grey likes NL b/c he has played in an NL home league for years.

  10. What's an A-Rod? says:

    Hi Rudy,
    I’m in a 5×5 Roto and I get 3 keepers. My first 2 choices are McCutcheon and Rizzo. For my 3rd choice I can choose between: Strasburg, Ortiz, Adam Jones, Hanley Ramirez, Cargo, Corey Dickerson. What do you think? Thanks.

  11. Tom says:

    Assume you’d say the same as Grey, but just hoping for any additional input here:

    13 team 6×6 (OPS and QS) Roto – 2 C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, IF, 4 OF, 3 U, 4 SP, 3 RP, 2 P, 6 Bench, 3 DL

    I can keep up to 4 of these players for just this year while forfeiting the provided round’s pick:

    Jose Abreu – 6
    Jose Altuve – 7
    Corey Kluber – 16
    George Springer – 19
    Corey Dickerson – 26

    • @Tom: Kluber, Springer, Dickerson, Abreu

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