For those of you in leagues where SP and RP are rostered positions, the below list includes all SP/RP eligible pitchers (defined as 5+ Games Started and 5+ Relief Appearances in 2015). You can arrange the list via seven categories; 2015 games started, 2015 games pitched in relief, projections for both 2016 games started and games pitched in relief, and by ERA, WHIP, and K9. Any questions, feel free to post them below!

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Note: Filters and sorting in the table below apply to the output!

# Name Team 2015 GS 2015 GR 2016 GS Proj 2016 GR Proj ERA WHIP K9
Chris Bassitt OAK 13 5 27.7 0.0 4.35 1.29 8.1
Kevin Gausman BAL 17 8 27.7 0.0 3.81 1.23 9.8
Danny Duffy KC 24 6 26.2 0.0 4.72 1.34 8.3
Vincent Velasquez PHI 7 12 24.6 0.0 4.65 1.36 9.7
Tanner Roark WAS 12 28 23.1 0.0 5.26 1.44 7.4
Jose Urena MIA 9 11 18.5 0.0 5.28 1.47 6.6
Michael Lorenzen CIN 21 6 15.4 15.4 4.71 1.48 8.4
Aaron Sanchez TOR 11 30 13.9 0.0 4.59 1.50 7.6
Trevor Cahill CHN 6 46 7.7 21.5 4.72 1.42 8.3
Steven Wright BOS 9 7 7.7 16.9 5.28 1.53 6.8
Matt Andriese TB 8 17 1.5 38.5 4.71 1.37 8.4
Trevor May MIN 16 32 0.0 61.6 3.55 1.20 12.3
Buck Farmer DET 5 9 0.0 56.9 4.62 1.40 8.1
Alex Colome TB 13 30 0.0 56.9 4.28 1.38 8.1
Drew Pomeranz SD 9 44 0.0 53.9 3.45 1.23 11.2
Brad Hand MIA 12 26 0.0 53.9 3.92 1.25 10.7
David Hale COL 12 5 0.0 53.9 4.39 1.37 7.8
Kyle Ryan DET 6 10 0.0 52.3 4.34 1.48 7.5
Ross Detwiler CLE 14 68 0.0 23.1 4.14 1.38 7.2
Bud Norris ATL 22 54 0.0 23.1 4.31 1.38 9.5
Adam Warren CHN 17 26 0.0 9.2 5.17 1.49 7.9
Erasmo Ramirez TB 27 7 0.0 7.7 4.83 1.38 6.9

  1. Grant says:

    Dang, I generally like to look at this pool for a holds guy, but it looks like the only real option is Colome.

    Do you see anyone else who could possibly get double digit holds. The top 10 in terms of relief apperances are all over 30 GR, do you like any better than the rest.

    • danny almonte says:

      @Grant: i think a lot of times the holds gems with the sp tag emerge during the season. They may be in competition for a rotation spot before getting sent to the pen and having a great year, but no way to know in advance

    • I think the following also have a decent shot: Trevor May, Trevor Cahill, Drew Pomeranz, Adam Warren

    • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

      @Grant: may’s 2nd setup to perkins behind jepsen, pomeranz very recently has been moved to primary set up. Rudy’s projections don’t yet show this $ upgrade though, yet. i’ve moved him into lowe/tazawa or higher range.

      • I don’t have Pomeranz as primary setup. I think quack is that. But I’ll review his hold %.

  2. JoeG414 says:

    Seems like the best options are Medlen , Gausman , Velasquez and maybe A.Sanchez and Duffy.

    • @JoeG414: i like Gausman best just b/c of the certainty of his role. Velazquez and Sanchez intriguing. Medlen eh.

  3. The Great Knoche says:

    Thanks Rudy! Appreciate you getting it out so quickly.

  4. Branta says:

    Gausman or Vincent Velasquez? 12 team keeper league h2h with qs/k/hr/nsvh/era/whip as the categories.

  5. RePete says:

    14-Team H2H 5×5 OBP Keep Forever League: Pick 2 Keepers from the following:

    Xander Bogaerts
    Corey Seager
    Gerrit Cole
    Stephen Strasburg
    Jason Heyward
    Kyle Schwarber

    • Cole, Seager, Schwarber, bogaerts (and trade)

  6. Bob says:

    Good info.

    A bit unrelated question. We are struggling with our scoring format. Its a H2H league with 10 guys. For the last 8 years we have done R, H, RBI, HR, SB, AVG, OBP along with W, QS, ERA, WHIP, K, K9, and SV. We have some people that would like to reward players with doubles and triples. We don’t want to reward another stat that completely rewards power hitters so not sure if total bases or extra base hits makes sense but it came down to those two. They want to replace the hits category as we already have AVG. What do you propose that we replace hits with of the two (or some other solution)?

  7. JohnnyBeGood says:

    Hey Rudy, great read! So i just heard an interview with the Texas GM, where he was saying he expects Yu Darvish back in mid-may and expects him to pitch back at elite level right away…

    For a 6×6 keeper roto league & with a Chapman suspension looming, would u keep Chapman in the 15th or Darvish in 18th? thanks bud

    • my $ say Chapman but i’d probably roll the dice on darvish assuming you’ve got enough DL spots.

      • JohnnyBeGood says:

        @Rudy Gamble: what timing huh, so its a 30 game suspension with no appeal…with that, keep Darvish in 18th (2 DL spots) over Chapman in 15th? thanks Rudy

        • i had already factored the suspension in.

  8. Kiss the Bum says:

    I’m looking for the best SP ranking to blend with Grey’s for my cheat sheet. Do you have a preference of Enno Sarris or Mike Salfino? Thanks Rudy.

    • Um, I recommend mine over both of theirs! Just whatever comes out of the player rater. (I like Eno and Mike but don’t peruse their rankings finely enough to recommend either one)

      • Kiss the Bum says:

        @Rudy Gamble: the player rater is your rankings?

        • Yes, closest thing I publish to rankings. I adjust them for my personal use based on ADP and suggest the same for anyone else. (I’d suggest the same for anyone else’s rankings too)

  9. M says:

    I know Medlen’s been thru 2 TJS but any chance he runs with the 4th/5th starter’s job with room for upside?

    • @M: I have him getting about a half-season’s worth of starts but I see no upside.

  10. Noam says:

    Ouch, seems like pretty slim pickings this year. But thanks for the write up!

    Keeper question if you don’t mind.

    League Settings: 10 team, H2H Points, weekly lineups
    C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, OF, OF, OF, U, U 6 SP, 2 RP
    Hitting: standard setting but with no penalty for Ks
    +1 for IP
    +10 points for a W,
    +5 for QS
    -5 for L
    -1 for BB
    -1 ER
    no penalty for Hits Against
    A good pitchers can net 25+ points in a single start, Arrieta and Kershaw finished with more points than any hitter. 7 pitchers and 13 hitters scored 600pts or more. Also, no first rounders can be kept. ershaw, Trout, Stanton, Price, Cutch, Goldy, Miggy, Felix, Scherzer, Stras, Abreu, and EE can for sure be drafted.

    3-5 keepers…next year, their keeper value is this year’s minus one round and so on…so Marte would be a 7th round pick next year if I keep him…
    Sale (forfeit Rd. 2 pick – can be kept for 1 year)
    Arrieta (Rd. 5 pick – 2 years)
    Cole (Rd. 6 pick – 2 years)
    Marte (Rd 8. – 2 years)
    Hosmer (Rd 12 – 3 years)
    Pollock (Rd. 18 – 3 years)
    L. Cain (Rd. 10 – 2 years)
    Salazar (rd. 10 – 2 Years)
    Maikel Franco (Rd. 10 – 2 years)

    Thanks for the help!

    • @Noam: Hmm, i’d go to my pitching projections and plug those numbers in to get a sense of the pitcher rankings but i’m thinking Arrieta/Cole/Pollock/Cain/Marte.

      • Noam says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        My point projections for the players shake out like this:
        Arrieta – 564
        Cole – 522
        Sale – 592
        Salazar – 455
        Homer – 512
        Marte – 549
        Cain – 507
        Franco – 501

        Does that change your thoughts at all? I’ve thought about keeping Sale too. Ace pitchers are pretty valuable. Do you think that it’s worth giving up a second round pick for him?

        • Sale is great – felt 2nd round is pretty much his value so no surplus gained. Seems like my original picks hold up, no?

          • Noam says:

            @Rudy Gamble:

            Yeah, I agree with you on Sale. Why not Hosmer or Franco over Cain, especially in a three OF league?

            Thanks for the help!

            • It is 3 OF / 2 UTIL so plenty of room. Franco is fine to swap in. Hosmer seems eh for ur format

  11. Jb says:

    How much do you usually spend on your first starter in a 12 team 5×5 roto
    auction. And who are you targeting this year at that price

  12. Ryan says:

    Just got offered a trade in a 10 team 5×5 roto keeper (keep 6 with $5 inflation).

    Trout ($21 this year) + J.D. Martinex ($13)


    Correa ($5), Arenado ($11), Maikel Franco ($5), Stroman ($5)

    I’m not planning on keeping Stroman either way. My other keepers are Sano ($5), Arrieta ($10), and Starling Marte ($15).

    Thanks for any help!

    • @Ryan: I make this trade. Correa, Arenado, Sano, Arrieta are a killer 4 and you can keep Franco and Marte for this year. JDM likely unkeepable next year and Trout’s getting expensive.

      • Ryan DeLeo says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Thanks! I’d be getting Trout, but I’m guessing the recommendation is the same.

        • I preferred the non-Trout side, yes

          • Ryan DeLeo says:

            @Rudy Gamble: I negotiated either Correa or Arenado out of the trade. So now it’s:
            Get: Trout ($21)
            Give: Correa($5)/Arenado($11), Franco ($5), and Stroman ($5)

            Thoughts? If you like it, which of Correa /Arenado would you try to hold on to?

            • i would trade Arenado/Franco/Stroman for Trout. I think Trout will be $10 better than Arenado for next 2 years.

  13. Mike says:

    I like Warren or May because I am in a hold league. Both have high strike outs and lots of relief appearances. How many holds from each?

  14. danny almonte says:

    Hey Rudy, last year you hated T.Ross. He ended up pitching solid, a bit wild but ok. Same stance on him this year? I thought i remembered you also saying something about him worried you for an injury risk but i couldnt find it in that post or comments.

    Also will you do another pitchers to avoid post this year?

    • I still don’t like Ross. Massive slider rare and bad control. Not sure about another post – that one just spoke to me last year…

  15. Jimmy Bond says:

    off topic – is there any way to add the search field at top of every desktop webpage to the Razz ‘mobile’ site? I can’t get to player searches and thus to specific articles the same way on my phone. Thanks!

    • Will look into it. Thanks.

  16. Five-On-One says:

    Hi Rudy – I have a strategy question that is related to dual RP/SP eligibility. Have you ever seen anyone (I assume you have because you have done this for a while) try punting K’s and Wins by spending virtually their entire auction budget on offense and then buy a couple of closers and fill out their staff with $1 pitchers that qualify as RP. This would be an effort to win (or come damn close to winning) all the hitting categories and ERA, WHIP and Saves. Thoughts?


    • Yes, there is a name for it. Hard to do with IP minimums though and little margin for error since u are sacrificing so many W/K pts

  17. Combover King says:

    Which pitchers on this list do you think will get save opportunities?

    • None. I have Colome next in line and Pomeranz and May at best 2 spots away.

  18. coacher says:

    Hey Rudy, love the site! The preseason rankings for (other pitchers) says “To convert to 10 team, multiply the sum of $ by 0.95 and subtract 1.33. To convert to 15 team, multiply the sum by 0.85 and add 3.88.” What about a 13 or 14 team league? Thanks!

    • @coacher: i don’t calc 13 team leagues. too unlucky. 14 team is 2.75 + 0.9 * $

      • coacher says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I hear that….thanks!

  19. coacher says:

    14-team 5×5 roto but we use OBP, SV+holds and QS along with HR, R, RBI, SB, ERA, WHIP, K.

    Keeper questions (max 10)
    No-brainer: CORREA $5, BUXTON $5, D.SALAZAR $5, HAMMEL $3

    Probably: STROMAN $10, STRASBURG $30, ZOBRIST $11, McCANN $12,

    MAYBE BUT It Would Take a GOOD Spring: R.CASTILLO $5, WERTH $9,ANDRUS $17, FREEMAN $20, HAN-RAM $23, FIERS $10, SEGURA $11,SORIA $2

    • @coacher: I’d put Freeman in one of the first two buckets. Otherwise, looks good.

  20. Brian says:

    Nothing quite like picking up a sp/rp for a hold in a h2h playoff match only to watch him give up a 4 spot and not record an out, costing you the week. Don’t get me wrong, every so often you find a diamond in the rough, but I have just gotten burned by these guys one to many times.

  21. james says:

    How crazy am I for considering this offer:
    My Kris Bryant, Mookie Betts, Stephen Strasburg and Yasmany Thomas
    his Mike Trout (and Orlando Arica, David Wright and Happ- all likely drops)

    it is a dynasty keep forever. My roster would have Franco slide into the starting 3b slot, Yasmany is on my bench already. Stras is part of my SP group that is just aces (Kershaw, Price, Madbum, Stras, T. Walker, D. Norris and A Sanchez).
    Fa options at SP (the only position where I do not have a real in house replacement already): Joe Ross, Jon Neise, a bunch of non top 10 prospects, Brett Anderson, Brandon Finnegan,

  22. Polka

    Polka says:

    In Holds leagues like a few of my hometown leagues, these pitchers can make or break you. In 2010 I did something the idiots I draft with who were all paying up the ass for Saves, I got all the elite Holds guys. They provide Killer K/9, ERA, and Whip along with the occasional save and a assload of Holds and Wins as well. All help each season in locking down 3-4 categories which will help you in Holds leagues or non Holds leagues. Betances is one of the best this season again, where he will give you all the above-
    Great article Rudy in keeping the lesser known Pitchers in the loop!!!

  23. Nick Thomas says:

    Rudy in my daily H2H pts league we have 5 SP starting spots a day and 2 RP spots, its a big bonus if you can slot a closer in one of the SP slots to go with your other 2 (unless per chance you have 5 guys starting that day). Last year in ESPN Osuna was SP/RP eligibe and so was Pomeranz while he was closing for a bit, a couple of years ago it was Britton and Chapman. So do you see any SP relievers that would possibly be in line for saves during the year as I am not really seeing anyone on that list per se. Thanks

    • i’m not seeing anyone either. pomeranz is best bet i think.

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