When Sky came to me and asked if I was interested in DraftKings I said “sure, sounds like fun”. When I received the e-mail asking me what day I would like to do it, I said “Thursday, less games, less room for error”. When he told me my article was due this Thursday I panicked, I thought I was getting an invite to play daily fantasy on his dime. Oh how wrong I was…..Now I feel like Matt Williams playing blindfolded dartboard lineup card. Now, could we call this the blind leading the blind? Not exactly, but it sure is going to be an adventure. Actually I have been playing DraftKings lately and I have to say this shizz is the real deal Holyfield….or at least as real as all those real kids he has out there. I believe it’s 20 in Las Vegas and 15 in Atlantic City. Go figure. It’s a lot. That’s the last time I trust Sky, you would’ve thought I’d learned my lesson when he sold me his Mexico timeshare, Ciudad Juarez, and told me to buy on Atlanta Braves starters this year, Medlen and Beachy, and thought Fister going to the NL was a good fantasy move. Thanks Sky! Before I move on I want you all to know about the sweet spot tourney where they have $400,000 in prizes to hand out. It’s a two dollar buy in and is the best two dollar fun you can have. Pass on the extra tall can tonight and go get in this thing. It’s a friggin blast.

Please, blog, may I have some more?