We now have a fantasy baseball trade analyzer! And it is free!

It has our Rest of Season $ value and projections for the following league formats: 12 team 5×5, 15 team 5×5, 12-team AL/NL-only, 5×5 OBP (no AVG), 6×6 w/OBP, 6×6 w/OPS, 6×6 w/ QS, 6×6 w/ Holds. You even get an amazingly non-snarky (for now) or mathy Rudy avatar telling you who wins the trade.

Below is a screenshot of our fantasy baseball trade evaluator.

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  1. Roger says:

    Fantastic! I will tell anyone not in my current league. Thanks for all of these tools. I won last year and I credit SON!

  2. denp1717 says:

    Hi Rudy,Great tool!!! On another note. I may be blind but I dont see the April 2 Cubs-Reds matchup. Only reason I noticed was I am considering picking up Chatwood. Interested to know “Streamonator” thoughts on the matchup.

    Thanks for your hard work!!

    • @denp1717: it’s in there now. just a challenge in getting the new starts into the data feed.

  3. Judge Dredd says:

    Hey Rudy,

    Any plans on implementing a feature to consider the amount of players in the trade for each side? It seems like the tool only considers dollar value which is cool but dosent account for the spot they take up. So it might tell you its a good idea to trade away trout for 10 scrap heapers.

    • @Judge Dredd: the spot they take up is worth $1. if you got someone in mind, you can put them into the side w/ Trout. i can’t make a tool to overcome anyone dumb enough to trade trout for 10 warm bodies.

  4. Chucky says:

    Felipe Rivero starts his 2018 season off in dismal fashion. Following up a dismal Spring Training. Have we already seen the best that Felipe has to offer and is he already a “has been”?

    • Steve says:

      @Chucky: This aged well.

  5. James says:

    Hey Rudy,
    Just wondering why the value of Chris Archer is not listed in this tool! Or at least what NaN is.

    • Hmm, i purged the page cache. Can you try again? If it happens again, let me know the league setting.

  6. Frank says:

    hey razz. looking to make a deal in 5×5 roto non keeper. i give scherzer and michael taylor and i get severino and nomar mazara. pull the trigger?

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