Is this heaven? I don’t know about you guys but I can’t stop thinking about that corn field game! Sweet sassy molassy! It was a-maize-ing! Never before was there a concept I thought was so stupid initially but I could not be more into when it was happening. Who would have thought watching home runs sailing into fields of corn would be so darn fun? Most surprising was not how much I enjoyed it but how much the players seemed to be enjoying it as well. I’ll admit Field of Dreams the film is “a bit much” for me but damn if I didn’t get goosies when the players walked out onto the field. What is wrong with me? I hate how much I loved it. Makes you realize how important the stadiums really are to the sport and I hope they do more stuff like this. Who wouldn’t want to watch the pros play on a recreated “Sandlot”, complete with large, scary, barking dog beyond the outfield fence. It put me in such a good mood I had to highlight a catcher this week, because I know you guys love that stuff. Well, Braves catcher Travis d’Arnaud returned from a lengthy stint on the 60 day IL this week and has picked up right where he left off after his breakout 2020. He went 2-for-4 Friday night with his third home run. D’ude is a d’Arnatural! Travis was just 4-for-17 with two runs, an RBI and two walks in his stint at AAA rehabbing after thumb surgery but showed plenty of magic with Atlanta last year slashing .321/.386/.533 with 9 bombs and 34 RBI in 44 games. He was a top five catcher last year and COVID survivor, Grey told you to BUY and he said, “Do I like The French Terminator better than the aforementioned catchers? Not really.” Wow! High praise! D’Arnaud is available in about half of leagues right now but that number is climbing fast. I’d grab him wherever I needed a catcher.

Here’s what else I saw Friday night in fantasy baseball:

Yohel Pozo – 2-for-4, HR (1), 3 RBI. Let the kids play! What you don’t want to watch Brock Holt play every position anymore? Yo-Po was called up Friday and with .337/.350/.608 with 19 homers, 63 RBI and a 33/6 K/BB in 66 games at AAA its a wonder why they waited so long. He’s got power and its really hot in Tejas so I could see this happening a few more times before the season’s over. That’s two catchers for ya and we just started, don’t say I never do anything for you! Don’t be a bozo and grab Pozo!

DJ Peters – 1-for-4, HR (2), 3 RBI. 450 footer! Claimed off waivers, DJs got a chip on his shoulder after he was thrown away by the Dodgers.  He’s 6-for-34 (.176) with three extra base hits since joining his new team and he’s gotta be at least a little bummed going from that clubhouse to this one right?

Matt Olson – 1-for-3, HR (29). Allahson! Rub some of that magic on Chapman will ya? There’s enough power to go around for all the Matts!

Joe Barlow – 1.0 IP, BB, K, SV (1). The rookie appears to be Manager [I Don’t Know His, Name, Come On It’s the Rangers]’s choice to replace Kennedy with the ninth inning gig. I can’t promise there will be a whole lot of save chances for him, but he’s got a microscopic 0.66 ERA in 13.2 IP, and if you’re as desperate for saves as I am for positive feedback he could be worth an add.

Jack Flaherty – 6.0 IP, 2 hits, 0 ER, 0 BB, 5 K, 9th win. That’s how you return from a 2.5 month absence, Jack! He needed just 80 pitches to go six, which would get Blake Snell through about an inning and a third. Here come the Cardinals.

Tyler O’Neill – 1-for-4, 2 runs, HR (19). Nolan Arenado hit his 23rd. missed a few days post-jab but now he’s got the “vid” in his veins and his primed for the Birds run to the postseason.

Brent Rooker – 4-for-5, 2 runs, HR (5), 2 RBI. The game last night may have been the youngster’s best all season. That is NOT a compliment. I find it hard to believe he’s scored so few runs in so many plate appearances but the Twins are just that bad I guess. Pick him up if you hate yourself.

Shane McClanahan – 5.1 IP, 8 hits, 2 ER, 2 BB, 6 K, 7th win. You know, a lot of people say the Rays aren’t seXy? They’re five games up, despite being like 26th in payroll. They have no real “stars.” And ya, maybe those people are right. Shane-O-Mac (3.73 ERA and 1.29 WHIP, 105 K) is basically the Ace now, which is crazy for a guy with almost 90 career innings, but he’s definitely starting to looking like one. I look forward to watching Cash pull him in the World Series to preserve his arm just so they can trade him in the offseason.

Nelson Cruz – 2-for-4, HR (24). Kevin Kiermaier, Mike Zunino and Yandy Diaz also homered. What do you mean no stars??? What do you mean no seggsy? Look at these guys! The Rays are also 27th in attendance numbers, only slightly ahead of the Blue Jays, who played more than half the season away from home.

Will Smith – 1-for-4, HR (16), 3 RBI. I, for one, was a little miffed that despite his .263/.373/.485 with 55 RBI and 16 bombs, Will was not included in the new Suicide Squad. Or maybe he was the guy in the shark suit?

Julio Urias – 5.0 IP, 2 hits, 0 ER, 2 BB, 5 K. Urias is rocking a 3.29 ERA and 1.07 WHIP with 149 strikeouts and having a career year. My guess is he’s encroaching uncharted workload territory and LA is trying to preserve his arm before it falls off, but they also have no one else. Unless you count like, Scherzer, Buelher and Price. You know what, no more feeling bad for the Dodgers.

Tylor Megill – 5,0 IP, 6 hits, 3 ER, BB, 6 K, ERA at 3.42. I like Tylor, he’s one in Megillion! But he looks like a 4.0 inning pitcher right now. Still fairly decent start considering it was the Dodgers, but its not getting any easier in San Francisco next time out.

Javier Baez – Head to IL. Retroactive to Wednesday since he pinch hit for some reason. But the worse news is deGrom likely isn’t returning any time soon. The Mess are such a Mets I can’t even. But they very much traded for a player who was sitting 2 days a week with injury so I don’t know what they expected.

Yu Chang – 2-for-3, HR (3), 2 RBI. The new Guardians are all over it! Yu know it!

Ernie Clement – 2-for-4, 2 HR (2). Honestly, this is a team that’s been fun to root for. Just a Franmil/JoRam meat sandwich, surrounded by youngsters, all speeding around the basepaths for a chance to be noticed, all batting under .200. And especially love how much my uncle hates they’re changing their name.

Zach Plesac – 7.2 IP, 5 hits, 2 ER, 0 BB, 9 K, 7th win. Plesac up! His best start since early May. He missed a good amount of time in the beginning of the summer but this is just his second quality start since the break. The best is yet to come? I think–I think I really like this Cleveland team? When’s Bobby Bradley coming back!?

Eric Haase – 1-for-4, HR (19). I can Haase more home runs at catcher please and thank you.

Frank Schwindel – 3-for-5, 2 runs, HR (4), 2 RBI. BUY. Back to back days with a bomb. Schwinny is sporting a .948 OPS with 4 dingers and 12 RBI through 20 games with the Cubs this year, and batting .395 in the past week. Meanwhile, Patrick Wisdom was 0-for-6 with 4 Ks. Seems like Frank Schwinning at life shouldn’t have issues securing playing time going forward.

Robinson Chirinos – 4-for-6, HR (4). I feel like Chirinos is good for at least one or two of these games a year.

David Bote – 2-for-4, HR (7). Ian Happ also homered. Look. No one is telling you to pick up Chicago Cubs. This line up is terrible. BUT. Someone has to produce runs for this team and these players are very much still available in most leagues.

Bryan De La Cruz – 3-for-4, HR (2). The Marlins had 11-run 2nd inning and still almost blew this lead. De La Cruz has a nice .300/.327/.460 slash in two weeks since being called up, but has no real power or speed and plays for the Marlins so…yeah. Don’t.

Alex Jackson – 1-for-3, 2 runs, HR (3), 3 RBI. More impressive than the 2 homers in the past week is the 15 strikeouts in the past 10 days. Too bad your names not Randy Jackson cause “it’s a no for me, dawg.”

Jesus Luzardo – 5.0 IP, 6 hits, 5 ER, 4 BB, 6 K, 4th win. Jesus rolls. Somehow has managed two wins with his new club despite an ERA over 9. I can’t with any good conscience recommend adding him, but I will be drafting him everywhere in 2022.

Zack Wheeler – 6.0 IP, 4 hits, 4 ER, BB, 6 K, 7th L. Even with the easiest schedule the rest of the way, even with Bryce Harper having a career year, I still don’t think Philly wins the division. Sorry, I just don’t see it! Bullpen too bad.

Tyler Mahle – 7.0 IP, 3 hits, 0 ER, 7 K, 10th win. Dominated through 7 innings and now has a gorgeous 155/45 K/BB. Would be interesting to see a list of Aces drafted before him, but that could be as depressing as the new Billie Eilish album.

Nick Castellanos – 1-for-3, HR (20). Joey Votto hit his 26th home run. He like-a the sauce, eh? Helios! Get some sauce for the man! This Reds team is 10x better with Castellanos in the lineup and the NL Central race could end up being one of the more interesting ones down the stretch.

Zack Greinke – 7.0 IP, 2 hits, 0 ER, 7 K, 11th win. His first scoreless outing since April, the Greinkster get a cushy match up with KC next week and will look to build on his league leading 11 wins. 11 wins leading the league in mid-August seems low? Think anyone will get to 20? Idk! Probably Shohei.

Kyle Tucker – 1-for-4, Grand Slam HR (22). All the offense Houston needed in this one. This series should be a great divisional match up but the Angels are only exciting when Ohtani is pitching and Trout got lost in the Quantum Realm.

Blake Snell – 5.0 IP, 6 hits, 2 ER, 2 BB, 6 K. Got a second chance against a team he struck out 13 last week but couldn’t replicate that success. Sigh. Even when he’s decent he makes me angry. Waiting for him to be good again is like waiting for the new Kanye album to drop.

Madison Bumgarner – 6.2 IP, 9 hits, 2 ER, 0 BB, 6 K. Surprised more team’s weren’t interested in grabbing MadBum at the deadline, he’s been lights out since the break with a  2.09 ERA, 0.98 WHIP and 26/4 K/BB through six starts. Maybe the DBacks just weren’t big sellers? They really like the team they’re building in Arizona, just needs more time to develop. Like the Suns!

Tyler Clippard – 1.0 IP, W. BUY. He was a BUY! And he’s probably the closer but who knows if he’ll ever find a save chance in the desert.

Dalton Varsho – 2-for-3, GW HR (6), SB (4). In Arizona, the slam & legs is served New Mexican style, with lettuce and cheese and all the things that make your Mexican food less Mexican.

Wil Myers – 3-for-4, HR (13), 2 RBI. Remember when I said Myers and Hosmer would outproduce Tatis? Well, if FTJ stays sidelined I might have a chance to not look like such a big idiot.

Wilmer Flores – 2-for-3, HR (15). What do you mean Wilmer Flores is unowned!? He bats clean up for the best team in the league!

Anthony DeSclafani – 5.0 IP, 5 hits, 2 ER, 2 BB, 4 K, 11th win. ALL THE GIANTS DO IS WIN!

Jake McGee – 0.2 IP, 4 hits, 2 ER, K. Honestly, even Jake can’t blow wins for these guys and it appears he’s trying so very hard.

Zack Littell – 0.1 IP, K, SV (2). Obviously, Jake McGee has been my most reliable closer all year so it makes sense he’s falling apart now when I need him the most.

CJ Cron – 3-for-5, RBI. Cron Air! Hitting .364 with 4 bombs and 18 RBIs in the past 2 weeks. I don’t know why he’s unowned either!

Robbie Ray – 7.0 IP, 5 hits, 2 ER, BB, 8 K. RobRay is having a career year with a 2.88 ERA, 1.06 WHIP and 167 Ks. How is it the Blue Jays are losing so many games. They have more stars on their bench than the Rays have in the starting line up yet here we are. Is the bullpen really that bad?

Jarred Kelenic – 1-for-3, run, RBI, GW BB. BUY. “He walks home the winner! Bah Gawd!” This kid’s gonna be a star! Ha-cha-cha!

Josiah Gray – 6.0 IP, 5 hits, 3 ER, 0 BB, 6K. I really want to like Josiah but he’s already given up nine bombs (3 Friday night) and these are things that fantasy owners would want to avoid. I call them “red flags.”

Luis Garcia – 2-for-3. BUY. The Nats need  some star power and Victor Robles still can’t hit. Maybe give Luis a chance?

Charlie Morton – 6.0 IP, 6 hits, 2 ER, 2 BB, 7 K. Don’t be shocked when the Braves go on a run and steal the NL East from Philadelphia. I got a feeling–and I don’t think its acid reflux this time!

Xander Bogaerts – 1-for-4, HR (18). Hunter Renfroe was 2-for-4, with his 20th home run. Awesome X! The Sawx are reeling bad, luckily a weekend series with the Orioles cures whatever ails your offense.

Jarren Duran – 2-for-4, run, 2 RBI. I was this close to dropping you. I just want you to know that.

Nick Pivetta – 6.0 IP, 3 hits, ER, 2 BB, 8 K. Nick has probably been Boston’s most reliable starter over the past month, which tells you a lot about how much this staff has collapsed in the second half. If only they could add a former Cy Young winner to their staff this weekend–that might help!

Garrett Richards – 3.0 IP, 4 hits, 4 K, SV (1). Yes, I’m surprised the team hasn’t released you either.

Bobby Dalbec – 3-for-4, HR (12), 3 RBI. Bobby Bombs! I can’t understand why the Red Sox like Bobby as much as they do, and they’ve given more than enough chances to succeed despite striking out 40% of the time. Maybe they’re cheap? Maybe they’re stubborn? Well now Dalbec’s batting .583 with 9 RBI in the past week. So I don’t know maybe they’re geniuses?

Kyle Schwarber – 0-for-2, 2 runs, 2 BB, K in his debut. I thought he was supposed to hit home runs? In honor of Marvel’s new “What If…” show it’s fun to explore hypothetical scenarios as a Watcher. For example, What If…The Red Sox got an actual first baseman at the trade deadline and not an injured outfielder or What If…they got some starting pitching help and didn’t rely on a guy who hasn’t pitched in two years to save their season? See! It’s frustrating but fun! The show itself has a lot of potential I think! What If…Black Widow and Wanda were a couple? What If…Nebula and Gamora had a baby? What If…Jane and Darcy started an Onlyfans? What If…Thor’s mom and Valkyrie had an affair!? I have ideas Marvel! Please answer my emails!

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