As we enjoy the second to last Sunday in DFS Baseball, the Mets have decided there’s TMH (Too Much Harvey). Matt Harvey has been up and down lately, but there is no doubt that he’s been a very good DFS option all year. Reliable sources have reported that Harvey won’t pitch past 6 innings today. However, he has not pitched in 12 days, and I would think Terry Collins wouldn’t want rust to build on their best pitcher heading into the playoffs. I think Harvey will definitely reach 6 innings unless he struggles early, then it would make sense to pull him at that point. When it comes to your 50/50 entry you might want to play it safe and pass on Harvey. But like I always say, if you’re in a big tourney and want to go for it all, Harvey is the perfect pitcher to start. Sure he is the most expensive player of the day at $11,800, but consider how many DFS players are going to pass on him because of the uncertainty on top of that price rage. Potential + uncertainty = $$$$$. It’s kind of like ? = 3.14159265359, and I know we all completely understand that one. In multiple entry tournaments, their won’t be TMH, so he’ll be in at least one of my entries. Keep reading and check out more of my DraftKings picks for today.

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Jon Lester, SP: $10,300 – He’s been very good since the All-Star break. He’s the sixth most expensive pitcher, so if you’ve decided there’s been TMH, Lester would be a good number one. The Cubs are at home against St. Louis.

Jake Odorizzi, SP: $8,900 – I like Odorizzi at home today against the Orioles, but this pick is more about price than confidence.

Aaron Nola, SP: $8,200 – If I’m going with price over confidence, I’ll take Nola over Odorizzi, although I’m more confident in Odorizzi than I am Nola, even though my Odorizzi pick was more about price than confidence. Got that? Good. The Phillies are on the road in Atlanta, and Nola continues to pitch well.

Kris Medlen, SP: $4,500 – On the road against the Tigers, yikes! No. No yikes here. Medlen hasn’t done much since returning to the starting rotation, but one thing he’ll have is confidence of the lineup behind him. He might go the usual 5-6 innings, but he could possibly rack up a few strikeouts and get a win. That price tag is very enticing.

Kyle Schwarber, C /OF: $4,600 – I’ll never use Schwarber in the outfield so consider one of the best hitting players in the league at the grossly scarce Catcher position.

Travis D’Arnaud, C: $4,200 – If you’re grossed out by Schwarber’s price tag, or just can’t afford him, put in D’Arnaud.

Anthony Rizzo, 1B: $4,900 – Great price today! It’s hard to pass up on him, but if I do, I might consider Wil Myers at the 1B position for $5,800. NOT! I enjoyed that 90’s reference, but seriously here, Myers is the most expensive 1B of the day!

Jose Altuve, 2B: $4,700 – The best second baseman in the league is always hard for me to pass on. By now you know how I feel about short leadoff hitters, that can hit, steal, and score a lot of runs.

Nolan Arenado, 3B: $4,800 – At home against the Padres’ James Shield, yes please!

Xander Bogaerts, 3B/SS: $4,200 – My DFS SS crush continues with Bogaerts. He’s just so good at the age of 22 years old. Imagine what we’ll get out of him next year. He’s a good play at either position.

Ketel Marte, SS: $3,700 – The young rookie continues to be priced very well in DraftKings. He’s been batting leadoff, so check to see if he’s in today’s starting lineup.

Starlin Castro, SS: $3,300 – Still priced very cheap, he’s coming off a very good Friday and Saturday.

Stephen Piscotty, OF: $3,700 – It’s all about value in DFS, and Piscotty continues to be one of my value picks every time. Although I like Lester today, consider plugging in Piscotty if you need a final cheap option.

Starling Marte, OF: $4,200 – Marte has been pretty cold lately, but the price is right here. Check to see if he’s starting because he could put numbers up in every position.

Jason Heyward, OF: $4,000 – If you had Heyward in your DraftKings lineup last Tuesday there is no doubt you won money and have probably play him ever since.

Gregory Polanco, OF: $4,100 – I really really really like Polanco. I admit that I have used him too much in DraftKings this season, but I think he is going to be great. Unlike Altuve, he’s a taller leadoff hitter that can hit, steal, and score runs, but he has much more power. Future 40/40? He hasn’t displayed that much power in the bigs, but trust me, it is there.

Aaron Hicks, OF: $3,700 – He’s another one of my favorite DFS players over the past week. He is what Byron Buxton should have been so far this season.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Late September baseball and not a rain cloud in the sky.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Going with a Pick ’em for all of today’s games: Phillies, Nationals, Reds, Giants, Pirates, Rockies, Cubs, Blue Jays, Royals, Rays, Indians, Astros, Angels, Mariners, and Mets.