Since we have last spoken, or read, Razzball has been bumping with new content.  I would suggest you read it, it’s really good content for your draft prep.

Speaking of content for draft prep, I think I’ll be reading a lot of prospect content!  I’ve hated prospects for quite some time, I’m told on social media.  This is not true.  I just doubt them more than most people.  The Itch has top ten lists at this link, which are accurate and reflect the downsides of guys.


After a flurry of trades, I have a decent stable of prospects; 7 are in the top 100 overall, and 5 more are in the top 400.  That’s 12.  Doing math, in a 30 team league, take 400 divided by 30 and each team should by the math have 13 1/3 prospects in the top 400.  I guess 1/3 of a prospect is what Nick Madrigal would count as.  What I have now is a succession plan, which I realize is a hope.

SS:  Brooks Lee:  My Twins source says he’s a stable, steady bat and will be up this year.

OF:  Kevin Alcantara:  I am not sure he’s going to do it, honestly.  Might be trade bait but a fun prospect at 6-6 with speed to dream on.  Robert Hassell has lost some shine and is more of a flier at the moment.

2B:  James Triantos is getting some helium here.  Not sure I’ll have a spot for him, and the Cubs probably trade him, but 74 in the MLB ranking so I’m probably wrong

More SS:  One of my plans is to mirror real-life teams and load up on SS prospects.  I have right now 4 in the lower minors with talent.  They’re “watch and see” guys (Jefferson Rojas, Christian Hernandez, Diego Benitez, Adrian Santana) with tools, but they could easily shift positions later on.  They are but open books whose stories have not been written.

RP:  Porter Hodge and Luke Little are two arms that will figure into the Cubs pen at some point, it’s all dependent on control.

SP:  Um, can I get back to you on this?  I focused a lot more on bats, okay?  More stable and all that.

My next moves:

Find a taker for Marcus Stroman

Hit the web for the MILB draft.  This one I can get any minor league player or IFA signing.  Kinda intimidating.

Take a break from these articles.  There’s plenty of content, and I’ll update this at some point in the season with how it’s going and if I could nail a top prospect or something like that.


I would highly recommend any serious baseball fan join a league like this.  The Discord channel is cooking, the trade block slays, and the commissioners work super hard to keep us all informed.  I loved this so much that I found a startup, building a franchise from the ground up!  If nothing else, it’s a good thing to think about baseball and team construction in the offseason.  Fantasy football gets boring, and the NBA is cooking but doesn’t take as much work since the rosters are so small.  If you have a baseball itch, this will let you scratch it.  It’s like a stick you scratch your baseball back with cuz you can’t reach it with your arm and you wonder why you are stuck with such short stubby arms.


If you’ve been reading, hope you enjoyed it!  If you’re hate reading and just like to tell me how bad all my moves are, I hope you enjoyed that too!


Here’s my updated roster, complete with salaries, when their contract runs out (20xx means they haven’t debuted yet), and for funsies their birthday because I cut and pasted it and forgot to delete that.  But if you ever wondered Mitch Haniger’s birthday, you are now in luck.


Fortes, Nick 11/11/1996 $690,305 2027
Hall, Darick 07/25/1995 $590,000 2027
Edouard Julien 4/30/1999 $708,000 2028
Anthony Rizzo 8/8/1989 $14,000,000 26/27T
Muncy, Max 7/25/1990 $16,514,060 2025
Alex Bregman 3/30/1994 $24,050,000 2026-27P
Baty, Brett 11/13/1999 $649,000 2028
Jordan Groshans 11/10/99 100,000 20xx
Marcel Ozuna 11/12/90 $6,150,000 2024
Peralta, David 8/14/1987 $ 5,340,055 2024
Yonathon Daza 02/28/1994 $681,835 2026
Davis, Brennen 11/2/1999 $100,000 20xx
George Valera 11/13/2000 100,000 20xx
Mitch Haniger 12/23/1990 11,000,000 2026-27P
Pfaadt, Brandon 10/15/1998 100,000 20xx
MacKenzie Gore 2/24/1999 $826,000 2027
Javier Assad 7/30/1997 $1,260,000 2028
Shota Imanaga 09/03/1993 $602,000 20XX
Alex Wood 1/12/1991 $5,500,000 2024-25P
Burke, Brock 8/4/1996 $753,060 2027
Ryan Pressly 12/15/1988 $9,000,000 2024
Jose Leclerc 12/19/1993 3,774,400 2024
Elvis Peguero 3/20/1997 $828,000 2028
Keegan Thompson 3/13/1995 $1,000,000 2026
Fulmer, Michael 3/15/1993 $2,830,000 2024
Palencia, Daniel 2/5/2000 $602,000 20XX
Stroman, Marcus 5/1/1991 $18,500,000 2024-25P
Ryan Rolison 7/11/1997 $100,000 20xx
Then, Juan 2016 $100,000 20xx
Ron Marinaccio 7/1/1995 $602,000 2028
McClanahan, Shane 4/28/1997 $2,966,600 2026
Jean Segura 3/17/1990 $11,700,000 2024-25P
Baez, Michel 1/21/1996 $602,000 20xx
Nick Nelson 10/05/1995 $602,000 2027
Tyler Kinley 1/31/ 1991 $602,000 2024
Kyle Hendricks 12/7/1989 $8,000,000 26/27T
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Schmohawks Bob
Schmohawks Bob
10 days ago

Do you have a destination in mind where we could find a league like this