The value of Michael Taylor is that he can play centerfield better than anyone else on the Nationals roster.  I get that defensive metrics are not a fantasy stat, but it keeps players like him in the lineup from day-to-day.  With the emergence of Juan Soto and the impending return of Adam Eaton, it causes a luxury that most teams don’t offer.  Four decent to great outfielders that all offer a different set of skills but all rosterable in most fantasy formats.  I think the biggest question we have to ask is: Is Juan Soto going to stay up when Adam Eaton returns from the 60-day DL on the 8th?  Given what we have seen from him based on on-field merit, absolutely.  Making Eaton or Taylor the fourth man on any given day is the right choice, but I am leaning that Eaton or Soto form a nice rotation based on what the skipper has said about Taylor: “He wins games with his play on the field” is the truncated version of what he said.  He isn’t wrong, and basically Taylor is the Nationals version of Keirmaier. Similar skill set, maybe a bit more speed for Taylor, but their main asset is their propensity for great glove work.  Listen, I get and hear all the prospect thumpers saying there is no way that Soto comes out of the lineup, but to think that he doesn’t sit occasionally upon Eaton’s return is just plain naive. Eaton won’t play everyday, because he is about as durable as a street watch bought in Chinatown. So if you are a Taylor owner, be semi-nervous he should be owned for SAGNOF appeal, but not a pillar that is in your lineup for any other counting stats.  Even if the are getting better over the past 14 games to what they have been over the course of the year so far. So to summarize on the SAGNOF love, Eaton coming back, Soto, Taylor and Eaton will all lose 4-6 at bats a week, all is well and all are ownable.  SAGNOF Monday starts off your week with class and style.  Cheers!


Team  SB’s Against Week’s opponents (Team Steals)
Mets 48 VS. Bal (17), VS NYY (28)
Blue Jays 45 vs. NYY (28), vs. Bal(17)
Orioles 44 @NYM (23), @Tor (22)
A’s 41 @Tex (29), vs. Bal (17)
Giants 39 vs. Ari (33), @Was (44)
White Sox 38 @Min (17), @Bos (44)
Padres 33 vs. Atl (37), vs. Mia (12)
Braves 30 @SD (37), @LAD (16)
Reds 30 vs. Col (36), vs. STL (26)
Tigers 30 @Bos (44), vs. Cle (31)


Name SB CS
Robinson Chirinos 29 3
Russell Martin 29 8
Jonathan Lucroy  28 10
Chance Sisco 24 9
Yasmani Grandal 23 5
Omar Narvaez 23 9
Buster Posey 22 10
Jorge Alfaro 21 10
Tucker Barnhart 20 8
James McCann  20 7
Devin Mesoraco 18 3
Wilson Ramos 18 1
Francisco Cervelli 17 8
Nick Hundley 17 3
Gary Sanchez 17 4


Adam Engel – Any team that plays seven games, including a double-header, in a week has to be looked at in weekly lineup setups.  Speed is his best endowment, though has shown some stretches of power in spurts.  Homered yesterday and has been getting at bats on the regular. Yolmer, Jose Rondon or even Charlie Tilson could be a sneaky one day add for Monday’s set with a DH.

Joey Wendle – Not yet to the Mister Wendle status yet, but he is definitely under development for SAGNOF middle infidel love.  Two steals and an OBP of .360 is nothing to arrest yourself for, but the way infielders get hurt and shuffled in and out of fantasy lineups you could do worse.

Greg Allen – At-bats make the fantasy world go round, without them their will be no opportunities for steals, hits, etc..  Allen hits way down the lineup in the Indians batting order but he’s making his way in the world today. Three steals and a sexy .480 OBP in last eight games adds to the fact that he scored 8 runs during that time.

Yairo Munoz – Paul of the Jong isn’t due back for another few weeks.  Yairo is mashing and adding some speed.  Thank god he isn’t an outfielder on the Cards so Matheny could mess that up too.

Blake Parker – Just when you think you have something set in stone with the Angels closer sitch he goes and pukes up the chance.  Hold all your bets for Anderson and Johnson if you are desperate.  Comparatively I would rather own a reliever with better counting stats than a hope and pray save chance.

David RobertsonYankees have a double dip Monday, brag if he isn’t looking.

Jace Fry – Is the grab for Tuesday after you pick up D-Rob on Monday.

Sergio Romo – Just forget about figuring out the Rays closer, skip it and move on to greener pastures.  Own Jimenez, Oh or even Lou Trivino for save appeal and counting goodies.




  1. Don'tBeAHader says:

    Would you drop Desmond, CarGo, Duvall, or Dexter for Dustin Fowler?
    14 team roto mixer.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Don’tBeAHader: not a huge fan of Cargo. Does he do anything more than what Fowler could do! I’d go with youth see if it’s served.

  2. Capitain Beefcake says:

    One note about the Rays shizzuation…I have found a holds light in the murky ray infested waters…and he goes by the name of Jonny Venters.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Capitain Beefcake: love me some Venters. I’m avoiding unless desperate.

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