Man do I hate the end of the year.  People chasing saves are all into it, while the ones that are dead in the water couldn’t care less.  And let’s be honest, they were prolly dead in the water all year when it came to saves.  The end of the year chase is starting to show casualties, like the fall from grace of Glen Perkins.  Glen is the kinda guy that I like, home-grown guy, pitching in his home state, took a nice friendly contract from the team.  He can totally date-my-sister type.  Unfortunately, he is staggering to the finish with an unimpressive last few weeks.  I personally feel bad, because I own Perkins in a lot of places.  I have so many teams, that I actually counted and the only closer I don’t own is David Robertson.  Yes, every other single closer on this list is owned in some way shape or form by yours truly.  So back to Perkins… his ERA and his K/9 rate have seemed to morph into some sort of Jeff Goldblum fly concoction of fantasy uselessness.  Overwork and or an injury are the only things I can think that are the problem.  He is/was a semi-elite guy until the wheels fell off.  So if you’re still chasing, Jared Burton and Casey Fien look to be the guys lost likely to take the helm until Perkins rights the ship…which will prolly be next year.  Only two weeks to go and we will get one Bullpen Report and one more Closer Report to end the year.  The last will be a souped up version with lot’s of 2015 treats and stuff.  So stay tuned or don’t.  Your choice.



What’s better than having the comfort of having a great stand-by at home? Nothing. It helps you, it lives for you and gosh darn’it, you can do with it as you please, under the jurisdictions of the law. It’s got a nice pre-kids body and a penchant for baking. So we have the roster stalwarts that you want to have and hold for this season forward.

1. Craig Kimbrel – (Jordan WaldenDavid CarpenterJames Russell)

2. Greg Holland – (Wade DavisKelvin HerreraAaron Crow)

3. Kenley Jansen – (Brian WilsonJ.P. Howell)

4. Aroldis Chapman – ( J.J. Hoover)

5. David Robertson – (Dellin BetancesAdam WarrenShawn Kelley)

6. Huston Street – (Joe SmithKevin Jepsen)

7. Sean Doolittle – (Luke Gregerson, Ryan Cook)



These guys are fun, and maybe some day you’ll want to marry them, but right now they have their flaws and you’re not sure if you wanna take them home to mom. So you give them the special booty-call ring designation on your phone, and you get everything that marriage can’t give you. Stats are the important thing here, and lots of them, no obligations. No alimony attached, just straight unadulterated stats.


8. Francisco Rodriguez – (Jonathan BroxtonWill SmithBrandon Kintzler)

9. Trevor Rosenthal – (Pat NeshekCarlos Martinez, Kevin Siegrist)

10. Fernando Rodney – (Yoervis MedinaDanny FarquharCharlie Furbush)

11. Jake McGee –  (Brad BoxbergerJoel Peralta)

12. Steve Cishek – (Mike DunnA.J. RamosBryan Morris)

13. Drew Storen – (Tyler Clippard, Rafael Soriano)

14. Zach Britton – (Darren O’Day, Andrew Miller)

15. Glen Perkins – (Casey Fien, Jared Burton)

16. Cody Allen – (Bryan ShawMarc Rzepczynski)

17. Mark Melancon – (Tony WatsonJustin WilsonJohn Axford)

18. Hector Rondon – (Pedro StropJustin Grimm)

19. Addison Reed – (Brad ZieglerMatt Stites)

20. Ken Giles – (Antonio Bastardo)

21. Chad Qualls – (Josh FieldsJose VerasTony Sipp)




Should be self-explanatory. There is no comfort in this grouping, along with the fear of looking suspicious when buying a new shovel and some lyme when all that you wanna do is plant a new butterfly bush. The jib? The newly injured replacements are here or just they’re just the unproven. All should be laid to rest, unless desperation or injury becomes you. Don’t get comfy, death or stat-suicide may be closer than it appears.

22. Neftali Feliz – (Neal CottsSteve Tolleson, Roman Mendez)

23. Santiago Casilla / Sergio Romo  (Jeremy Affeldt, Jean Machi)

24. LaTroy Hawkins – (Rex BrothersAdam Ottavino)

25. Aaron Sanchez / Casey Janssen (Brett Cecil)

26. Kevin Quackenbush – (Dale Thayer, Nick Vincent)

27. Jenrry Mejia – (Jeurys FamiliaJosh Edgin, Carlos Torres)

28. Joe Nathan –  (Joba ChamberlainAl AlburquerqueJim Johnson)

29. Edward Mujica – (Koji Uehara, Junichi Tazawa, Burke Badenhop)

30. Jake Petricka  – (Ronald BelisarioMatt LindstromDaniel Webb)

  1. Steve Stevenson says:

    Down 10-9 in semis, but tied in SV and down 1 HLD. Pick one for SV and one for HLd for this weekend:

    SV–Casilla @SD, Giles @Oak
    HLD–C. Martinez vCin, Joba @KC, Cecil @NYY, Boxberger v CWS
    Either?–Soria @KC, Sanchez @NYY

    And, since I only have 4 moves left total, if I can only pick one of the above, who is it?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Steve Stevenson: I think I am going to say Casilla, and if you don’t like it Boxberger

  2. Bill says:

    Haha! The only one I don’t have is Kimbrel — oh, and have not added Quackenbush yet anywhere, but maybe I will today.

    • Bill says:

      @Bill: Should have left Doolittle in the DL slot

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Bill: Haha funny how that works with relievers

  3. papasmurf says:

    I think Melancon deserves to be in the Marry category instead of Doolittle for the rest of the year.

    PIT > OAK and I personally would trust in Melly a lot more. He’s been money all year.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @papasmurf: I love Melancon, I truly do I have been preaching his praises all yearI just think on pure pitching and fantasy value Doolittle has the goods, not a slight to Melancon at all

  4. Tom says:

    If I’m chasing saves in my h2h championship (ends 9/21) which option gives me the most saves (I can only do 1):
    A. Drop Janssen [email protected] for Mujica [email protected]
    B. Drop Janssen [email protected] for Soria [email protected]
    C. No C!
    D. Drop Janssen [email protected] for Burton 3vCLE
    E. Drop Janssen [email protected] for Giles 3vOAK
    F. Add W. Davis 3vDET (keeping Janssen too)
    G. Add A. Sanchez [email protected] (keeping Janssen too)
    H. Add N. Ramirez 3vLAD (keeping Janssen too)

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Tom: I would drop Janssen in any scenario they are awful vs the Yankees at the stadium. I would keep him and add a free Wade Davis on the odds on chance he gets one. If that advice is to good drop him for Giles and in some miracle way add Davis lol

  5. A Wesley Snipes Life says:

    ziegler is out for the year. also soria and putnam aren’t listed. putnam has gotten last 2 saves.

  6. Matty Ice Bags says:

    I need to add one closer for this last week. Just purely based on who will get me the most saves over the last week, who would you add? Nathan, Doolittle, Feliz, Rondon? And would you play any of them over Papelbon (is he even going to be getting save chances when he gets back from his suspension)?


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Matty Ice Bags: Rondon or Feliz would be my pick.

      • Matty Ice Bags says:

        @Smokey: Even when looking at the matchups? Rondon looks tough with the Cards and Brewers. Nathan has Twins and White Sox. Feliz has Houston and Oakland. Doolittle has Angels and Rangers.

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @Matty Ice Bags: totally bonked on to dons schedule looked at white sox. Go with Feliz

          • Matty Ice Bags says:

            @Smokey: Thanks!

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