You don’t need me to tell you to start aces, so today I’ve chosen to highlight some pitchers who are not in that group but will provide great value. Depending on the size of your draft on, you can take advantage of this by jumping on hitters. We are fortunate enough to have a few ace-level guys going on this fine Monday and it’s never a bad idea to lock one up in the first round. But with solid pitching options behind them, you have a great opportunity to grab a bat or two and give yourself a top-notch offense.

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Chris Archer, SP: You take Archer because you’re chasing those sweet, sweet Ks and hope that the ERA doesn’t kill you. That’s been his game for a while now. When he’s on, he can be at ace level. It’s that inconsistency that can make him a maddening player in fantasy and what keeps him from being a certified ace. This start against Detroit shapes up to be one where the ERA shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, I’m thinking it will be sparkling. 

Jose Berrios, SP: Here’s to the deuce. Berrios lives and dies by his curveball. The good news is that he gets the light-hitting Royals, so even if he has trouble with the curve, he should still be able to mitigate the damage. If his pitches are working, he should be dealing. The upside makes it well worth taking a shot.

Zack Wheeler, SP: All right, we’re out of potential ace territory now, but these next two can still be very useful pieces if you choose to lock up bats early. Up first is Wheeler. He’s been dealing lately, though there have been some walk concerns. The Ks should more than balance that out, and the Phillies aren’t such a scary offense that you need to avoid them.

Andrew Suarez, SP: This one carries some risk, as the Cubs possess a fairly strong offense. That being said, what Suarez has been doing lately deserves notice: quietly putting up very solid numbers. He won’t give you an ace-level return, but taking him late will allow you to really beef up your offense. 

Alex Bregman, IF: Folks, he’s still hot. Forget about the slow start; he’s now giving you power, speed and average. That’s the triple threat we’re looking for. One of these years, he could challenge the 30/30 threshold. For today, we’ll take a dong and legs. 

Jose Ramirez, IF: Wake up, people, this guy is absolute money right now. Some might even say gold. He’s locked in as one of the best hitters in the league. Don’t sleep on him today. Hittertron loves him; the Razzball Player Rater loves him. You should, too.

Anthony Rendon, IF: Injuries have derailed his career to an extent and perhaps prevented him from fully realizing his potential. However, he’s currently healthy and ready to roll. All that potential and talent is still there. As long as he’s in the lineup, he’s a good bet. 

Javier Baez, IF: Another guy with a power-speed combo and solid average. Just what we’re looking for. He has multiple ways he can contribute to your team, and that makes him a great late-round pick to fill out your roster.

Michael Brantley, OF: I imagine that a fair few DFS players will overlook Brantley because, let’s face it, he’s not a sexy household name. Don’t be that guy (or gal). You should be able to snag him in the mid rounds.

Bryce Harper, OF: C’mon, Bryce. What’s up? Are you the guy who can challenge Trout as the best player in fantasy? Certainly not so far this season. Yes, the power has been there, but that average…blech. Anyways, he’s always a threat to go yard, and that’s why you should fire him up today. When in doubt, bet on talent. And Bryce has plenty to go around. Plus, that flow is on point.

Josh Reddick, OF: Let’s take a minute to remember that Houston has other outfielders besides George Springer and the new hotness, the recently promoted Kyle Tucker. He’s started to heat up and gets to bat in that stacked Astros lineup. Also, Hittertron projects him to do well, so there’s that. 

Juan Soto, OF: Who’s that? It’s the youngest gun in the West. OK, fine, he’s in the NL East. Whatever, that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that he’s on a roll. He may have only 40 or so games under his belt, but he checks all the boxes that you want in DFS. Average north of .300? Check. Power potential? Check — he’s got 8 home runs already. Under 20 years old? Check. OK, that last one isn’t important, but it’s crazy to think that a teenager boasts a triple slash line of .308/.420/.548 with a .967 OPS.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Great news, party people — there are no weather concerns to note for today’s slate. So get out to the yard, kick back, and enjoy the action.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Speaking of action, I’d like to invest in hitters from the Orioles and Yankees, which has the over set at 10.5. The Reds and Indians should also provide some fireworks with an over of 9.