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For the most part, it’s getting warmer in this great land of ours. But every fifth day, there’s a cold wind blowing from the Northeast. No, winter is not coming, and thanks to George R.R. Martin and HBO, it might never get here. Instead it is the lightning in the golden right arm of Thor himself: Noah Syndergaard. The Norse God has lit it up this year, and today he goes against the suddenly toothless Arizona Diamondbacks.  Without A.J. Pollock, the lineup has underwhelmed, and what’s left barely hits to a .500 OPS against the mighty Syndergaard. Let’s look at a few more early-, middle- and late-round picks for your Draft…drafts!

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Shohei Ohtani, SP: Middle – The league adjusted to him for a start or two, and he’s adjusted right back. This Japanese dynamo struck out 11 in just over 6 innings last time out, and now he gets the lowly Tampa Bay Rays. It’s Ohtani’s world; we’re all just living in it.

Tyler Mahle, SP: Late – A sneaky late play has this Reds pitcher going against the Cubs. They’ve hit a minuscule .398 OPS against Mahle in limited action and he could be the key to victory in a large draft.

Francisco Lindor, IF: Early – Paquito is larger than life in Cleveland, even against the mighty Astros. He’s facing Lance McCullers today and has owned him with a 1.667 OPS lifetime.

Mookie Betts, OF: Early – Mookie Betts is a man of many talents. He bowls 300 games on the pro bowling tour, he makes insane catches in the outfield, and he absolutely tunes up the Baltimore Orioles. In his career against the O’s, he’s hit .290/.374/.510/.884 with 13 home runs and 10 stolen bases.

Justin Turner, IF: Middle – Turner is back and mashing for the Dodgers. He gets to go against Washington and Stephen Strasburg, who Turner has obliterated to the tune of a 2.515 OPS and 2 HR. He’s shining like a Hollywood star today.

Marcell Ozuna, OF: Middle – The Clydesdale horses are clomping out Ozuna’s name today where he gets to face Aaron Nola of the Phillies. In his career he’s mashed 2 home runs, and has a .947 OPS and a stolen base against Nola. Raise a Bud in Ozuna’s honor when he’s helping you win this week.

Trevor Story, IF: Late – Story is facing the immortal Ty Blach in San Francisco.  In his career he’s destroyed Blach with 2 home runs and a 1.750 OPS.  Trevor’s going rocky mountain high on the west coast today.

Derek Dietrich, OF: Late – The Miami Marlins are pretty downtrodden and overlooked at the fantasy table mostly, but sometimes there’s a diamond in the rough.  Dietrich has his 2 home runs and a 1.007 OPS in his career against Atlanta’s Julio Tehran.  This is one of those rare days when his name is called, celebrate him with a late pick and make your opponents go “what the?!?!”.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

When it rains, it pours! Much of the country is soggy, including in Boston for the Red Sox-Orioles, Cincinnati for Reds-Cubs, New York for Mets-Diamondbacks, Atlanta for Braves-Marlins, and Kansas City for Royals-Yankees. Keep an eye on all these situations.  On the other hand, the wind is blowing out in San Francisco for Giants-Rockies.

Doing Lines in Vegas

Stack ’em, pack ’em and rack ’em: The highest projected runs scored today are the Red Sox (7.12) vs the Orioles, the Yankees (5.42) vs the Royals, and the Twins (5.40) vs the Brewers.

The best and the brightest: The biggest favorites today are the Mets (-219) vs the Diamondbacks, the Angels (-216) vs the Rays, and the Red Sox (-206) vs the Orioles.

  1. Jon says:

    Anyone starting Carrasco at Hou. Looking for a W and QS.

    • Thomas Howland

      WildThing says:

      @Jon: Carrasco’s numbers against Houston make it a risk. They hit .328 against him.

  2. Prog_Nation says:

    Ozuna’s benched now, despite favorable match up.

    • Thomas Howland

      WildThing says:

      @Prog_Nation: You must have plenty of other great options, nice team.

      • Prog_Nation says:

        @WildThing: Thanks. Not this week. I threw Matt Adams in for Ozuna. But I’ve got the pitching categories down in a 12×12 Yahoo league.

  3. Charlie says:

    This town ain’t big enough for the both of us.

    Jk, nice article.

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