Folks, this week’s selection of two start pitchers is ugly. I’m sure there will be a number of quality performances over the course of the week, but there is precisely one guy I think anyone actually feels excited about getting to use this week. It certainly isn’t a week where you want to be aggressively hitting the waiver wire to scoop up extra starts if you don’t absolutely have to. It may be more justifiable in points leagues, but that’s almost always the case. In roto leagues, though, the Oatmeal Raisins seem a lot more likely to lead to chipped teeth (destroyed ratios) than providing chewy, tasty results.

Beyond the disappointing-to-bad options, there is also a lot of uncertainty over who will actually be making all those starts. I’m not sure why, but Streamonator seems to think there will be more spot starts or adjusted rotations than usual. I tried my best to sift through what teams have announced and account for recent demotions. Even so, be aware that things might look different around the league by Sunday night or Monday morning. The good news, if you want to call it that, is that it seems set to mostly affect pitchers and teams you’d prefer to avoid anyway.

What follows are our projections at time of writing as to who will be making two-starts this week, but weather, injuries, and secretive team management mean they are just that: projections. To stay as up-to-date as possible, consult Rudy Gamble’s invaluable Streamonator.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Must Start)

They are kings of the cookie world for a reason. A warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie just makes you feel happy. Sort of like getting to set your rosters knowing you get two starts this week from these guys.

Pitcher First Start Second Start
Paul Skenes, Pit CIN TB
  • The one, the only, the prize of the week. If you’re the person in your league who has him, congratulations! If you’re not…I’m sorry.


Sugar Cookies (Should Start)

They’re fine. You could certainly do worse than having these guys in your lineup, but don’t expect it to be remarkable.

Pitcher First Start Second Start
Pablo Lopez, Min TB @OAK
Sonny Gray, StL @MIA SF
Yusei Kikuchi, Tor BOS @CLE
Michael King, SD @PHI MIL
Jon Gray, Tex NYM KC
Christopher Sanchez, Phi SD ARI
Ronel Blanco, Hou @CHW BAL
Bryce Miller, Sea @CLE @MIA
Aaron Civale, TB @MIN @PIT
  • Pablo’s most recent outing at least provided some level of optimism to those who have been more frustrated than not so far this season. The metrics all indicate it should continue to get better, and that start in Oakland especially provides a reason for hope.
  • Blanco was never going to maintain the performance he flashed to start the season. A matchup against the White Sox, though? Yes, please!
  • Miller is the highest profile guy that Streamonator doesn’t actually have listed for making two starts. But considering Emerson Hancock got sent back down to AAA on Friday, I’m confident he won’t actually be making the first start of the week. One assumes Miller will be taking that spot.


Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Could Start)

These aren’t for everyone. These are the pitchers that may be a pleasant surprise, or they could ruin your week. Tread lightly.

Pitcher First Start Second Start
Nick Pivetta, Bos @TOR @CIN
Jake Irvin, Wsh ARI @COL
Braxton Garrett, Mia STL SEA
Reese Olson, Det @ATL CHW
Triston McKenzie, Cle SEA TOR
Jordan Hicks, SF @CHC @STL
Albert Suarez, Bal @NYY @HOU
  • I am valuing Irvin a fair bit higher than Streamonator is this week. The matchups are bad and the underlying numbers don’t really support what he’s been doing, I realize. But he’s also been doing it all season and I’m willing to roll the dice this week. If you’re not, I can’t blame you. Hence his placement in this tier.
  • Olson, on the other hand, I am significantly lower on than Streamonator, which has him up as the week’s fourth best option. I would have been right there with it a few weeks ago. His recent outings have been utterly dreadful, though. The matchups are shockingly good, at least compared to what we expected from Atlanta, so maybe these two contrarian picks leave egg on my face. It wouldn’t be the first time.


Fortune Cookies (Do Not Start)

Yeah, they’re technically cookies. Hold on, what does that little slip of paper say? “Bad times are heading your way.” Oh. Okay, then.

Pitcher First Start Second Start
Cody Poteet, NYY BAL ATL
David Peterson, NYM @TEX @CHC
Javier Assad, ChC SF NYM
Randy Vasquez, SD @PHI MIL
Jonathan Cannon, ChW HOU @DET
Hogan Harris, Oak KC MIN
Tobias Myers, MIL @LAA @SD
Alec Marsh, KC @OAK @TEX
Carlos Rodriguez, MIL @LAA @SD
Cal Quantrill, Col LAD WSH
Carson Spiers, Cin @PIT BOS
Austin Gomber, Col LAD WSH
Slade Cecconi, Ari @WSH @PHI
  • Remember when Assad was dealing earlier this season? I miss that. Alas.


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1 month ago

Would you rate Triston McKenzie any higher in a H2H points league?

Reply to  Latch-Key Kid
1 month ago

Thanks LKK. Mine is a shallow league, and I’m not desparate (yet). Have a good week!

1 month ago

I think your picks are about the best I’ve been seeing around the pert world. You have King and Cris Sanchez higher than most and Pivetta lower and I like that. Note that Bryce Miller has apparently been bumped by Woo coming back Tuesday. Streamonator agrees. Speaking of Woo; him or Pfaadt ROS?