At some point in the process of curating these Top Prospects lists, I went to talk to Hampson.

I was allowed to see him but learned he’s fresh out of prospect eligibility and busy showrunning for a Winter pilot on CBS called “Everybody Hates Hampson.”

I suggested he tweak the name to “Everybody Loves Garrett . . . Except His Boss.” 

We’re in talks about a Sam Hilliard, Jorge Mateo spin-off/mash-up.

In the meantime, keep your TV Guides at the ready and enjoy these next few tiers of talent!

Review the top 25 here and the top 50 here.


51. Nick Madrigal | 2B | White Sox
52. Connor Wong | C | Dodgers
53. Spencer Howard | RHP | Phillies
54. Joey Bart | C | Giants 
55. Alec Bohm | 3B | Phillies 

Madrigal has been something of a blind spot for me and should probably be higher on the list. His 2019 was amazing, he’ll probably take a lot of MLB at bats in 2020, and his carrying tools (hit, run) are what plays best in fantasy today.

Wong was the hottest man on the planet after being promoted to AA then even hotter in the AA playoffs. Something has again clicked in Dodgerland. Plus he’s not just a catcher. They play him all over the diamond. Might wind up with the dream scenario here of a near-everyday player who retains catcher eligibility while infrequently donning the tools of ignorance.

What a phrase, right?

What are the tools of ignorance these days? Nobody uses it on catchers anymore, so I’d say it’s fair game.

Howard is cruising through the Arizona Fall League and setting himself up for MLB starts early in 2020.

I’ve written a novella about my Bart ranking in the comments of the top 50. He’ll get grouped with Rutschman during list season, but he’s not as good with the hit tool, and his path to playing time is murky.

Bohm has all but silenced the critics lined up around his block on draft night. Love to see it.


56. Erick Peña | OF | Royals 
57. Robert Puasson | SS | Athletics 
58. Jordyn Adams | OF | Angels 
59. Heliot Ramos | OF | Giants 
60. J.J. Bleday | OF | Marlins 
61. Alek Thomas | OF | Diamondbacks 
62. Jordan Groshans | 3B | Blue Jays 

Peña has the fastest hands I’ve seen since Wander. Catch him while you can. I won’t be at all surprised if he’s the best bat from the 2019 international class, especially notable given the expectations for Dominguez and Puasson, whose value is a little more tied to defense.

Adams has no ceiling. He’s just a dream of an athlete coming into his own on the diamond.

I kinda love this group.

Heliot has perhaps the game’s coolest name and just had a great season as a 19-year-old in High A, even ended with a month at AA and could reach AAA at age 20.

J.J. Bleday sounds like a Dr. Seuss character (shoutout to Harley Earl) and just lit the SEC on fire (.347/.465.701) with 27 HR in 71 games. Miami jumped him straight to A+ after picking him 4th overall in June.

Thomas was a draft-year favorite of Prospect Jesus and has more than lived up to the billing.

His hands might be Grosh, but Jordan can swing the stick! Will be interesting to see where Toronto sends him in 2020 after something of a lost season. He was great at 19 in the Midwest League, but it was only 23 games.


63. Jose Urquidy | RHP | Astros
64. DL Hall | LHP | Orioles 
65. Jake Fraley | OF | Mariners
66. Aaron Bracho | SS | Cleveland 
67. Sixto Sanchez | RHP | Marlins 
68. Brent Honeywell | RHP | Rays 
69. Michael Kopech | RHP | White Sox

Urquidy had a 1.10 WHIP in 41 MLB innings. If this surprises you, it’s likely because he had 0.72 WHIP in September, and while a few outings against the eliminated Angels and Mariners are not predictive, he also threw five dominant innings against the Athletics (10 K, 1 H). These are the teams he’ll face most in 2020. Might be a buy-window open now, but that’s in danger of slamming shut if Urquidy shows well in October.

DL Hall is IL Hall with a lat strain but impressed when healthy this year. Baltimore pitchers could soon be profit centers with that Houston brain trust in place.

Fraley is an ideal piece in these steal-starved times. He’s a plus defender with a decent hit tool and a path to playing time on a team that runs.

There’s a few Julia Roberts jokes in Aaron Bracho’s future. A few water/lawyer jokes too. Get ready, Cleveland! Someone’s coming to save the Cuyahoga River!!

I grew up near a place colloquially known as Six-Toe Valley. It was an inbreeding joke before inbreeding was cool. (Thanks, Game of Thrones!!) Anywho, Sixto Sanchez is on his way to a great pitchers’ park in an organization on a roll developing arms.

The Honeywell Kopech contingent will be off the lists next year, I hope. Both could hit the ground running (er, throwing) if their rehab goes well.


70. Jose Garcia | SS | Reds
71. Mauricio Dubon | 2B | Giants 
72. Nolan Gorman | 3B | Cardinals 
73. Josiah Gray | RHP | Dodgers 
74. Grayson Rodriguez | RHP | Orioles 
75. Jorge Mateo | SS | Athletics 

Garcia is helium play as an elite athlete at a premium position who ended the season hot and has every tool in the hardware store.

Kind of an underrated/overrated duo next. Dubon has long been hurt or blocked, which I think kept his stock lower than the talent. Gorman hit the scene with a loud, young-for-level smash in his draft year and will ride that wave for a long time even as his hit tool stays on the slow road toward in-game functionality.

Gray shows shades of being a Fantasy Master Lothario. Cuddle up with him in dynasty for his ability to suppress home runs and pile up strikeouts, but keep him away from your women.

Rodriguez is a rare arm who might not really be challenged until he’s fingering the juicy balls.

Mateo needs to be owned in every size dynasty league. He’s lower today than he was for me two years ago, but that feels odd coming off a .289/.330/.504 triple slash with 19 home runs and 24 steals.

That’s an outstanding fantasy season, right!?

Trouble is it was only good for a 96 wRC+ in AAA, slightly below league-average production but much better than the 62 wRC+ he’d posted in 131 AAA games the year prior.

And 24 steals in 35 attempts is not awesome after going 25 for 35 last year. He was still 2.3 years younger than the average player, so maybe his efficiency will improve with time. It better. Teams don’t run anymore in part because dingers are everywhere, and they especially hate losing a base runner when he’s already in dong-scoring position from first base.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you in the comments!

  1. Dugan says:

    How close was Edward Cabrera?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks for reading, Dugan!

      Cabrera was extremely close. In the next group.

  2. TualatinTwoStep says:

    Hey Itch,

    Great stuff so far, been pleased to see some of the guys on my MiLB roster on your lists. Wanted to get your thoughts on my dynasty minor league roster and see if there are any guys who are obvious punts. It’s a 12 team league, we have 15 man minor league rosters.

    1. Jered Kelenic OF SEA
    2. Luis Rodriguez OF LAD
    3. Michael Toglia 1B COL
    4. Jhon Torres OF STL
    5. Andrew Vaughn, 1B CWS
    6. Tyler Ivey, P HOU
    7. Andres Jimenez, SS NYM
    8. Juan Pablo Martinez OF TEX
    9. Jordyn Adams OF LAA
    10. Shea Langeliers C ATL
    11 Bayoran Lora, OF TEX
    12. Lazaro Armenteros, OF OAK
    13. Florencio Serrano SP TEX
    14. ONeil Cruz SS PIT
    15. Empty slot (promoted Kyle Lewis after final MiLB adds for the year)

    Torres, Serrano and JPM are probably the 3 I am the least high on currently. Took over a rebuild in this league a couple years ago, so to make room for this years picks and J2 signings, I promoted Mateo and Robert to my main roster, also have the aforementioned Kyle Lewis, Kyle Tucker, and Austin Hays.

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks, TualatinTwoStep!

      Sounds like a good build you’ve got going there!

      Probably okay to drop Langeliers and Serrano.

      I’m not wild about JPM or Torres either but think they’re viable trade chips as kick-in pieces. Maybe you can find a 3-for-1 or something like it? 4-for-2 maybe?

      I’m not real into Andrés Gimenez, but he’s a named guy in part bc Chris Welsh loves him like I love ice cream. Maybe you can sell all three together? Just kinda offer em around the league? I wouldn’t shoot for the moon, but those three on one side of an offer would invite most dynasty owners to do some legwork if nothing else. Might get some solid counters.

      Oh and if someone came knocking for Toglia, I’d move him too but think he’s probably not droppable. Unless you see something you really like and can’t find a taker for Toggles. With the Rockies, he’s blocked whether he’s actually blocked or not, and he’s probably actually blocked a couple times over by McMahon moving back and maybe Lavigne coming up—not to mention Roberto Ramos and Luis Castro. Such a skater boy, that Grant Lavigne

      • TualatinTwoStep says:

        Right on, thanks man! Yeah I got Gimenez as a throw in on a deal where the main target was Luis Robert, figured he was worth a shot.

        FYI the reason I have Langeliers is because it’s a 2 catcher league, and I’ve got nothing beyond Mejia as far as young catchers go. Unless the M’s free Tom Murphy! Shea seems like he could end up developing into a Molina type to me, his glove will get him to the majors unless the bat is just terrible, and I think it is at least average.

        And yeah totally agree on Toglia, but I don’t think I’ll be able to move him due to the poor showing in the NW League.

  3. Grey

    Grey says:

    Damn, this is a great list! Well done, Itch!

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      I came for the Hampson intro. I always wanna talk to him but they never let me!

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks, Grey!

      Oh and you’re probably okay to let Josiah Gray around your women.

      It’s just the rest of us who better be careful.

      Donkey Teeth thought I should change that line to “woman” in the piece, btw.

      Guess he’s never had more than one in his life at a time . . . good guy, that Donkey Teeth.

      • Grey

        Grey says:

        Wow, Donkey said so much about himself without even knowing… That’s like reading his teeth leaves

      • Donkey Teeth

        Donkey Teeth says:

        Grey has seen my eggplant, it speaks for itself

        • The Itch

          The Itch says:

          For real real, my wife would love your eggplant.

          She’s got like nine recipes in rotation.

          Buys up the whole farmers market every Saturday.

          Might be trying to tell me something, now that I’m reading this back . . .

  4. knucks says:

    I didn’t expect to see Jose Garcia for a while. That makes me happy!

    Anyways, JP Crawford…

    Trying to decide what his value is to me. I don’t feel that I have to move him. I wasn’t exactly shopping him. And maybe because I have been playing redraft only, I’m not optimistic on him, regardless of the pedigree, and prob won’t be optimistic until he shows us some more in Seattle. But is there something I’ve been ignoring. And what kind of odds would you give a potential breakout in the next year or two?

    I was thinking about trying to acquire Urquidy and I have a feeling that Crawford is one of my players that will be asked for in return. I’m learning that its not very easy to move older players or guys in the majors that don’t have gigantic upside during the offseason. Was told recently by a few league mates that the players I’m offering will net a lot more in May/June of 2020. C/P my team from that long a$$ post the other day.

    7×7 Roto
    Hits / Runs / HR / RBI / SBs / AVG / OPS
    QS / Ws / Ks / Saves / Holds / ERA / WHIP

    30 Majors roster slots, 25 Minors slots

    C- T d’Arnaud
    1B- Paul Goldy
    2B- Caesar Hernandez, L Arraez, J Peraza
    3B- Sano
    SS- G Hampson, JP Crawford, D Fletcher
    OF- Eloy, Y Alvarez, Piscotty, H Bader, Inciarte, L Brinson

    SPs- Glasnow, ZGallen, Pablo Lopez, Trevor Richards, Dylan Bundy, K Freeland, K Gibson, Jeff Samardzija, Aaron Sanchez

    RPs- A Bradley, M Givens, K Crick, Gausmann, Melancon, H Strickland, Jairo Diaz

    Minors Bats
    Contreras, William (ATL)
    Lowe, Nate (TB)
    Santana, Luis (HOU)
    Bohm, Alec (PHL)
    Nunez, Malcom (STL)
    Lewis, Royce (MIN)
    Garcia, Jose (CIN)
    Rocchio, Brayan (CLE)
    Rodriguez, Julio (SEA)
    Lewis, Kyle (SEA)
    Torres, Jhon (STL)
    Conine, Griffen (TOR)
    Robinson, Kristian (AZ)
    Kelenic, Jarred (SEA)
    Davis, Brennen (CHC)
    Davis, Jaylin (SF)

    Minors Arms
    Canning, Griffin (LAA)
    Rodriguez, Grayson (BAL)
    Hall, DL (BAL)
    Patino, Luis (SD)
    Gilbert, Logan (SEA)
    Singer, Brady (KC)
    García, Deivi (NYY)
    King, Michael (NYY)
    Bukauskas, J.B. (AZ)

    • knucks says:

      We talked already about how waivers are open all offseason to add anyone that isnt eligible to be taken in the FYPD in January.

      Blaze Alexander sitting on the wire. What’s your take on him. And would you be comfortable adding him over Luis Santana (HOU)?

      I had c/p from that post I had on your Top 25, but I should have updated it as I’ve already dropped Strickland and Jaylin Davis a few days ago… Added Roman Quinn and Jose Martinez to the squad over them.

      • The Itch

        The Itch says:

        What up knucks!?!?

        Yeah that makes sense about the seasonal value of older players. Why buy a Kyle Gibson now when you might be able to buy, say, Walker Buehler!?

        The winter dreams are real and distracting for any dynasty player worth his salt, so real-world options like Kyle and the dog whisperer don’t fetch what they should.

        But maybe Kyle will shake out some hot playoff innings and bring more boys to the yard.

        Also curious if you’re posting the names on the league page or chat or something, or if you’re kind of lobbing offers around.

        Either or both is good imo, but with middle tier guys, I’ve found better success looking for roster fits and then trying to build from there and being pretty flexible with what the return. So whoever’s weakish at 2B might be interested at Cesar, even if it’s at kind of a meh level, which is probably why those leaguemates are right: a lot of dynasty owners aren’t looking to fill weak spots in the offseason as much as they are looking for love in all the wrong places (dreaming on super high end assets).

        Anywho, yeah I’d sell JP in a heartbeat. He’d need to run to have value for our purposes, and that’s not his game. I’m not sure what can become beyond good defense at a premium position.

        I’m on Santana over Blaze. Prefer Jaylin Davis over both. Do think Santana’s a good asset with real 2020 bounce potential, but Davis could be an opening day outfielder in San Fran with a hot Spring.

        • knucks says:

          Good stuff, always appreciated.

          We have a requirement that you have to be in a Groupme chat, so I have a direct line to everyone and have already begun introducing myself and taking notes about what other owner’s mindsets/wants/needs are.

          Gonna see if there is anyone getting aggressive with JP Crawford. Glad to hear you feel similarly about him.

          I’ll see about adding Jaylin Davis back to the squad once our offseason free for all on adding players open back up on Sunday. Will leave Blaze out there. And hang on to Santana and be more patient with his development until maybe someone comes a callin and wants to buy.

        • knucks says:

          And don’t think I didn’t catch that reference on Cesar. Hah!

          Also, I didn’t really answer your one question directly. Everyone updates their Trade Block in this league like I would have always hoped occurs across all my leagues… but it never does. So that’s refreshing and I am aware from that what people want to acquire/sell.

          Getting a lot of unsolicited hits on Glasnow. Wasn’t planning to move him and will stay firm about wanting to get a ton back for him. I view him as someone to build around that can help me in 2021 when I make a real push… kinda feels like these owners are just trying to gauge if I’m a chump or not. With that said, I made it clear I’d listen on anything. No one really coming up with an actual package to offer yet.

  5. Codie B says:

    I love reading about your rankings every year. Thanks for compiling them. I do have a few questions, and some prospects I would like to pick your mind on.

    I know he had a down year, but no Taylor Trammell in the top 75?

    How close was Evan White to making the list?

    Your thoughts on 4 of my dark horse prospects – Mark Vientos, Sherten Apostel, Austin Cabello, and Noelvi Marte?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks, Codie B!

      I can’t think of a single player whose scouting profile and general perception stumps me more than Taylor Trammell’s.

      For example, Fangraphs is generally conservative with scouting grades. Kind of an inevitable outcome of a multi-cook kitchen, but also kind of a modus operandi for them.

      They have Trammell’s hit tool as 45/55.

      That’s 45 present value = An above average major league hitter. Guy hit .234 and slugged .349 in 514 AA plate appearances.

      His game power is 40/45 at FG = An average big leaguer. Slugging .349 in AA. He was 21 there, about 2.6 years younger than average, but I feel like a lot of his value is speculation based on a lack of experience born from Trammell being a multi-sport athlete as an amateur.

      Totally understand that these cats focus on what will be over what is, and I think they’re awesome at that, but in our game, we’ve gotta give some run to observed reality in balancing these long-term dreams in part because we can profit more from making a call and being out on a guy like Trammell in our endeavors than they can in theirs.

      If he ever actualizes a 55 hit with 45 game power, sure, that speed will make him a solid fantasy asset. Good gamble around the 100 zone. Suspect he’ll be closer to top 25 around the chamber.

      Also liked him a lot better in the Great American Smallpark than I do in San Diego.

      Might have Evan White too low given the cupboard at first base, but he’s coming up soon.

      As is Apostel.

      Like them both. Seem to be lower on Apostel than most.

      Vientos is a long way off with no speed, but he’s facing an inflection point in 2020. Feel his trade value surpasses his hold value, or did not long ago anyway. If that’s flipped and you can’t find a buyer, gotta hold. If he repeats the level and struggles, stock might crater a bit. If he heads to high A and hits well as a 20-year-old, you’re in the money. Mets are developing well these days. It might get lost in their Mets-ness sometimes, but they’ve been on a good run for a minute now.

      Noelvi is good foundation asset with the arrows pointing up like a DT eggplant, but he’s another guy I’d be seeing if I could sell high because he caught some hype this year. Fully depends on how your league feels about 18-year-olds. Not the safest question to be asking around.

      Cabello’s not my type—18 or no. He’s a little stiff for me—no euphemism—and is too maxed out physically to get a pass for struggling like he’s been in rookie ball.

      • Codie B says:

        Thanks for your thoughts.

        • The Itch

          The Itch says:


  6. Coolwhip says:

    My dude… Good lists and digging the insight. You are going to be a big help for me with my 24-team hella-deep dynasty league! The championship keeps evading me having gotten into finals 3 times in the last 6 years. Most recent was a game 7 error that cost me the whole enchilada… Ugh! Anywho… I got Sean Murphy, Cal Quantril, Nate Lowe, Yordong, and Yusei Kikuchi (meh) all graduating to my 40-man roster.

    I need to fill 5 spots likely with at least 2 P since that’s a bit of hole on roster after next year.
    Oneil Cruz
    Dylan Carlson
    Jasson Dominguez
    George Valera
    Bobby Witt Jr.
    Jeter Downs
    Luis Matos
    Gilberto Jimenez
    Brailyn Marquez
    Jose Urquidy
    JJ Bleday
    Jordyn Adams
    Josiah Gray
    Grayson Rodriguez
    DJ Hall
    Spencer Howard

    These are the top guys (i feel) that will be available, what 2 SP 3 bats you think can be top 10 guys next year? or possibly leap to MLB playing time and be above average within next 2 seasons?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks, Cool whip!!

      I love the deep-deeps! Sorry you keep missing that title. Can certainly relate to that. The ouch is real. At one point lost the championship in my home league head to head seven straight times. Had to start charging rent from the monkey on my back. Finally got one but then lost the next year by one single in the Sunday night game.

      Brailyn would probably be one of the Ps for me, but that’s a long-term play, and it looks like he could be available for a while in this league. Urquidy’s probably the other. One topside play and one for 2020.

      Could also do a Howard Urquidy build thinking you could get help from both in 2020 and still track Marquez and get him before someone else does.

      Carlson’s probably already in some top tens that will trickle in throughout winter and should get a lot playing time next year.

      Cruz has too much topside for me to pass on him here.

      Dominguez and Valera will be ranked high in most places, but they’re far away. Downs is probably the play for me during a championship window. He could pop all the way the big leagues next year.

      Here’s hoping you whip that competition this time around!!

      • The Itch

        The Itch says:

        Sorry to put a phantom space between the cool and the whip there.

      • Coolwhip says:

        Thanks! Thinking through the scenarios now, hmmmm…
        Okay, lets process this out then, Heres my probable 25man* for 2020:
        C Grandal/Murphy
        1B Rizzo/Lowe
        2B Lowe (yes i have both Lowes, lol, confusing)
        SS Bogarts
        3B Franco (probably grab FA this spring, he’s disappointed big time)
        LF Oneill/Happ/Profar
        CF SMarte/Robles
        RF Robles/Castellanos/Polanco/Soler
        DH Yordan/Soler
        UT Profar/Happ

        SP Carrasco (sigh), Odorizzi, Quintana, Lucchesi, Fried, VV, Quantril, (Skaggs no longer, sadface)

        I’ll prob need to shop one of my RF for LF, since Oneill/Happ prob won’t be starters.

        So Cruz feels like the top here… do you think he stays at SS with his size or shifts to 3B? cus that would be the ideal scenario for me!

        I saw Carlson playing whole OF this year, what do you think is his landing pos LF? CF? seems he might profile there best.

        Sounds like you think Marquez has the highest ceiling among Ps, yeah? i might make a play for all 3, cus FA pitchers in next couple years could end up really expensive and push me over the cap, i’m going to grab one for 2020 but likely won’t keep him or another of my vets into the next year.

        thanks again!

        • Coolwhip says:

          ooo actually Cast played LF on Cubs, so im good there!

  7. Harley Earl says:

    Is currently scouting J.J. Bleday for a future addition to our team, for obvious reasons!

  8. Harley Earl says:

    Hey Itch,

    Great stuff here! Glad to see Groshans and Jose Garcia on this list. Will you be going to 100 with your rankings or do they stop here?

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Hi Harley!!

      Yup! Gonna go to at least 100!

      • Harley Earl says:

        Looking forward to them all! Keep up the good work!

  9. Dong Show says:

    Since we don’t have a Hampson post (and I’m real excited for one now); thoughts on this trade I made based on this squad: Luciano for Hampson.

    Luciano is realistically 3 years away (probably) and I’m playing for next year with the squad I have and love what Hampson could be. He gets added to Gleyber, Villar, Javy for me next year (I’m all about offensive depth, multi position eligibility and covering for injury’s)

    Squad next year right now is now


    Paddack, Thor, Bauer, Darvish, Sonny, Robbie Ray, Wheeler, Brusdar, and then one of either Lynn or Folty (not sure who to keep, have to offer one back for our Rule5 draft)

    With a Minors of Brujan and Bart

    You think this was a good trade to make, despite the possible ceiling on Luciano?

    Thanks Itch! I love these early reports, helps me do early prep for next year and get names on paper I may want (Pena now looks like my new target after reading about him further)

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Dong Show!

      I love Luciano and wouldn’t have made that move myself in a context-free scenario, but your team is loaded, so the window is wide open now, and it makes all the sense in the world to turn the future into the present when you can.

      Plus Hampson’s topside is nice and high in his own right. Works well for your build, and I’m way into multi-position players as well. And if you’re only holding two milb guys, Luciano loses a ton of value imo because those spots should go to guys who are closer to contributing in our game.

      Oh and I think I’d throw Brusdar back from that list. Helluva build you’ve got going there!

      • Dong Show says:

        Thanks Itch! I really appreciate that, I have put a lot of time into building this squad so it can be competitive for the next 5 plus years hopefully. It feels weird to say I am moving closer to being fully satisfied and really dont want to make many more trades lol

        Minors will actually consist of 7 guys, but I know those two will for sure be in it with prob a few of those OF I listed and some guys from our FA Draft (I own a ton of picks so I can restock my prospect cookie jar) I have Noelvi as possible draft day replacement for Luciano if I want to go that route, but I’m probably leaning Grayson with my 1st rd pick.

        Hampson just seems like a great buy based on his skill set with a possible Merrifield or poor mans Trea like comp (not to mention he was like the 14th ranked prospect two years ago). Biggest concern is obviously playing time, but I hope he gets it after his September. If that isan idea of what he can deliver over a full year, sign me up.

        Interesting on Brusdar. I think I lean him over one of the other two because of his age and upside and the FA market ALWAYS seems to have a few surprise guys every year who are legit. But I will consider it. I not sure if I am supposed to believe Lynn can do this again or if I should be buying back into Folty’s strong second half.

        Thanks for the in-depth reply Itch, you’re gonna make a lot of friends around here really quick with this content and thoughtful replies.

  10. Skip Mcgillicuddy says:

    Thoughts on evan white? Started hitting for power this year, scouts say hes got good athleticism for a 1b. What do you think a peak stat line for white is?

    Also, whos got the most k upside in your opinion?
    Seth Corry
    Tarik Skubal
    Spencer Howard

    Thanks man

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Hi, Skip Mcgillicuddy!

      Thanks for reading!

      Evan White is coming right up in the next piece! I like him and think he’s probably a little underrated for fantasy. If we’re taking the juiced ball as a given, I’ll take a shot around .285 with 30 homers and a handful of steals in his peak year.

      Could have a stretch of seasons right around there, give or take some bombs and batting average.

      As for the arms, I’m into all three and think their K upside might be similar enough to be a wash in the long run. That said, Skubal just dusted 82 dudes in 42.1 AA innings.

      17.43 per nine.

      48.2 percent of the batters he faced.

      In his first look at AA.

      Truly jaw-dropping numbers there.

      Skubal’s fastball eats hitters alive, so I gotta give him the nod here for just K’s.

      • Skip Mcgillicuddy says:

        Thanks Dude, really good stuff here. Love the articles!

  11. DJ says:

    What are your thoughts on Hunter Greene? Any idea of ETA assuming no setbacks, and once he settles in are we looking at a top 20 SP? Better/worse? Thanks

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Hi DJ,

      Hunter Greene working with Kyle Boddy and Derek Johnson is something I want in on. He’s so far away I have no idea when/if he’ll materialize as a fantasy ace, but the upside is purely theoretical at this point. Could definitely be top 20 or better. I’d think they’d give him at least two healthy milb seasons, so maybe 2022 for a cup of coffee and 2023 for a carafe.

  12. The Itch

    The Itch says:

    Hi DJ,

    Hunter Greene working with Kyle Boddy and Derek Johnson is something I want in on. He’s so far away I have no idea when/if he’ll materialize as a fantasy ace, but the upside is purely theoretical at this point. Could definitely be top 20 or better. I’d think they’d give him at least two healthy milb seasons, so maybe 2022 for a cup of coffee and 2023 for a carafe.

  13. tommyb says:

    i drafted cj abrams over rutschman in our rookie draft , your thoughts ?

    whitt and vaughn went #1 and #2 , i took abrams at 3 in 2 seconds

    • The Itch

      The Itch says:

      Hi tommyb!

      I think that played out beautifully for you. Or that you played it beautifully. Or Both! Abrams and Rutschman aren’t all that close for me.

  14. tommyb says:

    i would have taken abrams #1

    thanks for the feedback, keep up the good work

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