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Format = Position Player | Age on 4/1/2024 | Highest Level Played | Estimated Time of Arrival 

1. RHP Hurston Waldrep | 22 | AAA | 2024

With the name of a 19th century oil barren and the arsenal of a high-end big league pitcher, Hurston Waldrep represented a nice windfall for Atlanta with the 24th overall pick in this summer’s draft. His delivery borders on relievery, but a double-plus fastball/split-change combo helped him carve his way to Triple-A in half a minor league season. Atlanta has been rushing its young arms for a while as they try to supplement their world-beating offense, so Waldrep should be on the shortlist for an early promotion. Might even have a shot to make the team in spring training. He signed for a few hundred thousand under his draft slot value, and you know this team loves that.

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That was an unexpectedly fascinating week in MLB. The waiver deadline came out of nowhere, and the two Ohio teams decided to go nuts. Both of those squads bolstered their rosters with Angels cast-offs, and it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Our streamers were solid once again, and we will go back […]

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Sadly, Spencer Howard was released by the Yanks. Shame, their big trade deadline acquisition just never caught on for them. The release of their big-name acquisition signals a changing of the guards by the Yikes. First, Donaldson, now Spencer Howard. Who’s next Jake Bauers? Now, let’s not talk crazy! They also put Harrison Bader on waivers, and the writing’s on the wall, and the rumors are swirling like orange and vanilla for the creamsicle of the future: Jasson Dominguez. He’ss cominguez. You need to grab him now and see how it plays out. If he’s not any good in his first go around, then *raspberries lips* and drop him. So, why such hype? He’s the truth. Looking at a guy who could put together a 20/40 season over 162, and he might be the last of the red-hot call-ups. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

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This team features an embarrassment of riches at the major league level 

Churning out home-grown rotisserie monsters at an unparalleled rate over these past few seasons. Even had enough extra pieces to go get Matt Olson when they couldn’t convince Freddie Freeman to stay. Or however that went down. 

After trading for Olson then graduating RHP Spencer Strider, OF Michael Harris and SS Vaughn Grissom, the minor league system isn’t much to look at for our purposes, but that’s sort of irrelevant given the superteam they’ve built at the major league level, and this front office has been so hot for so long that we’d be wrong to leave any stones unturned in Atlanta. 

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Baseball fans are rallying around the new rule set and running numbers to build a case for Arizona and Baltimore to call up Corbin Carroll and Gunnar Henderson, who was reportedly already with the major league team until he was reportedly in the Norfolk Triple-A lineup on Tuesday night. Could still happen if Baltimore keeps winning. Arizona has less incentive to promote Carroll given their place in the standings, but it’s a new rule set. If the Orioles promote Henderson now, he’d still be eligible to win Rookie of the Year in 2023, which would earn the team a draft pick. If he finished Top 3 in MVP voting in 2024, they’d get another. It’s weird. They’d have to keep his at bats under 130, but I’m sure they could manage that.

In other 30,000 feet news, Arte Moreno has hired a firm to sell the Angels for him. He can’t even sell his own team? What the blue hell is going on around here? Which has been the general refrain around the Angels for the past few years. It’s a good thing for our game. Anaheim has been kind of aimless on the developmental side for a long time. Any kind of vision would help their prospects actualize.  

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