In recent news, Cody Bellinger still leads all hitters in fantasy points with about 85. I say “about” because it depends on your scoring system. Aside from the fact that he is on pace for 81 home runs, there’s little I can say about Bellinger that would make him any less of a must own, must start player. We all know he’s not going to come close to 81 home runs, but I have a feeling he’s going to pick up quite a few fantasy points trying. Besides, playing the “on pace” game is a very dangerous proposition less than three weeks into the season.

Let’s switch gears and talk about a third baseman that’s been on fire. Not literally. If he was, I suggest a stop, drop and roll. My Kindergarten aged daugher asked me the other day what I would do if I were on fire. I said I’d punch my buddy standing behind me holding the lighter. She was trying to show me that she had learned stop, drop and roll in school that day. Guessed I got my signals crossed. But back to our regularly scheduled programming. The 3B I speak of is Anthony Rendon. You know it really feels like Rendon is under appreciated in points leagues. Year after year he’s a top performer and over the last three he’s averaged about 435 points per season (0.71 PPPA). To attempt to put that into perspective, Bryce Harper has averaged 439 points (0.72 PPPA) over that same span. Rendon has been a top 15 overall hitter. Right now he has about 64 points (1.33 PPPA) and if he can stay on the field all season I think this will be his first 500+ point season and he will finish as the top 3B. Move over Nolan, there’s something leaner! Anyone get that line?

Many have probably forgotten, but Dansby Swanson was the number one overall draft pick back in 2015. He was selected before Alex Bregman, Andrew Benintendi and everyone else drafted that year. While his last two seasons have been mediocre to say the least, it’s worth keeping in mind that he is just 25 years young. What does that mean? It means there’s still a chance he could turn into the player he was expected to be on draft day. I’m not betting the farm on  him, but Dansby is off to a very good start (52 points, 1.15 PPPA) this season and should be owned in more than 75 percent of leagues.

Jason Heyward. Nope. Not buying it. That ship has sailed.

Daniel Vogelbach. I’m not sure what to make of him. Through ten games he’s batting .400 with 8 home runs and 54 points. He’s in the top ten for points and is number two in PPPA (1.42) right behind Trout (1.47). The Mariners as a whole seems to be overachieving, so it’s hard to tell what’s what in Seattle. For now I’d say ride him while’s he’s hot. If you own him and can trade him for something valuable, do it. I find it rather difficult to believe he will finish a top ten first baseman.

In case you were wondering which batter had the best points per plate appearance and couldn’t figure it out based on the previous paragraph, I’ll tell you. It’s Mike Trout. Last week it was Willians Astudillo, but he’s since dropped to thirteen with a 1.08 PPPA.

Alex Gordon is still going strong. Not sure what else to say there except ride the hot hand.

The second highest point scoring 1B is Pete Alonso. I realize it’s only like 13 or so games into the season, but had you told me this is how it would be two weeks ago, I’d have laughed at you. Guess who’d be laughing now. He’s averaging about 1.1 point every time he steps into the batter’s box. I don’t expect him to keep up that pace, but I do think he will end the season a top ten 1B if he continues to get plate appearances.

Here are the top four points per plate appearance hitters.

Cody Bellinger 85 1.35
Christian Yelich 68 1.13
Mike Trout 68 1.48
Anthony Rendon 64 1.33
Pete Alonso 57 1.10
Maikel Franco 56 1.17
Trey Mancini 55 0.98
Khris Davis 55 0.80
Daniel Vogelbach 54 1.42
Jason Heyward 51 1.13
Dansby Swanson 52 1.16
Rhys Hoskins 53 1.10
Enrique Hernandez 51 0.98
Alex Gordon 50 1.14
Jorge Polanco 49 1.11
Ronald Acuna 48 0.94
Edwin Encarnacion 49 0.88
Paul DeJong 48 0.84
Dee Gordon 43 0.78
Domingo Santana 46 0.64
Bryce Harper 46 0.94
Jose Altuve 46 0.81
Tommy Pham 42 0.69
Marcus Semien 46 0.63
Joc Pederson 46 0.94
Carlos Santana 46 0.94
Austin Meadows 44 0.86
Kolten Wong 43 0.86
Michael Conforto 45 0.83
Jay Bruce 45 0.80
Freddie Freeman 45 0.80
J.D. Martinez 45 0.79
Freddy Galvis 43 0.91
Adalberto Mondesi 41 0.77
Whit Merrifield 40 0.70
Mitch Moreland 43 0.93
Adam Jones 43 0.78
Lorenzo Cain 40 0.70
Yoan Moncada 42 0.82
Matt Chapman 42 0.63

I know I said I’d look into pitchers this week, but that just not how the cards were played. I’ll see what I can do next week.

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  1. G Funk Error says:

    Springer for carpenter? Or Springer for McHugh and Brasier? Or hold? Ty

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      What’s your scoring system? Keeper rules? Positional needs? In a vacuum I’d want Springer.

  2. TC says:

    Moreland or E.Escobar ROS in standard category league

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      Probably Moreland…

  3. Malicious Phenoms says:

    Hey Mal, love the read, even though I haven’t played H2H in years, still love your story

    Mind yourself..

    Cheers, MP

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      Thanks MP….

  4. Jeremy says:

    Need to make 2 drops in a league with CBS’ scoring for hitters. My choices are Moustakis (have Altuve and Rendon at 2B and 3B), Piscotty, Markakis, and Enrique Hernandez. I’m really excited about what he could do with full-time at-bats, but Enrique probably has to be one of them huh? *sad face*

    My other option would be to drop someone like Kyle Gibson or Samardzija or Matz. However, QS=7 while W=3, and pitching is hoarded to the point where the *best* guys on the wire are Brett Anderson, David Hess, and Tyson Ross. So it kind of has to be the hitters, I feel like.

    Can you help me? Because I’m struggling to want to drop any of them.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      What is your full scoring system and how many SP do you start each week?

      • Jeremy says:

        It’s a 12 team league. For hitters I’m pretty sure it’s just CBS standard, though we do for some reason give 2 points for every runner catchers throw out, but that’s irrelevant here. Oh, and errors are -2. No CI or MI, 3 OF (My locked in 2 are Trout and Marte), 1 UTIL. I do also have Domingo Santana as an OF/UTIL option I wasn’t considering as a possible drop, but maybe I’m wrong.

        For pitching we generally start 5 SP, though you can use 4 if you choose to use 3 RP instead of 2. Scoring is 2.5 per inning, .5 per K, -1 per hit, run, and walk. QS=7, W=3. Saves and holds are both 6, which is actually part of why I’m looking to drop 2 of the guys I asked about. I have Jeffress coming off the IL to go along with Hader and Alvarado, so I’d like to hang on to him.

        9 man benches mean people tend to hoard SP for the possibility of 2 start weeks. However, all 3 of my RP guys finished among the top 53 pitchers overall, so if my shaky guys have bad matchups, my thinking is it might actually make sense to use all of them some weeks.

        I hope that makes sense. Feels kind of like a word salad.

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          Pretty tough call there. Enrique is my favorite of the three. He’s actually getting his fair share of plate appearances and I like his multi-position eligibility. Honestly, I might drop Gibson. He has never impressed me…

  5. Kruk_Ain't_An_Athlete says:

    14-team 5×5 roto (OBP)

    I have a decent OF with Trout, Acuna, Eloy J, and H.Renfroe. My 5th spot lately has been C.Mullins for SBs. Disappointed, to say the least…
    I can move 1b/of Jake Bauers to that spot and pick up anyone for his U spot.

    Free agents are…
    Owings, R.Herrera, T.Gore, D.Fletcher, Almora, J.Martin, R.Grossman, E.Gonzalez, Lagares, Harrison, D.SmithJr, and others that have SBs in the past like H.Perez, M.Taylor, Kinsler, CarGomez, Ellsbury, Reyes, and Engel.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      Slim pickings there. I guess Hernan. After him I guess I’d go Engel. Gore’s your best bet for SB, but his playing time is quite limited and he’d really be clogging up your roster. Is this a weekly league or can you just stream players daily?

  6. lubey says:

    Polanco, DeJong, Anderson or Swanson?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      What’s your scoring system?

  7. holyscheisse says:

    Hey, need a 2nd opinion, ROS:

    C. Walker or Moreland? (I have Rizzo/Voit)

    Also, would you drop any of my pitchers below for Gio Gonzalez as a speculative add/stash? I don’t like that he’s in the AL East, but he should be up soon and he’s an innings eater and should get good run support.

    We can only carry 12 total pitchers including RP at any given time (I have Treinen/Leclerc).

    Other stash options: Duffy (IL spot-doesn’t count against 12 total), Soroka

    My SP staff: Sale, Flaherty, Mikolas, Maeda, Musgrove, J. Gray, Stripling, Skaggs, Godley, M. Kelly

    12-team H2H points (keeper league), limited adds per season (25 total):
    1b: 1
    2b: 2
    3b: 3
    HR: 4
    RBI: 1
    BB: 1
    IBB: 1.5
    K: -0.5
    HBP: 1
    SAC: 0.5
    SB: 1

    Appearance (G): 0.5
    IP: 0.51
    ER: -1
    BB: -0.5
    K: 1
    QS: 2
    W: 5
    L: -2
    CG: 5
    SO: 5

    Always great stuff, and much appreciated. Thanks!

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