According to Dave Roberts, the plan is for Mookie Betts to play about 40 games at 2B this season. Why am I mentioning this? Well firstly because commenters oldman and Ben pointed out to me that my first cut spreadsheet had no indication of Betts’ impending 2B eligibility. I spent some time this weekend thinking about whether I should consider factoring this into the spreadsheet and I’ve decided that I should. With Jose Altuve injured, 2B has become a very thin position. As a result, Marcus Semien‘s value is through the roof. In fact, he has become a top-five (or higher) player when you consider cross-position scarcity and fantasy value above replacement. Including Betts in the 2B conversation allows you to potentially plan better, and if/when he gets 2B eligibility, his value is going to be quite high.

To account for this, I have added an option on the “Settings” tab called “Betts 2B”. By default, this is set to “no”. You will notice that Semien is at the top of the “Rankings” tab based on the default scoring system. Personally, I would never draft Semien in the first round, especially considering his ADP of 41, but I would definitely be grabbing him in the second round (third round at the latest). If you set “Betts 2B” to “yes”, you will see that Betts jumps to the top and Semien drops just inside the top 20. That actually feels like a better spot for him.

First there was Homer Bailey. Then there was Dexter Fowler. Now we have Jordan Walker. Ok, I know there was/is Christian Walker, but I’m pretending he doesn’t exist. With the news that Jordan Walker will break camp with the Cardinals, he definitely gets a bump from my first cut guesstimations and is now a top ten 3B and top 25 OF. There is certainly risk with him, but I’m planning to take said risk. When are we going to get Eddie Stealer or Johnny Tripler?

O-O-O-Ohtani’s Auto Parts! I’ve also added a new feature to the spreadsheet to account for daily leagues where Ohtani can be used as both a hitter and a pitcher. In these leagues, he is an absolute cheat code, with a value nearly double any other player. On the “Settings” tab you will find a new option called “Ohtani 1P Daily”. If you are in a daily league where you can use Shohei at both SP and DH, set this to “yes”.

Thanks to everyone that helped review the first cut. I’m sure I missed a few things, but hopefully, this will help those of you that have yet to draft.

Here is a link to last year’s spreadsheet. I am including it because that post contains links to previous year’s spreadsheets which contain detailed explanations of how to use this spreadsheet. This is me being lazy and not wanting to re-quote myself again. If you are new to my spreadsheet, read those posts.

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